Pregnancy update- 38 weeks

Well hello there! 

Can you believe it... 38 weeks pregnant.

I say it each time I update you on how things are going but I still can't quite get my head around it all. In no more than 4 weeks the babe will be here.. just a waiting game now. 

Baby status: 

I saw the midwife this week and she confirmed again that baby is head down, ready to go and not likely to move any further down now until the big event. 


Porridge, peaches, water- things have seemed to get healthy over these past 2 weeks thank goodness. 


Still loading myself up on chocolate treats now and again but I've started to think about how my body might look after giving birth and the more crap I eat now the harder it will be to lose!


Not a lot this week; we ordered our sling 3 weeks ago from a store which I won't name on here and today they've still said its out of stock so I've cancelled the order and going to find elsewhere to buy it from! We've decided to go for the Close Caboo sling- anyone else had this one?


The plans for when everything starts- I've briefed my mum and dad about what they need to do; basically get to Sheffield, let themselves in to our house with the key i've given them, tidy the house, get some nice food in and then when baba is born they can come see us at the hospital to bring us home! Can you tell I've turned into a frantic organiser woman?!

Work stuff- On Wednesday this week I finished work for a full 12 months so had to make sure the person covering my role had everything they needed- this felt very odd and I'll admit I did shed a tear; mainly just because its a weird feeling knowing I won't be involved in work related stuff for a full year! I'm sure that will soon fade though once the babe arrives. 


Not a lot now.. I wake up at 1am, 4am and then 6am needing to pee. Good practice though for night feeds eh!

Emotionally feeling: 

A bit of a wreck this week; I've cried over leaving my iPhone headphones at work, Rhiannon Ashlee's Birth vlog and having swollen elephant feet. 

Laughing at:

The ridiculous things that seem to make me cry. 

Grateful for:

Comfy maternity clothes I was given by my auntie. The most comfortable items have to be the maternity yoga pants with a huge stretchy waist band and some flipflops the Mr bought me for my swollen feet.  Also, the hot milk and honey pedicure my colleagues at work bought me as a leaving gift- I decided to treat myself to a gel manicure too whilst at Spa 1887

Dreaming of:

How my days will be when she is here- I cant wait to start our journey as a family and also seeing how in love the Mr is going to be with her.. heart eyes emoji right there. 


That it's just a matter of days now until she gets here... the what were nice movements are now becoming rather uncomfortable if i'm honest! The last few days it's felt like she's trying to burrow her way out but in the wrong direction. 

Looking forward to:

Being able to help round the house once she's born- at the moment I feel so frustrated that I cant lift anything, pick anything up from the floor, spend long on my feet cooking... all those types of things. I never thought I'd think that I'd miss the ability to clean and tidy...


Yeah that aint happening at all... I can barely walk down the road now and my taxi rides are becoming more frequent!


The quiet time we get to spend together in the evenings watching our Netflix series. 

Hope you've enjoyed my little update- we've decided that we are going to announce her birth via Instagram so if you don't follow me already then you should- @hollylucyhp


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