Pregnancy update:36 weeks

Ohhh goodness me I cant believe it.. 36 weeks today.  Look at the size of that bump now!!

Thought I'd just do an update on how things have been for me over the past few weeks. I'm officially on the countdown now to finishing work and getting into full on baby mode so expect my blog posts over the next few weeks to be baby related.. sorry not sorry!

Baby status: 

She's head down so the midwife said at our home visit last week- makes it all seem so real and also weird thinking there is a head inside of me...haha!


Cake, chewy sweets, get the idea.


Although I do let my cravings run free most evenings sometimes I've been trying to up my fruit intake these past few weeks so have been getting through peaches, bananas and strawberries! We had loads of fruit left over from the baby shower (read about that here) so I portioned it all up into bags and popped it in the freezer ready for smoothies.


The last bits and pieces for my hospital bag (post coming this weekend) and also aids to help during labour such as an anti-burst exercise ball.


My mind- well, this has been ongoing since finding out we were expecting but more so in the last few weeks. I've been reading Hypnobirth Yourself by Juliet Hollingsworth and find it really helpful to support my thinking of labour as only a temporary situation; its not going to last forever and we are going to have a beautiful reward at the end of it.

The house- I've been finding myself wanting to organise stuff, clean and generally just declutter the past few weeks. Nesting in full flow of course! This week its been the windows, last week was the attic bedroom.

Work stuff- I got my maternity pay schedule through  this week so i've been spreadsheeting the hell out of everything to work out how much money I need to put aside in the first few months to cover the months when I'm on reduced pay.   Its worked out very well for us thankfully and means I'll get to take a full 12 months off without eating away at all our savings. Xmas might be a little less extravagant this year but we won't need pressies when we have a scrumptious little baby to enjoy.


Better than expected generally but the last week has changed slightly. I'm lucky as I can fall asleep in a matter of seconds but find I now need to pee every hour! I'm finding my wedge pillow from Mothercare really useful to help prop me the right way in bed. 

Emotionally feeling: 

Pretty good overall I'd say. Some moments of pregnancy rage have got me recently.. mainly fuelled by other peoples comments,birth horror stories and general nosey-ness but aside from wanting to tell some people to piss off.. I've been feeling great mentally!

Laughing at:

The things I can no longer do such as taking my own socks off, seeing my thighs- I walked to the shop yesterday with food down my legs and didn't realise until I got back and looked in the mirror!

Getting close enough to the table to eat dinner and manoeuvring myself through the house- we've actually had to move some draws in our hallway as I kept bumping my tummy into them!

Grateful for:

The way the Mr has fully taken on everything for me; he cooks,cleans,reminds me to rest, keeps me positive, understands when I just need to cry and generally is just amazing.  

Dreaming of:

Seeing my parents, brother and of course the Mr meeting the baby for the first time. I'm a crier in general day to day life so I think those moments will make me sob like a baby!


Feeling baby moving around and being so aware of how she's changing week by week. Her movements aren't kicks anymore, they are more like shuffles and rolls. 

Looking forward to:

Labour beginning actually. I'm already so amazed at how my body has just grown a baby, I can't wait to see the stages it goes through to bring her into the world. 


Apart from taking the walk from my house to the bus stop and going to pregnancy yoga I've been pretty much not doing any exercise. Having swollen feet is really sodding painful and I find the more I stand up the worse they get. 


Our routine as a couple and being able to make quick decisions about plans (or lack of) for the day. We are heading out to the casino for dinner tomorrow night and it dawned on me that it might be the last time we get to do this for a while!

Hope you've enjoyed my little update- I'll be updating you each Friday now until she arrives :)



  1. Lovely post Holly, takes me back approx 49 years to when I had your Mum! The difference being we didn't know if it was a boy or girl until she popped out. Good luck my love enjoy the process as much as possible and as you say it is temporary.

  2. Nice post Holly,I like your attitude to the next step!


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