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A couple of weekends ago I was invited down to spend the morning at the Nest HQ here in Sheffield. I'd heard of Nest and seen their showroom from outside but never actually popped in to see what they had on offer.  The lovely ladies at MK Things Happen PR here in Sheffield organised for us to go in on a Saturday morning to spend a few hours eating brunch,finding out more about their products and generally just to raise awareness of the lovely brand.
Before I guide you through some of my fave bits from Nest lets just stop and appreciate the most Pinterest like breakfast I've ever been eaten! We were treated to some delicious mid morning snacks from Marmadukes Cafe Deli based here in Sheffield. We had cheesecake, THE most amazing red velvet nutella cake (similar recipe can be found here) and fruit and yogurt. All of the foody bits were, of course, served to us on crockery and cake stands available on the Nest website!

 I must say actually, it was really lovely to have an opportunity to talk to the other bloggers and the hosts before moving onto the main event; it made it a lot more relaxed throughout. So... onto the main attraction! The Nest ladies started by talking us through some of the pieces they thought we might lust over...

Swedese Lamino Easy Chair- this beaut looking piece is a great seller on the Nest website- the Nest team talked us through how it appeals to a wide range of people; from those who are looking for a comfy supportive chair for their lounge to ladies who are looking for a timeless practical chair for feeding in their nurseries. I sat in the chair and it supported the my back perfectly whilst still being comfortable.  
Treku Aura S5 Sideboard- I love this sideboard, the colour, size and depth of it is perfect for my petite house! I like the simplicity of it but also that it has a space for you to display your nic-naks and add a bit of a personal touch to suit your space. 
Vitra Grand Repos Lounge Chair- this, for me, is the most memorable furniture piece from the blogger event. I love the shape of the chair with its supportive sides to rest your head on. I can imagine sitting in it to read a book on a winters afternoon with my feet up on the footstool whilst sipping on a G&T! 
Vitra Eames Lounge Chair and Stool- ultimate man den chair eh?! This pair come in a number of different colours too! 

Although I absolutely love the furniture at the Nest store and online I was aware during the event that my budget probably won't ever stretch to be able to afford any of the beautiful pieces. I 100% believe that the furniture at Nest is top quality and will make any space look amazingly put together but I must keep things realisitic for my readers and myself so here are some of the more affordable home accessory pieces that caught my eye.....
Hay Dot Cushion £69- Im really into grey accessories at the moment so this piece caught my eye straight away. I think it goes really well with the bright pop of colour from the Muuto basket
Wrong for Hay Printed Cushion £35- I've actually just put this on my online wishlist, I'm expecting my new sofa to arrive in a few weeks (unfortunately not one from Nest, but lovely anyway!)and think the bright colours would really compliment the grey sofa!
Ohhh Im such a sucker for bedding! This rail caught my attention straight away and yes... one of the duvet covers is now on my wishlist! The Hay Minimal Collection Syrup to be precise- I think £50 is a good price for what felt like such good quality bedding. I hope this is something that I receive either for my birthday or xmas- how times have changed ehh, didn't ever think I'd be putting bedding on those lists!

Wrong for Hay Printed Cushion Cells £49-again a bright cushion to add some colour to a neutral sofa. Even if you haven't got a new sofa you can spruce it up by adding new cushions!
I can't find the brown cushion on the website but you can browse the collection here yourself. 
Along with a new sofa we want to get some nice snuggly blankets and I like the idea of having a basket to pop them in whilst we aren't using them. This Menu wire bin is beaut and if you are a fan of copper accessories just take a minute to lust over this lot.

These Hay trays are a great idea.. they are all sold separately so you can mix and match the colours and sizes for all types of uses... maybe for a centre piece on the xmas table or some of the smaller ones for your dressing table to keep your pretty perfume bottles or rings in. 
Right at the front of the shop was a rather eye-catching display of some Tom Dixon pieces. You can check out the whole range here on the Nest website.
My fave piece from the collection has to be this candle trio £75. Although I probably wouldn't want to run them as they look so gorgeous and perfect for Pinterest.
OHH how divine are these Lee Broom On The Rock wine glasses?! Although they are £95 each I think they could be a treat to pop onto a wedding present list.

Nest have some amazing lighting in their showroom and, if your anything like me, I prefer to see lighting in person so to see so many lighting pieces was great. You can check out the whole collection here.
I adore these ibride trays. These beautiful trays are all heat resistant and come with a handy attachment to use if you want to have them on the wall as decoration. Of course you can use them as a normal tray but I think they are way to fancy and interesting to have tucked away in a cupboard!My favourite is the Pia The Writer Tray

As you can probably tell, I am SO into Nest, I think the experience of going into their showroom really helped me connect with their thinking of contemporary,interesting and modern homeware. My ideal home decor is a mixture of both old antique pieces mixed in with some good quality new pieces. 
I'd like to thank Nest for inviting me to their event and I hope to see some of their items under xmas tree this year!

Have you ever visited the Nest website?
Which piece from this post do you like this most?



  1. Lovely post, I love the plates, iBride trays and the candles. Oh and the gorgeous looking red velvet cake.

  2. So many beautiful items, but I see what you mean about them being pricey! Bit out of my budget (until I'm a millionaire...!!) ;) Alice xx

  3. Good collection


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