Pregnancy update: 18 weeks

Hellooooo all,

Long time no speak eh?! A lot has been going on in my world recently, not only have I been growing a baby,I've moved house too!!

Me and the Mr have had the past week off work and have loved every minute of enjoying our new home and generally just taking a bit of a well needed break from work. I'd planned on spending tons of time blogging but each day whilst we've been off we've found something fun to do that has meant blogging has taken a bit of a back seat... life happens though eh?

Over the next few weeks I've got posts planned on the new house, bits of decor I'm enjoying,crafty stuff i've been getting back into the swing of and of course, baby chats and a few hauls on the items we've got so far!

I can't believe I'm already into my 18th week of my pregnancy, it still feels really strange writing that..However, before I start wishlisting the heck out of everything I lay my eyes on I thought I should share with you all an update on how me, the bump and the Mr are getting on....

After our announcement....

Hopefully you will have seen our announcement picture on social media or my blog post here back in February letting the world know that we are expecting our baby right at the beginning of September, the 2nd to be precise. Since letting the world in on our huge secret everyone seems to be really happy and excited for us; its lovely being able to see my own parents get so excited about their first grandchild!

With this happiness of course comes the compelling urge for people to offer us all sorts of advice, from the best baby paraphernalia we should be considering, amount of money we should have saved up,things I should/shouldn't be eating.. the list of advice goes on and on! Of course I appreciate people are excited for us and want to share their knowledge but I'll admit, I do find myself having to bite my tongue, nod and smile often.. there are a few things I'm interested in hearing about though so if you have any (nice) stories, advice or info on home birthing, hypnobirthing and stylish nursery decor then hit me upppp!

My body and mind

I was super lucky during the first part of pregnancy, no morning sickness etc and the second trimester has been generally a bit of a walk in the park if I'm honest! At points I've got a bit panicked that its been too easy but all I do is give my mum a call and listen to her reassurance. 

From about week 15/16 my tummy has been growing by the day, and in the past week I've started to feel little movements which is so strange but very comforting. Before I could feel any movement people described it to me as little butterflies but mines been more like popcorn kernels popping.. feisty little thing.

3 things I have been experiencing since about week 15-

Tiredness- yes before anyone comments, I don't know tiredness like I will come September! We walked to town the other day from my house, all of about 30 mins walk and ohhhh I felt like I could fall asleep standing up on the bus on the way home.

Short term headaches-  I've always struggled with drinking enough fluids during the day and in the past I've tended to ignore these mini headaches (tut tut) but now I try to get as much water/squash/tea down me as possible. I actually find it easier to drink more water when I'm at work somehow.. maybe its the quick break it means I get when filling up my water bottle!

Being an emotional wreck- day to day, before pregnancy, I would consider myself pretty tough skinned and as far from anxious as you can get. A lot of my friends have mentioned in the past that I'm crap at empathy and a bit too matter of fact sometimes... but wow how this has changed recently. I've been finding myself crying over the smallest of things; whether it be a sad film I've watched, my parents going home after spending the bank holiday weekend with us, the neighbours throwing a party on our first night in he new house, not being able to find any clothes to fit... the list goes on and on. I've found that more often than not I have a sob then I'm fine but there have been occasions, especially over the past 2 weeks when I've felt anxious for no apparent reason. It does get me frustrated but the Mr has been great at helping me to think logically, in the present moment and think about all the good things going on right now.  My mum has also sent me some links to a few books I'm considering buying- 

The Headspace Guide to A Mindful Pregnancy- Andy Puddicombe- I've listened to the audiobook clip of this on Amazon and it sounds bloody ideal for how I'm feeling right now!
Mindful Motherhood- Cassandra Vieten- this book seems a bit more science based but the reviews on Amazon all agree its great to help put things into perspective. 
The Mindful Way Through Pregnancy by Susan Piver- this book guides you through using yoga daily to help keep calm and relaxed. 


I didnt realise how interested people would be in my eating habits whilst pregnant.. on a weekly basis people seem to want to know my latest and weirdest food cravings or aversions! The first 3 months were a bit hit and miss with food; one day I'd love something and the next even the thought of it made me feel a bit funny. 

Here's some of the things I don't like at the moment.....

Avocado- so sad about this one as I bloody loved avotoast on Saturdays. I think its something about the texture I can't face right now.

McCoys S+V crisps- used to be my fave crisps, now I can't stand them.

Sushi- I never ate the raw fish sushi, just the veg but I can't think of anything worse right now. I hope my love for sushi nights returns one day.

Rice- bleugh... even thinking about it makes me feel a bit sick. 

Eggs- poached, boiled,fried, scrambled can't stomach them any which way. 

Things I'm loving right now.....

Blue sweets- yes, specifically blue.
Chocolate- has to be Galaxy at the moment
Ice cream- preferably salted caramel but any will do
Walkers Tear and Share Ready Salted crisps- heaven in a large bag
Bacon- give me crispy crunchy bacon allll day.
Cake- huge slab, any kind.

You get the idea right? Being with-child has turned me into a junk food fiend. I am however very aware of this and try my very best to eat little treats of the above alongside healthy nutritious meals like veg curries,homemade summer slaw, porridge mixed with apples and bananas. I do need to start eating more fish though; thats my plan for this week. 

Keeping track of baby

With the wonder of modern technology I have been able to keep track of the baby's development on a daily basis. I've downloaded a few pregnancy apps but the ones I've found most useful and informative are Ovia and Glow: Nurture. Ovia (one on the left) gives me a good scale of how big the baby is week by week by allowing me to compare it to things I'm familiar with, like a croissant or lego man! 

Nurture provides me with more prompts, for example, it asked whether I'd booked us onto antenatal courses last week and I hadn't! Called up the local hospital to book on and got the last space. Nurture also has a Community section where you can chat with other expectant parents about anything on your mind. I've already started to pick up all the lingo like TMI, OH,FTM..hahaha!

Next up....

Next week we have our 20 week anomaly scan- hoping of course that everything is as it should be with the little one and fingers crossed we will get to find out the sex!

We've also started to think about the pieces we'd like to get for the nursery, I've created a Pinterest board you can have a nosey at it here.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing a little bit about how my pregnancy is going.. any questions then leave in the comments section below. Also, I'm always intrigued by other peoples advice on their top must have baby product.. let me know yours!



  1. So so excited for you! A lady at work has the app that shows you how big your baby is, it's so fascinating! I know you must hear a million and one old wives tales but my mum was telling me the other day how you know what sex you're having depending on what you eat, so I won't spoil it if you haven't heard it but will see if it's true when you announce the sex! :) such a lovely opportunity to read up on what's happening :) I'm sure you'll be an amazing mum! Xxxx

  2. Yeay at long last some baby chat on the blog! Looking forward to more posts especially the crafty updates and which books or apps you find useful.


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