Feeding the future

I'm doing what comes most naturally to me so please don't make me feel like an anomaly. 

She's my daughter and no, she doesn't sleep through but really, what's her sleep got to do with you? 

I feed when she fancies and sometimes that's every hour but just remember she won't be like this forever.. soon enough she'll be running around asking me to switch the iPad on. 

My world is put on hold to nourish this child so please don't turn and look at me like I'm doing something wrong and make me feel like i'm an anomaly.

I don't spend my money on powder and bottles instead I spend it on cake and decaf.

I'm all for choice so do as you please but I prefer to travel lightly; a nappy, these boobs and that beautiful baby. 

I'm not flashing my tits...I'm feeding the future; so don't make me feel like I'm an anomaly. 


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