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Last week  the Mr and I headed to Revolution here in Sheffield on what was the most rainy day of the week to sample the new spring menu they have on offer... can't beat a load of comfort food on a dreary Thursday evening can you!
The Revolution Bar here in Sheffield is situated just at the end of Devonshire Street in the town centre; easy for those who work in town to pop in for a bite to eat or a fancy looking cocktail.

After drying off our damp clothes we both decided to order a drink, the Mr went for a Guava Colada (left); Stoli vodka shaken with Licor 43, lime juice, pineapple juice and guava purée garnished with a pineapple wedge and a mini umbrella. And I, of course, went for a tasty mocktail, the Superfruit Nojito; strawberry and blueberry purées, apple juice and a hit of lime, topped with soda and garnished with fresh mint and blueberries.
After trying our fruity cocktails we then moved on to choose our main course from their food menu; Revolution offer a wide variety of food, from burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, sharing plates and main course dishes like burritos, roast chicken and fish n chips.  

Earlier this month I'd seen Lucy post about the amazing burgers so was already swaying towards trying one out for myself. I'd originally planned to go for the brilliantly named 'Motherclucker' burger but yes although I eat a lot whilst pregnant I thought that was a little over indulgent after a day of constant grazing at work so opted for the smaller, but still as tasty looking, Brooklyn chicken (£10.50) -buttermilk fried chicken, streaky bacon, smoked cheddar, with chipotle BBQ sauce served with fries and a Caulislaw (coleslaw but with cauliflower).  My burger was meant to have fried pickles on but they'd run out.. I was pretty devastated by this news as I am so loving pickled anything at the moment!

For me, the burger was just the right size. I really enjoyed the glazed brioche bun and the ohhh the chicken was tasty. It tasted so fresh and the BBQ sauce worked well with the flavour of the streaky smoked bacon. 

The Mr decided to be the piggy one and go for the Motherclucker burger (£13.95)beef burger, corn battered chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, spicy chorizo sauce, sweet potato fries, crispy onions, smokinnaise served with BBQ fries and Caulislaw. 
It looks impressive right? I asked the Mr for some feedback just now"The stacked high 'Motherclucker' was a lot easier to eat than it looked- the smokinnaise sauce held the components of the burger together well and I  was able to get mouth round it even though it looked huge! The blend of flavours worked really well together;meaty, saucy, spicy, BBQ, topped off with Revolution's hot apocalypse sauce. I also really liked the caulislaw.. its good to see a new take on classic sides."

After scoffing our burgers down rather quickly (we did have a bit of a wait for the food in all honesty but hey-ho the food made up for it!) we then were treated to another drink.

I went for the Cucumber and Apple CoolerElderflower, lemon juice and apple juice, infused with fresh cucumber and topped with soda.  I found this mocktail really refreshing and a nice palate cleanser after a naughty burger. 
The Mr went for the Bubblegum Daiquiri;  Bubblegum flavoured vodka blended with bubblegum syrup, lemon and apple juice topped with flying saucers. Apparently this cocktail is rather delicious and reminded the Mr of the iceblast slushies you can get in the cinema.
Overall, we loved spending the evening at Revolutions; the food was tasty and from looking at the menu the prices feel very reasonable for the dishes. There are some rather good deals on at the moment too; 

Mega Mondays- 50% off all food items
2-4-1 burgers every tuesday
25% off food everyday and 50% off on Wednesdays with a Revolution card (find out more about the card here.)

Have you been to Revolution for food recently?
Check out the food menu here.


*We were provided with complementary food and drinks but opinions are 100% honest. 


  1. I tried one of the Revolution burgers the other week that had wotsits on it and it was so nice, I was actually pleasantly surprised as I didn't know the food would be so good!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  2. Your blog is so darling, I adore the design! Ahhh everything looks heavenly, especially the drinks, I love the look of the fruity mocktail at the top *heart eyes* :D following you on twitter! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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