My November RetroPacks

I've decided to start a monthly blog post series featuring my Retropacks delivery!

Hopefully you will have seen Retropacks on my blog before, if you haven't, let me explain! Retropacks is a monthly subscription service for your Instagram photos. Each month you can either choose which photos you'd like to receive or you can get a surprise and see which ones are randomly selected for you. 
*****Big news announced today from the Retropacks Team- the print numbers have gone up from 3 per month to 6 per month for a great value price of £4.99 per month. You even get the first month for free!*****
 So, here are my three prints I picked- the quality of the prints, as usual, is very impressive; with vibrant colours and a glossy finish they are perfect for framing or creating a photo wall!
My first print is a photo of me and the boyfriend. Back at the beginning of October, we went on a mini getaway in Derbyshire for his birthday.  We decided to pose for this picture outside the cottage on the Sunday morning before making our way back to Sheffield.This photo is my ultimate fave of the two of us! I love the colours, the positioning of the shot and that we are looking at each other lovingly... AWW!
This print of the palm trees and blue sky is from our trip to Barcelona earlier in the year. I love this shot as it reminds me of the warm weather we had whilst visiting a lovely little town called Sitges. I've got this propped up in my lounge on a shelf so that each time I catch a glimpse of it it brings back that feeling of warmth, in comparison to the chilly weather we have here now!
This print is of the boyfriend and his two nieces. We don't see the girls as much as we'd like to, so we decided that we'd take them to the park on a Sunday afternoon to do some fun stuff, like skateboarding,eating ice-cream and playing on the swings! My boyfriend is a near enough retired skateboarder (he's too old to be chucking himself off things these days!) so he enjoys encouraging the girls to follow in his footsteps and get on a board! The eldest niece is rather good, even though she's only been practicing for a few months, and a lot more daring than I am!

Its so nice to have print outs of my Instagram photos each month;it reminds me of the nice things we've done, delicious things we've cooked and places we've visited. On delivery day it always brings a smile to my face and I can't wait to get my December prints!

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Have you tried Retropacks yet?
What do you think of the concept?



  1. I absolutely love the photo of you and the Mr! Such a lovely shot! xx

  2. I love my retro packs and I was featured last month!


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