Ambi: Two sizes in one dress

Have you ever tried on your dream dress only to find that the sizing isn't quite right? 
Reached for the next size up and its too big on top? 

I've been through this experience so many times while shopping on the high street and it's really baffling that the fashion super giants out there still don't cater for the body shape of the masses. Well, in step Ambi to help stop all our changing room meltdowns!

Who are Ambi?

Ambi is a two person fashion design company based here in Sheffield- Ilona Cash and her partner Bowen Revill.

Ilona studied fashion/apparel design at university before heading into the world of fashion design. Whilst working at various companies around the UK she noticed that a lot of the clothes she helped to design were just to fit a standard straight up straight down figure. From this realisation she decided to explore the possibilities of catering to the more pear shaped woman; bigger size around the bottom area whilst still fitting well across the chest area.

In 2016 Ilona and Bowen launched Ambi; creating their own patterns to fit various sizes, sourcing the perfect fabrics for their dresses and working on building up a customer base throughout the UK.

This week the couple invited me (and Aria!) round to their home studio to check out their range and take part in an interview on BBC Look North. How exciting!

The Ambi range includes dresses perfect for all occasions; from casual skater dresses perfect for festivals to smarter dresses ideal for office wear. 

My personal favourites from the range are the denim dress, the black and white tie dye and the mid sleeve black dress

Ilona handcrafts each dress, alongside working full time, in her home studio ready to ship out to customers within 5 days. 

The dresses are currently available in:

Top size  6 + skirt 8
Top size 8 + skirt 10
Top size 10 + skirt 12
Top size 12 + skirt 14
Top size 14 + skirt 16
Top size 16 + skirt 18 

You can find out more about their sizing here
It's really exciting to meet a local couple who've got so much potential in the world of fashion; their work ethic of  giving up all their spare time to create the beautiful pieces is admirable. I'm sure after featuring in local press and on the BBC their order book will be filling up quickly!
I asked Ilona who they market their line at and refreshingly she responded with "everyone.. our range is so versatile we have customers of all ages!" 

 The dresses are investment pieces with prices starting at around £90 but perfect for building up a capsule wardrobe; you could have two of the smarter dresses, team them up with different jackets, jewellery,tights and shoes and be able to look like you're wearing a different outfit every day at work. 
Here I'm wearing the Little Black Ambi Dress- £99

Ilona (left) is wearing the Smart Grey Skirt-£59
Thea (right) is wearing the Statement Smart Grey Dress -£139

What stood out to me was the quality of each of the pieces; the fabric felt a lot better quality than that you would buy from a high street store.. you totally get what you pay for.

I'm so pleased for Ilona and Bowan; they've really spotted a gap in the market. I know going forward they have plans to also cater for women who have a larger top half and smaller bottom half.. its all in the planning stages at the moment!

Ambi have set up a discount code for my readers to get a huge 30% off your first purchase

Enter Tea&Blush when you get to the checkout

What do you think of the dresses?
Do you have problems finding dresses to fit in standard sizes?

P.S... check out these photos I couldn't help but include in my post......

Me on the news! (shame they didn't get my surname right..!)

Ilona and Aria :)



  1. This is such a good idea! I cannot tell you how many times I struggle to fit into clothing due to having bigger hips/bum compared to my waist and midriff. Will definitely take a look on their site with your discount code, thank you.

  2. Such gorgeous dresses! It's so nice to come across a new label like this. Your pix are lovely too! X

  3. What a brilliant concept! And such lovely looking dresses. I have the opposite problem in that my top is bigger than my bottom so gonna keep an eye on this brand to see if they branch out xx

  4. Love this! As a girl with this exact issue, I think it's great that there's finally a solution for it. The colours and patterns are also very professional - thanks for highlighting this great brand!

  5. Absolutely love this idea and they look great

  6. What a clever idea! Hope their business grows and grows, and I reckon it will

  7. This really is a good idea, I'm surprised it hadn't been thought of before! :)
    Caz x

  8. The sizing idea is a great one. I have the opposite issue and need the bottom smaller. They clearly work so hard I hope they are very successful!

  9. This is such a brilliant idea! I hope they are really successful

  10. This is such a fantastic concept! I always struggle with having an hourglass shape and a lot of the time things don't fit my waist but are tight around my hips etc. Will definitely be checking them out xx

  11. How do you find this company ... sounds great but cannot find them online and don't do social media


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