Why I started blogging

This morning whilst trying to avoid getting out of bed I scrolled through Twitter and came across Jasmine's tweet about a blog post she published recently on why she started blogging. It got me thinking about my blogging journey and I wanted to share a few thoughts with you all on this rainy Saturday afternoon. 

Why did I start?

I started my blog back in April 2013; not long after I moved into a studio flat by myself. Living alone for the first time was a scary jump into the unknown but one I needed so much. It's partly made me who I am today if I really think about it (check out this very old post I wrote on lone living) and having a blog to focus on kept me company in the evenings. 

Issues with friends, boys and generally just not being very successful at the whole grown-up life thing made me seek out a hobby that I could be in control of, one that wouldn't cost me too much money and most importantly for me, something I could look back on with a feeling of achievement.

 I started off slowly over the first few years and it's only in the past year or so that I've really started to get into a flow of when to publish posts, interacting more on social media and getting my photos up to a better standard- they aren't perfect but I'm getting there slowly. 

How do I feel about blogging now?

Right now, I'm enjoying blogging massively; it's opened so many doors for me over the past year or so as well as being a lovely way to keep my friends and family filled in on how I've been getting on throughout my pregnancy.  

  I call all the shots when it comes to Tea and Blush and this gives me a feeling of satisfaction and purpose.. I couldn't imagine how I'd be spending my spare time if I didn't have my blog to be honest. I imagine I'd be a very bored person.  I've never been particularly skilled at stuff like baking, crafting, drawing and cooking so for me, my thing to do to relax and destress is blogging. 

By day I work as a communications consultant and I'm 99% sure that having a blog played a huge part in me getting the job at the beginning of 2016. Parts of my job intertwines with the experience I've gained via Tea and Blush- stuff like events planning, writing articles and website design- how amazing is that?

Where do I see it going in the future?

Do I want to be a full time blogger? No, I don't think so... I enjoy having it as a hobby; something I  can dip in and out of as and when I have the time.  To put the pressure on my blog to bring in enough money to pay the bills would take away the fun for me. 

As I'm about to embark on the next stage of my life (I'm having a baby if you didn't know already!) I do expect my blog to change- it wouldn't be honest and part of me if it didn't so expect there to be a few more family posts on here, maybe some insights into how we are doing at the whole parenting thing and of course some baby clothing hauls.  I'm not going completely into mummy blogging though...

If you're a blogger -why did you start?
If you aren't a blogger- is it something you'd like to get into?


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  1. Loved reading your blogging journey. How amazing is it that you got your job due to skills you've gained through blogging?! I didn't realise how much I would learn when I started. I can't wait to see you're blog grow and family posts! Xxx


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