What's in my hospital bag?

I ran a poll over on twitter a couple of weeks ago about all things baby and the most requested post came out as the "What's in my hospital bag?" post so here it is...

Since being pregnant I've loved reading these posts on other peoples blogs just to get an idea of the types of things I should consider taking along when the babe decides to arrive.

I thought it would be nice to do my own post so that I can maybe help out other women when they need to google what to take with them to the hospital!

I'll cover both mine and the babes bags in this post and split it down into sections to make it a little less listy.

I completely expect to come home from hospital and ask myself "why did I bother to pack that?!" but for me its part of the whole experience of prepping for her arrival. Someone also said to me at work yesterday.. "its better to take it and not need it than need it and not take it!"
First up,  is the Bounty folder; inside here are my hospital notes. Mine are thankfully very boring as I've had no concerns during pregnancy so all pretty standard info on my blood pressure and tummy measurements. Along with the notes are some compression socks for when my feet get a bit swollen (fit ehhh?!) and also some forms we need to finish filling in with her birth details to claim child benefits- I had no idea that everyone can claim this... did you?! People at work keep reminding me to complete it asap so I've kept it handy in here! 

I've also decided to take a travel pillow with me just incase I need some extra neck support when at the hospital- this could potentially be one of those "why did I take that?" items. 

I've packed all my bits and pieces into this Hugo Boss holdall kindly loaned to me by the Mr- I didn't see the need to go out and spend money on a fancy bag that I'll just be chucking into a taxi and putting on the floor in the hospital. 

Stuff to wear when I first get into hospital

I have no idea how I'll feel when I go into labour but I can imagine I'll want to have nice airy clothing on so I've packed enough pieces just incase.

Low rise black knickers (M&S £7 for 5 pairs)- note- never thought I'd be posting pictures of big knickers on here.. oh how glam!

Pack of shoe liner socks (Primark £2)- I hear that feet can get cold during the big event due to redirected blood circulation so thought best to take these to keep cosy.

Lace trim nightdress (M&S £14)-  easy access for those oh so glam inspections.Black nightwear a must during this situation if you get me.

Grey dressing gown (mine was in the Mothercare sale but heres a similar one for £30)- potentially not an essential for labour but why the heck not treat myself to a new one.

Loose fit striped t-shirt (Primark £3) and Grey vest top (Primark £3) Strappy pink vest top (Primark £1.90) - I wanted a choice incase its really hot/cold on the ward.

Flipflops- I got these free from M&S because I spent over £35 on undies and nightwear- much to my mum's safety dismay flip-flops are on every 'Hospital bag essentials' list I've read so thought I'd take some just incase... fear not though.. I will not be wearing them with the socks!

During the big event

We don't really have much of a birth plan as such; more of just an agreement between me and the Mr to try and avoid any of the heavy stuff. But, as I've never experienced anything like this before I might totally change my mind and I'm okay with that. But, to help me along the way at the start I decided I want to try out a TENS machine.

Babycare sent me one of their Elle TENS machine*  (£71.50 or £27.50 to hire) to pack in my hospital bag and review once we've tried it out. Excited to see whether it works for me!

Keeping comfy after the big event
I'm under no illusions about how my body will look straight after the birth- I'm still going to have a big bump so I know I'll want to be as comfy as possible. I decided to pick up a pair of joggers (£3) from Primark in a size up and then some thermal soft ankle leggings (£8). I'm pretty sure I won't wear the latter pair but they will be handy for the lounging at home in in the weeks to come.

Other essential bits for after the birth are:

Nursing bra's (M&S £32.50 for 2 pack)
Lanolin cream (£8.99 from Boots)
Small towel (John Lewis £8)
Ultra slim breast pads (Boots £2.79)
Maternity pads (Boots  £1.29)
Disposable knickers (Mothercare £2.75)


I'm not taking a ton of stuff with me as I hope to not have to stay in too long.

