About me

Well hello there! Thanks for popping by!

Im Holly-Lucy, I live in hilly Sheffield- I'm not a born and bred Yorkshire girl though but I quite like it here.

Im  30 (eekkkk) and have been blogging for a few years now alongside working full-time for a large corporate company.

I started reading blogs about 3 years ago and one unexciting Wednesday evening I decided to set up my own. I surprised myself, I managed to do it all on my own and since then I've loved the feeling you get once you press the final button and your writing goes live for the world to see. 

At the weekends you can usually find me out on my bike,visiting friends, shopping for beauty bits, cooking and generally just enjoying being at home. I love cosying up and scrolling through blogs to get inspiration on beauty bits and home accessories.

As time has gone on I'd say that I've become more of an all rounder blogger- anything that takes my fancy and i enjoy will probably end up on Tea and Blush!

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