Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

 I was introduced to The Bodyshop's Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet back when I attended a Bodyshop event back in June. I volunteered to have all my makeup taken off and try out some skincare products and this sorbet really caught my attention. At the end of the event I treated myself to a pot to test out and just want to tell you how I got on with it...
I have been using this pretty much every morning since the event and absolutely love it! You only need a tiny blob on your finger to cover your whole face and OH it feels good. Somehow, however warm the weather was (mainly whilst in Barcelona!) the sorbet felt chilled and really refreshing.Just to prove I finished the whole thing........
I found when I applied this before my foundation it very quickly settled into my skin leaving a perfect base for my makeup.I'll admit it...its not too often that I actually finish a whole product. Bad right? I tend to like to swap and change often so to actually finish something for once felt like money well spent.

I found that the sorbet helped to moisturise my dry patches really well..mainly I suffer from dry skin between my eyebrows and when using this it completely disappeared! When I got to about halfway through the tub I started using it as part of my nighttime routine too. Once I'd removed all my makeup and chucked my hair up into a bun I'd slather this over my face and get into bed. Ohh it felt good. 

This is for sure going to re-purchased when I go to The Bodyshop xmas event later this month!

Have you tried this sorbet out?
Whats your fave Bodyshop product? 


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  1. I'm currently on the market for a new moisturiser and this one sounds pretty interesting, might have to invest. thanks for the review!



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