Bravado Designs- Yoga Nursing Bra

As the week's of my pregnancy quickly fly by I've been more aware of the necessity for comfy, well fitting bra's. You know that feeling most women get of needing to take their bra off when they step in the door after work? Well I'm now experiencing that feeling ALL day every day!! So when Bravado Designs contacted me asking if I'd like to try out their Body Silk Seamless  Yoga Nursing Bra of course I wasn't going to say no!
Bravado Designs are an award winning brand who have been around for over 20 years. Their bra's are worn by mummas around the world, including some celebs like Beyonce and Jolie!

Bravado was created by two mums, some fabric, a kitchen table and sheer determination to ensure that all expectant mums and nursing mums can be comfortable as well as feeling great in their undies. Bravado continuously test their products  with real life mums to ensure they fit in with everyday needs. They also combine this insight with information from lactation consultants so the bra's are suitable for nursing and beyond.

As of course I'm not nursing yet this post is primarily reviewing the bra as a maternity bra- I also started pregnancy yoga last week so I'm planning on wearing this to my next session as its advertised as a yoga bra too! The bra comes in 2 colours; pink and grey, which cost £34. I think is pretty reasonable for a bra which will see you through pregnancy and a good few months/years afterwards. I'd see it as an investment to make nursing easier when out and about.

The bra comes in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large- Bravado have provided a sizing chart on their website to help you work out which is best to go for.  This model of bra is specifically designed to fit into an active momma's lifestyle and can be worn during low impact training such as pilates, yoga and taking many walks through the park to get the baby to sleep.  The information on the website describes it as having Silverbreeze technology that helps to prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria whilst keeping the bra fresh and cool- of course this is ideal for those times when you have the energy to be active.

Just from looking at the bra before I tried it on I could tell it was going to be comfy; as well as being wire- free its 4 way stretch fabric allows the bra to change with my ever changing shape and sits comfortably at the top of my bump without adding additional pressure. This is going to be great when I start nursing as of course my body will change shape day to day!
The bra has removable pad inserts and also a handy clip feature that allows you to unclip the cup to allow for breastfeeding when your baby requires. The bra also comes with a handy converter kit for once you've finished nursing; all you do is attach one of the bra loops and cut off the guide strap and you've got yourself a handy sports bra.  The straps are also adjustable and can be worn as a criss-cross bra if you fancy.

Overall, my experience so far with this bra has been nothing but positive; I've found it comfy,non restricting, soft and just what I need right now. I like the thickness of the band around the bottom of the bra; this will allow me to wear it well into the run up to baby's birth as I expect to get a lot bigger over the next 12 weeks.. can you believe thats all I've got left to go!?

Have you ever used a Bravado Nursing Bra?
Check out Bravado's range of bra's here or find this yoga nursing bra at the John Lewis website here



  1. I really liked this bra. Its looks quite stylish. Want to buy sports bra and few workout pants that will wear while going to gym. Have already searched out an online store that is having discount on them. Planning to buy them from there.

  2. If you are expecting your first baby, it is hard to know what to expect with your future bra size when shopping for your nursing bra as you have no history to draw on. maternity activewear


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