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Who loves a good chocolate brownie? Me,me me!! So when Boxed Brownies offered to send me some of their sweet treats I jumped at the chance. Hopefully after food perving over my pictures you'll be clicking on their site to sample some too!l
Boxed Brownies is based here in Sheffield, their concept is fab; you can order a box of their made with love brownies to be delivered straight to your door. You don't even have to get off your butt (well only to accept the parcel from the postman!) and you've got the chocolatey centre piece for an afternoon tea!

Boxed Brownies is the wonderful creation of Clive and Hayley-they make all the brownies by hand using organic eggs from their own chickens!
Boxed Brownies send their treats out to you in a box- really says it in the name eh! The packaging keeps all the brownies securely in one piece and more importantly they seemed to be really fresh. You can select the colour of your box too when you place your order. They handily do free shipping anywhere in the UK and at the moment you can use promo code CHOCWEEK for 20% off (just a heads up though, it runs out today!!)
Ohhh how cute are the chicken's names- Tilly,Rocky Rhode, Jessica Hennis and Cabbage!
The brownies come as a box of six, I had a variety of flavours to try out-
1x Lemon Curd
1x 70% Dark Chocolate 
1x Maple Syrup and Pecan
1x White Chocolate and Raspberry
2x Gin and Juniper
Ohhh look at those beauties! The brownies were a really lovely thick consistency and just the right amount of chewiness throughout all of the flavours. 
When browsing the menu of chocolate heaven I originally thought gin and juniper would be my fave. For those of you who don't know me in person, my ultimate fave drink has recently become a gin and tonic. I never thought it would be something I'd go for, but since being introduced to Gin Mare in Spain I haven't been able to think about drinking anything else! However... the juniper in the brownie was a bit too strong of a flavour for me- maybe its something I could learn to like though.. a very talented barman friend of mine has started to make me gin and tonic's with juniper berries in so maybe one day!
My fave was the pecan and maple brownie! A lovely rich maple flavour with a nice crunch of the pecans dotted throughout. The brownies are pretty substantial so I decided to cut them in half so that when my mum and dad came round we could all sample a smaller bit of each without over stuffing ourselves!

You can order a box of six brownies for £15 from the Boxed Brownies website here. You can opt for a box of the same flavour or contact them for a mixed box- I'd go for the mixed box so you can find your fave! They can also provide a gluten-free option. 

As well as the flavours I was sent they also have some yummy new ones to try; Amaretto and rosemary, blackberry and white chocolate and the one I fancy most, salted caramel and cashew.

Boxed Brownies also let me in on a secret- their November special is going to be Toasted Marshmallow and Bonfire Toffee- ohhhhh I know what i'll be ordering for a bonfire night treat!

Have you ordered from Boxed Brownies before?

Check out their Twitter here for updates on promotions and new flavours
Check out their Instagram here for photos to drool over

If you are in Sheffield you can visit Boxed Brownies every Monday at the Union Street Pop-up cafe or catch them at the Netheredge farmers market on 6th December. 

Leave a comment below to tell me what your fave flavour brownie would be- you never know, they might take you up on the idea! I'd quite like to have a christmas themed chocolate brownie with cranberries and orange.


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  1. Well this is the scrummiest delivery I've ever seen! 😃

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