Aussie shampoo and conditioner (Boots minatures)
The Bodyshop shea butter lip balm*
The Bodyshop shea body butter*
Compact Mirror (£1 Primark)
1 Flannel (Ikea pack of 10 £3)
Cuticura antibac gel (Boots £1.49)
Mini hairbrush 
Toothbrush and toothpaste 
Andrex washlets (Boots £1.99)- to help freshen up during and after.
Invisibobble hair bands (Amazon £4.48)- the only type of bobbles I use now- love that they don't leave my hair kinked!
A couple of hair grips- for pinning back my fringe when I am getting warm. 
Small towel (John Lewis £8)- just incase they don't give me one at hospital

Other random bits

Headphone splitter (Primark £2)- just incase me and the Mr want to listen to music together. We've set up a playlist ready on Spotify of music that I think will help me focus. Of course i'll be taking headphones too. 
Gym ball and pump  (Decathlon approx £10) - I've heard mixed comments about whether to take tour own birthing ball- all rooms are meant to have one in but our antenatal leader said sometimes they are a bit short of them- I'd rather just take our own just in case.  

Three way travel fan (Boots £6)- Although I think taking a fan is a great idea I wouldn't recommend this one.. its loud and hard to turn on and off but I can't find the energy to drag myself to town to swap it over. 


I don't know how much of this I'll need but I'm sure the Mr will be in need of some sugar whilst at the hospital.
Go Ahead bars
Rowntrees fruit pastilles- strawberry and blackcurrant (the best ones for sure)
My fave Haribo, Super Mix
Trebor soft mints

Baby's bag

ToTs by Smartrike changing bag*- I was sent this fab changing bag a while back, you can see an in-depth post on it here
Snuz Cloud Nine swaddle blanket* (Snuz £14.99)- Thought this would be good to wrap her in for some sleepy time whilst still in hospital.This blanket goes with our co-sleeper bedding.. so cute! Keep an eye out for a full post on our co-sleeper, bedding and accessories next week. 

2x Muslin cloths (John Lewis £8.50 for 6) I've been told my life will soon be covered in muslin cloths! They are handy for all sorts of baby related gunk. 

Cotton wool (Boots £1.65)- Probably not an essential as the hospital will more than likely have tons of this but just incase. 

1 pack newborn Naty nappies (Boots £4.29)- I did try to persuade the Mr to opt for re-usable nappies for the babe but he wasn't having any of it. So, the next most eco friendly option available seems to be Naty nappies.

1 pack Naty nappy bags (Boots £1.85)

Clothes for the babe
This, for me, was the most difficult part to figure out- thankfully my mum came to the rescue and helped me pack the baby bits a couple of weeks ago.  I've popped in bits for a small baby, average sized and then a big baby- I actually saw my midwife yesterday and she guesstimated that I'm going to have an 8lb baba!

Starting at the top left-

Pink and white hat (H&M- not on website but one similar here)
Grey long sleeved bodysuit (H&M part of a pack of two for £6.99)
Pink long sleeved bodysuit (H&M part of a pack of two for £6.99)
2 legging sets from H&M (H&M £6.99- they don't do this set with the bunny print on now but heres the grey ones in a set)
1 cotton striped bundler (M&S- this one was in the sale but here are some very cute bundlers in the new range)
1 teeny tiny vest by ZGeneration 
Flower sleep suit 1 month size (M&S included in a pack of 3 for £15)
Striped sleep suit in newborn size (M&S included in a pack of 3 for £15)
Basic white sleep suit 1 month size (Mothercare included in a pack of 3 for £8)
Red pearl knit cardigan larger baby (Mothercare £10)
Cotton sleeve cardigan newborn (M&S £10)
1 burp cloth (Tesco pack of 3 for £4.75)
Another muslin cloth
2 pairs of socks from H&M

I also need to pack her coming home outfit which I picked up right at the beginning of the year from The White Company.. its so cute but I'm going to save that one for a photo of her in it!

Lastly, of course we will need to take a car seat to bring her home in- we went for this Mothercare Ziba seat for £70- we don't have a car at the moment so we aren't going to be using it a lot so didn't want to spend lots on one. Mothercare have this car seat in black on offer for £35.. bargain. 

Inside the car seat I've put a blanket and bunny; my mum crocheted both of these for her. So adorable! I've also added a large swaddle/muslin by toTs by SmarTrike I was sent a few months ago. Thought this might be handy if its too warm to put a blanket on her on the journey home. 

Have I missed anything? Am I taking lots of unnecessary things? Let me know in the comments!


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