Baby update: 3 (and a bit) months

Friday, 23 December 2016

It's so crazy Aria has already hit the three month mark; as every parent on the planet says.. time goes 
so quickly when you're raising kids! I thought I'd do a little update on how things are going in general, partly to share with you all but also as something I can look back on in the months to come and remind me of how things are at this point in time.

Thanks I Love It- Curated Gift Sets

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Friends galore but time poor? Well Tili could be the answer to all your gifting needs! Thanks I Love It or Tili for short have recently launched a new gifting concept; a hand selected bundle of products, beautifully packaged and locally sourced from around the UK.

Tili was founded by best gal pals, Danielle and Sarah, after they both became tired of the repetitive, endless hunt for meaningful and unique gifts for their friends. As well as wanting individual, interesting gifts the ladies also wanted to support UK busineses, so they made it their mission to gather together the best of local goods and package them up in carefully thought out gift packages. 
If you're anything like me and have little time to go on the hunt for gifts these boxes will be just the thing for you! Till kindly sent me over 'The Glam' box to review.
 Each box comes with a brand information card; explaining the concept of supporting UK small sellers and also mentioning that 10% of their profit goes to charities around the UK. Alongside this it also comes with a 'menu card providing more information on each of the products found in the box. 

My 2016 xmas wishes

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Merry December everyone! 

As I have a newborn baby there is no way I'm committing to complete Blogmas this year but I've been inspired when scrolling through my twitter feed this morning to write down something christmassy. So, I thought it might be nice to start with talking about my xmas wishes for this year.. not presents, just things I hope to come true during the festive time this year.

1. Minimal stress- I can't honestly remember the last time we had a stress-free xmas and although we have a newborn this year we are doing everything we can to make it as calm and relaxed as possible. My family don't live in Sheffield and rather than us travelling to them or them squeezing into our baby paraphernalia filled house we thought it best we rent somewhere over the festive period. We found a rather Home Alone-esque house on Air BnB that will accommodate (sing in the style of 'On the first day of Christmas')...6 adults...1 baby...2 crazy dogs... 2 cars full of presents.. 1 M&S shopping order anndd a whole load of crappy christmas TV!

2. Nice food- Over the years my family have done alternative xmas dinners, one of the most memorable was an Indian themed meal which, of course, consisted of turkey tikka. This year, we've decided to steer clear of the traditional roast and just opt for a christmas style buffet. Less cooking, more time for drinking and we can pick bits to suit everyone. The girls in the family (bar the baby) have all had access to an M&S and Tesco account over the past few weeks and we've been adding bits and pieces day by day. We've so far covered xmas eve; my brothers girlfriend is from an Italian family and their tradition is to have fish on xmas eve so we've adopted this idea and ordered some rather delicious salmon dishes from M&S to go with mussels and chips! On xmas day we are having cold meats, bread, cheeses, crisps, pigs in blankets and a huge amount of chocolate! Some of you will be quivering at the thought of no traditional turkey and all the trimmings I know.. but think of all the washing up we're dodging!

3. An alcoholic drink- The last time I had a proper drink was at the beginning of December last year.. I found out I was with child the day before xmas eve so I missed out on the obligatory Snowballs and my xmas tradition of cherry Amaretto sours. Although I'm breastfeeding I'm planning on literally expressing my tits off so I can have a few glasses of bubbly over the xmas weekend.  Although.. the thought of being up half the night, slightly sloshed with a crying baby sends shivers through me so I'll see how I get on...hmm maybe granny and grandad might want to do night duties?!

4. Cosy PJ's- Christmas wouldn't be christmas without a new pair of xmas jammies would it?! I've got some cosy ones on the way to me at the moment.. once they arrive of course I'll do the obligatory PJ's, xmas tree and sparkly lights photo over on my Instagram.

5. A happy baby- I know this xmas wish will come true already; I can tell that Aria adores spending time with my parents.. she's so chilled out and relaxed when they are around so 4 days of having their attention will make her very happy. She gets loads of cuddles, plenty of what my mum likes to call botty air time (no nappy on and legs all over the place) and hours of made up songs sung to her! As she's only just about to hit the 3 month mark I think its pretty pointless spending loads of money on presents for her so I've just bought a cute tree decoration with her name and the year on. However, I know Johno thinks I'm being a scrooge so I'm sure she'll get a few gifts from her doting daddy.

Of course, I do love giving and receiving presents at christmas but this year feels different due to having a new addition to the family..all the focus for me is about spending time with the people I love and having a few more pairs of hands to help out with the babe!

What are your wishes for your xmas this year?

ChloBo Gemstone Jewellery

Why gemstone jewellery is back in

There are plenty of jewellery trends emerging at the moment, but the one I am particularly excited about is the fact that gemstones are back with a vengeance, and they have some serious attitude! You can still get the delicate necklaces and pretty charms that make gemstones such a timeless classic, but in terms of changing fashions, this season is all about rough-cut, brightly coloured statement pieces that scream vibrancy whilst delivering some serious impact.

These new gemstone pieces, known as raw stones, can be bold as well as beautiful, instantly giving a lift to all those office party and Christmas outfits you’ll be keeping a look out for. With so colours ranging from bright blue Lapis Lazuli, to subtle tones of Grey Agate, you should be able to find something to suit you. I have always liked gemstones, but for those of you who haven’t really come across this kind of jewellery before, here are just a few reasons why I’m so glad they’re back on fashions radar.

They can fit with tonnes of different outfits

The diversity of gemstones is what makes them so unique and versatile. They can be set into any metal, but also be cut and tailored to complement vastly different looks. For example, you can buy one simple gemstone necklace, and either pair it with an elegant evening dress and some killer heels, or layer up the piece with some more necklaces of different lengths, pendants and a cosy jumper for a day outfit, to create something a little more bohemian.

This is the motto of the beautiful handmade jewellery from ChloBo, who specialise in luxury pieces that convey different moods and personalities. Layering is a huge fashion trend right now, so even if the colour of the stone you love is quite a contrast to your normal style, you can mix it up with different textures and coloured metals to make something that’s completely unique.

They can be totally individual to you

Seen as we’re talking about being unique, the other thing I’ve always enjoyed about gemstone jewellery is they’re the only pieces to truly convey different meanings. Each stone represents a different personality trait or spiritual power, and I think this whole idea makes the process of selecting your own piece all the more fun. For example, you could choose a bracelet that’s made of Labradorite, which is regarded as a calming and healing stone, known for its reputation as the stone of spiritual awakening.

Or instead, you could get a piece that incorporates pink Aventurine, a calming stone helping to bring universal love, or how about adding a touch of Smoky Quartz to your outfit, said to be a protective stone that shields against negative energies. All of this makes gemstone jewellery the perfect Christmas present idea too, as you can pick a bracelet or necklace that says something about your relationship with the recipient.

Have you bought any gemstone jewellery recently or added any to your christmas wishlist? 

What style did you go for? 

Let me know in the comments section!


*This post is in association with ChloBo*

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