Inky Gorilla Posters and Prints (Print Giveaway included!)

Looking for prints to pretty up your home? Well, look no further, Inky Gorilla has something for everyone; from Scandi nursery prints, gamer inspired creations, feel good quotes to witty greetings cards. 
We've added two Inky Gorilla prints to the babes nursery and ohhhh I love them. We went for the Scandi inspired mountain scene picture shown in the photo above; along one of the mountain ranges it says "Home is wherever I'm with you." How cute!!
We were also gifted this cloud and rainbow print to add into the nursery; we seem to have unintentionally adopted a cloud theme for her nursery and I adore how it's all turned out. Again, I promise the nursery tour is coming soon. 

You may be aware if you follow me on Twitter that the owner of Inky Gorilla is actually my brother, Lewis- how handy ehhhh?  I'm totally envious of his ability to create these lovely pieces but of course very thankful that I get to add them to our home decor whenever he has the time to make us a custom order. 
Here are some of my favourite prints he's currently got for sale on his Etsy shop- check out the full range here.

Lewis has also just branched out to do custom designed blog headers, the details of which can be found here. Lewis designed my blog header for me by the way :)

Fancy getting your hands on a pre-designed print from the Etsy store or custom blog header of your choice? All you need to do is follow both @Inkygorilla and @teaandblush on Twitter AND retweet the competition tweet put out on my twitter page. 

Competition is open until 8pm on 9th September and will be announced at 9pm the same evening.

Good luck!


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  1. Those prints look lovely, your brother is very talented! I have been looking for some prints for my nursery. I have found some adorable photo frames but just have no idea what to put in them!

    Claire Louise Xx |


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