#TheCityGirls Leeds Goody Bag

Hello lovelies!

Just wanted to share a quick (ish) post about the contents of our #TheCityGirls goody bag we provided all our bloggers with at the Leeds event.

I'm going to be writing individual posts on the items throughout the next month or so so I won't go into too much depth here but the brands who contributed to the event deserve as many mentions as possible. I also think its really important for me to post about the items as we expect all our bloggers to do the same after the event.. lead by example and all that eh!

We worked by butts off getting these items together for the recent event... Lorna and I have come to a mutual decision that I'm mainly going to be sourcing bits for our bags going forward..  Miss Evans is back to uni in September and the job of contacting brands is such a huge task that can't be done alongside getting her head down to study. Also  because I am the cheeky one and don't mind calling/emailing/tweeting/kissing some ass to get top quality products to provide to the bloggers.

This time Awesome Merchandise provided us with some top quality tote bags- we absolutely love the print quality of these bags. I was so excited when these arrived at my house.. they look so professional and definately up a notch from last totes we provided at the Sheffield event. 

Again, our bags were stuffed full of items.. we like to make sure we have a good variety of beauty,skincare,lifestyle and foodie items in each so we can't help but fill them to the brim. One of the things we are going to take from this event going forward is to suggest to bloggers that they bring a large handbag or an extra tote to pop little bits in that they pick up during the day. We don't give the goody bags out until the end of the event and we found that people were struggling to carry all their treats they picked up from tables around the venue! Ohhhh what a hard life we live eh?!

So... on to the beauty bits we provided...
Each blogger received a 7th Heaven sachet (£1)- either a foot lotions,face mask or hair mask. I, being a bag packer, got to choose my fave and went for this pulped papaya hair mask. I haven't tried it yet but will report back when I do! 
Angelica Nail Colour (£2.75)- Pillabox Red of course! I loved that they popped a sticker on the bottom of each bottle with both ours and their hashtag on- yes I'm a social media geek okay! A few days before the event I had a Shellac manicure so I haven't used this yet.. but when I do (and if i can somehow paint my nails to an acceptable standard for the world to see) ill blog about it! I'd love to try their varnishes in Pashmina and Mango  next.
Next up is Balmi lip balm (£4.99)- how bloody cute is the packaging?! We were sent a whole box full of the Raspberry Balmi to gift to the bloggers. I've started using mine and love it. I'd also like to try the Blackcurrant one!
GOSH provided us with a range of eyeliners, lipliners and lip shines to gift to the bloggers- I chose this cute pink lip shine. I can't find a link online for it though...hmm!
Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave in Treatment (£10.99 for full size)- I love trying out new hair products so will let you know what I think of this one after i've used it. I like that its a leave in conditioner as I find my hair needs that extra little bit of care due to all the blowdrying and straightening I am doing at the moment!
Manuka Doctor- OHHH i'm such a fan of this brand- I love these sample packs. We had these at our last event and the Api Clear Skin Treatment Serum is my fave of the sample packs... I must must buy a full size one of these soon. 
This Benefit The Porefessional Blotting Stick sample was one of the goodies I picked up on the day from the lovely Mel- I love the packaging on this and I've used it a few times since the event and it does really work! I plan to do a post on this soon. 
The BodyShop ladies also gave us a few samples to add to our haul on the day-
Cant Sleep Colouring book  (£9.99)by Michael O'Mara Books-not a huge picture here but I don't want to ruin the surprise for when I do my whole post dedicated to this book.. its dreamy. 
DermaV10 provided us with some fab blogger boxes to gift to all the ladies- each contained 3 or 4 products to try out. I went for the beeswax hand cream, rescue oil,Q10 day cream and the body butter. So far I've tried out the cocoa body butter and OHHHH its amazing- its probably the best smelling body butter i've tried.  What makes it even better is that all these products are £1- yes a quid. I've checked and they seem to be free of cheap nasties you may expect from low price products and none of their products are animal testing. 
Next up we have a lipgloss from Dusty Girls- I chose the Pacific Ocean Shimmer (£9) version of this. I love the packaging of this I like that the gloss has a slight shimmer. It doesnt appear to be sticky which is always a bonus for me. I'll do a post on this soon (phew I've got a lot of posts to be keeping me busy for the next few weeks eh?!)
Next onto some foodie bits-  we cant have a blogger event in Yorkshire without some Yorkshire tea! I am a complete convert... Yorkshire Tea is my ultimate fave brand to have when I fancy a milky cuppa. Sometimes I prefer tea without milk and go for other brands but with milk this amazing.
Urban Fruit provided us with some grab bags of their baked fruit pieces- I went for strawberry. These are an amazing snack to keep your hunger at bay during those long afternoons at work. I've had a few of these little bags already and love them- going to be a snack I put on our shopping list!
Popchips- I'll be honest... these arent my fave crisps BUT everyone else seemed to love them! Maybe it was the BBQ flavour that I didnt like.. I'm more a fan of just lightly salted so I'll make sure to try them out.
Oloves- Ohhhh these are delicious. I decided to contact Oloves because I've recieved a pack in my Flavourly box a while back and loved them. I love that the portion size is just right.. enough for an afternoon snack, I love the variety in flavours and also that they are pretty healthy.
Okay, well this one wasnt in my goody bag but I thought I should include it- Nails By Ivy came along to our event to treat the ladies to some nail art. I had already had my Shellac so for me she just added these chevrons. I really like her business cards too.. how cute are they?!
Oates and Co provided us with items to give out on the day to the bloggers. The lovely lady from the company spent time wrapping each of the items individually and writing a little note on the back of these leaflets inviting our bloggers to contact her about collab opportunities. I've already seen a couple of the bloggers running giveaways on their blogs of the Oates and Co products. Its great to see how our events are bringing together brands and bloggers to spread the word about their products. Oates and Co have kindly sent me a product to feature on my blog so keep an eye out for it coming soon!

