Lush Sheffield Xmas collection

Last week Lush Sheffield hosted their first blogger event! I helped out by finding local bloggers to come along for an evening of personalised Lush skin consultations,an opportunity to buy gifts away from the usual craziness of the store and also the chance to make some of our own Lush products!
 Becki, the assistant manager, kicked off the evening by having quick chat with us all and introducing the Lush ladies who were on hand to help us decide which products we'd like to know more about and potentially buy. Just to note here, Becki is a total babe, whenever I pop into Lush Sheffield she always comes over for a catch-up and to talk me through the products she thinks would suit my skin type and also share some of the new products with me in sample sizes!
Becki did a fab job at laying on the treats for us bloggers; she got in touch with Joni Bakery here in Sheffield and they kindly provided us with some rather beautiful macaroons. The macaroons were all flavoured to match some of the Lush products too!To wash the macaroons down M&S also provided Becki with some delicious aromatic mulled wine to warm up for us all... this is now on my list of things to pick up on xmas eve! So onto the products....
If you haven't checked out the xmas gifts Lush have on offer this year you should... they are, I think, the best so far.  Some of my favourite gifts are ButterBear,Sleeps 'til Christmas, It's Christmas Deer, Zing and Zest and12 Days Of Christmas. However, the gift that caught my eye at the event had to be Wow Christmas Gift Box. It contains 36 items totalling up to approx £175 but you get them all for £155! This for me, would be ideal for a family of Lush lovers. You could buy the big box then split it out between everyone, even 36 people if you like!! Or if you are being very generous you could make someones xmas Lush dreams and give it to them all as one gift... oh could you imagine the baths for months to come!?
After having a look round the products at the front of the store I then headed over to the skincare station. The Lush lady had a chat with me about skincare and then she suggested some specific products that she thought would compliment my skin type and needs.  During the winter months, like many I'm sure, my skin is in desperate need for some intense hydration so I was recommended  Gorgeous and Skins Shangri La. I haven't used either of these products before, have you? On testing the products quickly in store I thought that Gorgeous was the one for me!

We were also shown 2 facial cleansers the skincare lady was loving; Bûche De Noël, and Angels on Bare Skin- have you tried these? I already have a pretty good skincare routine but was tempted by these.. let me know what you think of them and I might be tempted! Im already being drawn in by the Bûche De Noël as it sounds like xmas in a pot!

We then moved along the counter to the face mask creation station the ladies had set up for us- I always love being able to get hands on at Lush events as it shows how little actually goes into their natural products. 

We put our mixing skills into making a batch of Catastrophe Cosmetic- this calming and moisturising fresh face mask is packed with blueberries,calamine,chamomile,rose and almond oil.
Look how thick the face mask is! The blueberries contain vitamin A,C and E which is said to help protect your skin from damage whilst calming any problem areas. I've used this mask before, we made it during TheCityGirls Launch event and I couldn't get enough of the stuff. I'm so glad that I got to take my little pot of mask home to add to my growing Lush collection! 
It wouldn't be a Lush christmas event without Snow Fairy would it?!  You can now purchase 1kg bottles of the beautifully sweet shower gel for £21.50. Maybe I'm really slow on this but you can now buy a Snow Fairy perfume.. I need this in my life.. right now!
Lush, as usual, got this Star Dust bath bomb spot on.. pop this star into your bath to create a pretty dip infused with rosewood,lemon and vanilla. Inside this starry treat are some extra little surprises for you to discover at bath time!
I've never tried the colourful bath bomb at the centre of this photo, The Experimenter. Have you? After watching the video on the Lush site its going on my list to pick up next time I'm in town.. the colours are mesmerising!
Next up are the shower jellies, again I haven't tried these but they smelt delicious. Actually good enough to eat although Lush wouldn't recommend it! Santa's Belly shower jelly smells really fruity as its made of apple juice, grape juice, bergamot oil and star anise infusion. 

Snowman shower jelly is so cute! It does look a little like panacotta but thats fine with me! This jelly is infused with Buchu oil, carrot,Sicilian lemon and Bergamot oil to leave your skin feeling soft and smelling fruity throughout the day. 
Another of the Lush making stations gave us the chance to have a go at creating our own little vanilla scented ButterBear bath bomb! I feel like a bad Lush lover here but I've never actually tried this one so I'm excited to pop it out of the bear shaped container and into my bath at the weekend. 
This little sparkly pyramid is the Karma bubble bar. All you do with this is crumble a generous amount under the running water and watch your bath turn into a purple pool of magic!
This my lovely friends is xmas on a stick- orange,cinnamon, star anise and almond make up The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bath wand. I like the added bell on this one! I've bought a few of these as gifts for people and Im planning on buying one for myself next time I pop in as they smell delicious. Would it be weird to pop it in a pot in the living room?!
Need to just take a minute here to point you all in the direction of Reindeer Rock. I bloody love this soap; lingonberries, blackcurrant and bergamot oil give this purple soap a beautiful scent that lingers on your skin throughout the day. Whenever I use this I can't stop sniffing myself!
Last but by no means least I want to point out these hair treatment oils. They are Tangled, Damaged and Kinky. Okay, so at the moment these don't look much like hair oil but once you've swirled them through some warm water they turn into a paste that you then apply to your hair, leave for around 20 minutes then shampoo out. I am yet to use mine but like the idea of it.. so keep a look out for a review coming soon!
At the end of the event, Becki provided us with a huge goody bag full of bits to try out, ranging from a massage bar to one of the Golden Wonder bath bombs. All I now need to do is find time to run myself a bath, pour myself a gin and bathe in all the shimmery,delicious treats!

Whats your fave Lush xmas product?
Have you tried any of the products featured in my post?

You can follow Lush Sheffield on Instagram here and also on Twitter here



  1. You should definitely give Angels On Bare Skin a go holly! It's my favourite cleanser ever, literally couldn't be without it! x

  2. I tried Snow Fairy for the first time this week, and I am in love! I also have a pot of Santas Belly o nthe go, which is gorgeous for shower time! Excellent post, I love reading all about peoples events :)

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