LetterBox Gifts- Mum To Be Box

Hello there lovelies!

Have you got a pregnant friend you want to surprise with a gift or a baby shower coming up?  

Earlier on this week I received a lovely parcel from LetterBox Gifts- a rather special selection of products aimed at mum's to be.  
The gift box, as the name suggests, are sized just right so they fit through the letterbox. This mum-to-be box is £25.95 (plus possible postage costs)
Inside the box were two cards; one is a the details of all the products I was about to find inside the box and the other was a cute personalised card with a little note from LetterBox Gifts. When opening treat boxes I don't read the 'menu' card until after I've looked through the products myself.. anyone else do that?
Inside the beautifully packed box are 5 products; all the products in the LetterBox Gift sets are made by carefully selected British producers so I was pleased to see that 3 of the products inside the box are by brands based here in Sheffield!

First up is the Sheffield Skin Company with their Dooley Scrumptious Bump Balm-
A bump balm packed with Shea butter, coconut and sweet almond oil to help add much needed moisture to your stretching tummy.  The balm is scented with chamomile and pressed orange peel..ohhh goodness me it smells divine. I'm currently sat here typing with some of the balm on the back of my hand; its so fresh and orangey. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and smooth after application; I can see this tub being used up very quickly!
Next up is Nathalie Bond Organics with an extra sensitive soap. This ultra gentle handmade soap is designed for those of us with sensitive skin; infused with goats milk and added extras kept to a bare minimum makes this soap perfect for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding mommas and babies under one.
 I'm yet to use this Sheffield made soap but I have used some Nathalie Bond products in the past and loved them- very lovely quality and really nicely scented. I think I'm going to save this for showering just after I've had the baby..maybe even pack it in my hospital bag. 
As my blog name somewhat suggests; I love a good cuppa! So to find a mini bag of Birdhouse Tea Company  'Baby is Brewing Tea' in the box was a lovely treat. I've tried Birdhouse in the past at the Sheffield food markets and really enjoyed the sweetshop collection, especially the Lemon Bon Bon.  
I opened the tea sample to have a sniff of course.. it was too tempting not to. But haven't  actually tried the tea itself yet as I've read that the best time to drink raspberry tea is in the third trimester. Raspberry tea is said to help strengthen the uterus wall, help your breast milk come in and even speed up labour times in some cases. You can read up more about the potential benefits of raspberry tea here. I'll pop this sample in the cupboard ready to brew when I get to the last stages of pregnancy!
Next up is a Leeds based brand, BeeFayre, with their Mummy Bee Lip Balm. This balm is 100% organic made using the best quality beeswax and Melissa Oil. 
 I must be honest, lavender and bergamot isn't for me; especially on my lips! But I gave it a go anyway and yep.. the lavender is too much but the lip balm does add a nice layer of moisture to the lips.  I have had a browse through the other balms BeeFayre do on their website and was instantly drawn to the more zesty combinations like lemon and lime. 
Last up were these Elliot Rose Oats and Honey tea lights. 
The delicious scent of these candles flowed throughout the gift box and instantly made me need to light one up to see how the scent transferred when burning. When getting a new candle I always do the test of leaving the room and walking back in again to see whether I can smell the scent and even just with one tea light burning these passed!
I love the sweet kick of honey these candles have, I don't want to burn the other two.. I just want to sniff them! The tea lights come in recycled glass and a little sticker on the back of the box encourages you to re-use them for other candles. 
Overall, I really enjoyed the LetterBox Gifts Mum-to-be box. You can really tell that the products have been carefully selected to fit with the theme of the box and I very much like it that all the products are British based small companies.  My fave item has to be the Sheffield Skincare Company Bump Balm.. it just smells incredible!
Letterbox Gifts do a number of different boxes for all your present giving needs- one for the green fingered gardner,  one specifically for tea lovers, one specially put together for fathers day and three further boxes for more general present giving occasions. Each box is priced between £20-£26 depending on selection. 

Which LetterBox Gift box would you choose? 



  1. Lovely post and the boxes sound lovely! I would like the Gardener box I think!

  2. I love these, especially as i just looked and there's an "Alice box" - shame my birthday has just passed - it sounds like such a lovely gift! Alice xx

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