toTs Infinity Changing bag

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Since finding out I'm going to be a mumma I've been on the look out for a stylish changing bag that both the Mr and I will be happy carrying when out and about. Of course, along with the style requirement we need it to be able to hold all the essentials we need for on the go with the babba; not quite sure what all those essentials are yet but I'm sure i'll learn quickly!!

Earlier this month Tots by SmartTrike asked whether they could send me a few baby related items to talk about on my blog; in the past I used to get excited over makeup, shoes and stationary, now its baby products that get me squeeking with excitement when the postman knocks on the door!

The travel system we've decided to go for doesn't come with a changing bag, its an additional extra to add it on, somewhere around the £50 I think, so having the offer of a Tots changing bag came at the right time! Aren't we lucky?!

We chose the SmarTrike Infinity changing bag in quilted grey; for us it ticked the boxes of being able to be worn as a backpack along with having a long strap so that it can be worn over the shoulder or attached to the pram.The grey colour of this bag is so us, we have a full on obsession with grey and black baby things... poor child eh! The simple grey colour will go with our black pram and is also easy to match with outfits; the Mr is a pure fashionista so this is an important factor to take into account I tell you. 

Inside the bag are lots of compartments for all your bits and pieces, keeping it all in order so that when in a rush to get a wet baby changed its simple to find everything you need. The bag also comes with 2 detachable pouches; one lined with silver stuff to keep your bottles insulated and the other pouch we've decided will be for nappies so when we are out and about we don't need to take the whole bag to the baby change room; just the inside pouch.  
The bag also comes with a handy fold-up changing mat and shoulder strap. 
We haven't packed the bag yet, I've only just put some Naty nappies, Naty nappy bags and some baby wipes in but I can tell this bag is going to be big enough for all the paraphernalia we will be taking with us on our days out. 
I've just noticed on the Smyths Toys website description that the bag has a water repellant coating all over it so no worries about the rain getting the nappies soggy before the baby does! I'm so happy with this changing bag; I haven't seen many others whilst scouring the web that are as stylish and practical as this one. What do you think of the bag?


You can find it over at Smyths Toys for £64.99- not the cheapest out there, but in my opinion its a lot more suitable for us than the one suggested to match our pram. I can envisage this bag being with us for a long time, it will be great for when baby is little but also later on in life when we want to go for picnics or swimming due to the large size and timeless colour. 

Check out a this video to see how adaptable the bag can be, baby stuff by day, iPad's and makeup by night!

toTs by smarTrike also do a lovely range of bedding and accessories over at Smyths Toys; I've got a few more bits to review later in the month so keep an eye out for them. 


I'm currently wearing.....

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Afternoon all,

In the past few months I've felt just a bit 'ugh' when it comes to the choice of outfits I wear on a day to day basis. With a lovely rapidly growing tummy I'm starting to find that my go-to dresses now look like tops and my usual skinny jeans are things of distant memories! 

In all honesty, I've been pretty disappointed with the range available for mums-to-be. I've spent a few hours searching for suitable bump wear found that a lot of the maternity clothes either are way too plain mummsy for my liking or, at the other end of the scale, too figure hugging- I didn't wear bodycon dresses before now and I'm not about to start now! 

Last week I finally decided to let the purse strings loose a little and order myself a few much needed bits from Toyshop's maternity range. Ocean Finance kindly offered to gift me £50 to put towards a day of relaxing too so, this weekend I put the money towards a haircut and some shoes!
Okay, okay its not the most out-there outfit going but my god this combo is comfy. I'm wearing Over-the-bump maternity jeans here from Topshop, Joni (£38) to be precise. Pre-pregnancy,Joni's were my go-to jeans so I was happy to see they also cater for my current shape. The waistband on these is a thing of comfort; as the name suggests they go right over your bump to provide bump support and an added bit of material should you still want to wear your non preggo tops. I teamed the jeans with a plain black vest top  (£6) from RiverIsland; again, comfy and really useful item to have in your maternity wardrobe. 
Next up is this Chambray Grey Shirt  (£29) I've worn this a fair few times since it arrived- its comfy, can be styled smart or casual and is made of a nice soft flattering cotton. It also comes in a baby blue shade too. 
Next up are the lovely Chelsea boots I picked up from Clarks last week- I bagged a bargain with these- meant to be £80 and I picked up the last sale pair for £40! Although they are now sold out on the Clarks website you can pick them up from Debenhams for an even lower price now.. £24!
Love having a fresh haircut.. makes me feel refreshed and so much more presentable. I visited my fave hairdresser here in Sheffield, Parachute on Hickmott Road. I decided to go for my usual.. a short bob with full fringe.
Lastly, I added this cute little infinity bracelet to the outfit; this was sent to me by Jewellery Box- another post to come on this soon. 

Can you point me in the direction of any nice maternity outfits?


**Disclaimer-  Ocean Finance kindly sent me £50 to spend on a day of relaxing. I decided to pay for my haircut and put the remainder towards my boots. 

Revolution Massive Tastes Menu

Monday, 2 May 2016

Last week  the Mr and I headed to Revolution here in Sheffield on what was the most rainy day of the week to sample the new spring menu they have on offer... can't beat a load of comfort food on a dreary Thursday evening can you!
The Revolution Bar here in Sheffield is situated just at the end of Devonshire Street in the town centre; easy for those who work in town to pop in for a bite to eat or a fancy looking cocktail.

After drying off our damp clothes we both decided to order a drink, the Mr went for a Guava Colada (left); Stoli vodka shaken with Licor 43, lime juice, pineapple juice and guava purée garnished with a pineapple wedge and a mini umbrella. And I, of course, went for a tasty mocktail, the Superfruit Nojito; strawberry and blueberry purées, apple juice and a hit of lime, topped with soda and garnished with fresh mint and blueberries.
After trying our fruity cocktails we then moved on to choose our main course from their food menu; Revolution offer a wide variety of food, from burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, sharing plates and main course dishes like burritos, roast chicken and fish n chips.  
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