Plewsy provided us with the cutest greeting cards to give to the bloggers along with a postcard covered in little bears! Again, I've been lucky and received a couple of extra bits from Plewsy to review so I'll talk about them more in a separate blog post. (How busy is my blog schedule at the moment!?)
Next up is Surgu..
I know a lot of the bloggers who attended the event hadn't heard of this magical stuff before so the guys over at Sugru HQ sent us over a handy sheet explaining what you can use Sugru for. I'm going to post about this individually as I personally think its an ace product to receive.. something that you probably wouldn't think to buy yourself but something that is really handy!
Next up is this cute ass doggy birthday card (£2.99) from Scribbler... we had a whole box of these to give away in our goody bags. Scribbler also provided us with a voucher code for money off their site.. go check out the other bits they have here. They do all sort of cards, some on the rather rude side but those are the best!
These beauties are so far my most used item from the goody bag. If you haven't already got a Tangle Angel you need to try one (large size £14.95, mini size £3.95). I've been using the large black one when trying my hair... its really light,easy to manoeuvre and also doesn't seem to get hot like some of my other brushes. The only thing I would point out is the length of the handle- just could do with being a little longer to make drying your mane more manageable. Although I've just been looking on their site and the Tangle Angel Xtreme seems to be just a tad longer... one to add to the growing shopping list then! I keep the mini version in my handbag for use throughout the day- its just the right size and still delivers on the ultimate detangling promise. 
The Works provided us with these little wooden draws- I'm going to decoupage mine in the next few weeks to then add to my dressing table area to store my day to day makeup. I like that we included this item in some of the goody bags, its something a bit different and I'm looking forward to seeing what the other girlies do with them to make them their own style. 
 We also provided some packs of Together Health Vitamins (£14.99) for our bloggers to try out. I went for the Vitamin C pouch. I haven't started taking these yet but like the idea of getting more goodness into my body. I don't eat enough fruit so I'm probably in need of some vitamin C at the moment!

Wilkinson Sword provided us with some of these rather fancy looking razors. I've used the razor this week and it seems to do the job rather well... I like the papaya strip that provides moisture to aid a smoother shave! 

Love getting Batiste in our goody bags... as a full/side fringe girl this stuff is a necessity on a day to day basis! I like the scent,packaging and the effectiveness of this dry shampoo. I've got into a bit of a routine with this now, i spray my fringe lightly before doing my makeup and leave it in whilst applying my face for the day. It seems to be a lot more effective if you leave it for a few mins and then brush out. Ella also recommends spraying in on your mid lengths to add more volume!

MooGoo provided us with these full size Full Cream Moisturisers (£9.99) for each blogger. This lovely moisturiser is packed full of sweet almond oil,raw coconut oil and all natural. I've used this a few times but i've got a pile of other products to get through first before I fully try this out and review!
Kendelle came along to the event in Leeds to showcase their items to our bloggers.. they also provided us with these cute bags which contained a keyring and a money off voucher for their website.

We had some additional flyers to pop in the goody bags too from Oloves, Beau XOXO, Scribbler  MooGoo , DustyGirls and Beauty Crowd.  We ensure that any of the flyers we put in the goody bags are relevant to the audience.. some of the brands, for example, Beau XOXO are a smaller business and weren't in the position to provide 35 items for us all so we wanted to spread the love for them about a little even though they could only contribute to the raffle. 

Lastly we were kindly given these Bubbleology chips to trade in for a beaut bubble tea! I have yet to redeem mine as I need to nip up to the Meadowhall branch sometime but I'm guessing from all the love i've seen on twitter from our bloggers that bubbleology hit the spot with their teas!

So, all in all I think we provided a pretty tip top goody bag to the bloggers, I'm really happy with the mix of brands we had involved!

What do you think of the items we provided?
Is there anything you'd like to see in future #TheCityGirls goody bags?
Do you know of a brand that would like to be involved in the future?


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