#TheCityGirls blogger events

What is #TheCityGirls?

The CityGirls is the creation of Lorna and myself!We plan blogger events across the UK.

What happens at these events?

You get to meet other bloggers from the local area and also spend some time talking to brands who attend.. normally they have demos and freebies to give out for you to blog about after the event and help to build up a buzz around.

We spend a lot of time planning our events to ensure that not only are they fun but they provide a lot of content for bloggers to write about after the event.

Check out my post on our last event here

What do bloggers think about the events you put on?

The feedback we've had so far has been rather amazing! You can check out a post here on the feedback from our last event.

Do you get goody bags at your events?
Yes of course! We work really hard to get goody bags and raffle prizes together so if you do attend an event we host please make sure you blog about it afterwards! You can see what we provided in our last event goody bags here. We also ensure that we hold a raffle at each event to give a little back to a local charity- see a post here on our last raffle.

Are you planning one near me?

If you'd like us to and the demand is there from other bloggers too then yes! Our ultimate aim is to have events throughout the UK in different towns and cities and to really create a network of likeminded bloggers who share ideas and support each other. We know how lonely blogging can be sometimes if you aren't getting tons of comments on your posts and actually meeting people face to face to so we want to help bring as many bloggers together as possible!

How can I get involved in these events?
If you'd like to attend an event in a city/town near you then please email us- thecitygirlsuk@gmail.com

You can also follow us on twitter @thecitygirlsuk

We also share pictures of our events and sneak peaks to future plans on our instagram page-@thecitygirlsuk

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