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 A few weeks back I was invited to go and check out the new Rush salon in York city centre. I'd never actually heard of the hairdressing chain so was intrigued to nip in for a trim and check out the services they provide.  The new salon, based on Market Street, is actually just round the corner from the office I work from when in York so I opted for a late afternoon appointment- you can book online here
On approach to the salon I noticed how clean and neat it looked on the street; the old bank building scrubbed up well. 
Inside the salon everything looked rather sparkly and new- the salon had actually only been open a week or so! The front reception area housed a large collection of Kèrastase, L'oreal and Redken products which are used during customer cut and colour treatments. 
The seating areas throughout the salon were really comfortable and the chandler lighting gave a feeling of space and glamour. 
The area of the salon I found most impressive was the hair washing room; one of my biggest annoyances about hairdressers I've visited in the past is that when I'm having my hair washed I want their full attention; not too demanding ehh! I enjoyed having a separate room in which they focused on my hair, the products they used and also the rather lovely head massage I got at the end! The ambient lighting in the washroom also helped to relax me after a long day at the office. 
Once I'd had my hair washed, Jessica the franchisee of the York Rush salon introduced herself and talked me through the products that had been used for my hair wash and condition; those were the Kèrastase Bain Satin 1 for slightly dry hair and the Lait Vital moisturising conditioner from the same range. Both products left my hair feeling so soft and smooth without adding too much of a strong scent. 
After the product chat Jessica then asked what cut I was going for. I let her know  that I wanted my hair at a more manageable length, some of the weight taken out and also some of the layers sorting as I was finding it really hard to straighten due to the number of different layers I'd got at the back of my head. 
Jessica spent time talking about my haircare routine and asking about the products and styling tools I use day to day. I stressed that I wanted something low maintenance as, at the moment due to being pregnant, I haven't the energy to sit straightening it for 45 mins after drying. My poor back wouldn't be pleased at all!

Jessica kept me chatting throughout the appointment, talking about hair products, baby stuff and just life in general which was nice, nothing worse than a silent hairdresser in my opinion!

The cut itself only took around 40 minutes including the drying and styling- pretty good if you want to pop in on your lunch break or after you finish work- the salon is open 7 days a week:

Monday to Friday- 9am to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 6.30pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm

So, my finished haircut...

It's a lot shorter than I've had it before but I really like it.. it's easy to manage and the layers are more evened out now so I don't have to spend ages sectioning it out to straighten. After the cut it looked sleek, shiny and in really good condition. Of course, without having the products they used on my hair (or the skills!) it looks slightly different when I blow-dry and straighten it but I am happy with the end result. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience of visiting the Rush salon in York, Jessica and the rest of her team made me feel welcome and relaxed as soon as I walked through the door. I loved seeing how passionate she is about her new business venture and how driven career people can make their dreams into reality!

As the salon is relatively new there are some offers on at the moment for the cuts and colour appointments- 

To book an appointment at Rush York click here.

To find a Rush local to you click here.

Also, make sure you check out the Rush shop- the product's they used on my hair are available at lower prices than if you were to buy them from the brand websites!

Have you been to a Rush salon before?


*Although I didn't pay for my haircut my opinions are 100% honest as always

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