Prerto Luxury Jewellery

I am known amongst my family as a jewellery hoarder- I have about 4 huge boxes of vintage costume jewellery around the house, I can't get enough of it! Not only do I love the vintage pieces, I love finding a range of new jewellery that has a story behind it and something I can relate to.

About 2 years ago I visited India for 9 weeks on a business trip; whilst out there I got to do lots of sightseeing and of course, shopping. Most weekends we took trips to the local shopping areas and malls; I was so drawn into the colourful and vibrant jewellery shops on pretty much every corner!

What struck me about the jewellery I saw was the intricate designs and vibrant colours they used to make statement pieces for women of all ages to wear. So, when I was contacted by Prerto, an Indian jewellery company based in Mumbai, I jumped at the chance to see some of the pieces they have on offer. After having a browse through their website I selected 2 pieces that I thought would be great to wear with some of the nice outfits I've picked up for my trip to Barcelona next week. 

Prerto is a luxurious brand and their packaging totally screams this the minute you open the little yellow box. I love that you can then use the box and these little drawstring bags to keep your jewels sparkling and organised when you aren't wearing them.

Prerto gave me the opportunity to put some questions to their head designer, Prerna, so make sure you check out her responses to my questions later on in this post.

This first piece is the beautiful Mermaid Tears necklace- 18k gold plated made with Swarovski elements and high quality beads.

 I have the perfect outfit to wear this with on holiday next week so will be posting some photos on my Instagram soon! For an evening outfit I'm going to team it with my new River Island Culottes, a V neck white cami and some amazing block heeled sandals I picked up this week. 
I love the combination of colours this piece has- look at the sparkle on it!
This piece is  RS.9,000 which is approx £88. The detailing on this piece is amazing;I love the contrast between the pink and gold. Pink isn't usually a colour I go for but this isn't too over the top and works really well with the gold detailing. 
The chain is also a mixture of gold and silver to add some more colour detail. 

The second item Prerto kindly gifted me are these beautiful statement earrings.
These are the Rhizaria earrings, again, 18k plated gold with Swarovski elements and high quality Baroque pearls. These beauties are going to be so amazing to wear out for a meal whilst I'm away on holiday, I'm thinking I might team them with some high waisted denim shorts I've picked up recently and a crips white shirt I love to wear regularly. I think I'll wear a minimal makeup when I've got these on, probably a nice beige nude lipstick I have and some eyeliner!

Although I have tons of jewellery I must admit I'm so bad for actually wearing it, I tend to just admire it all in the boxes and think "Oh when I have a special event I'll try it out" but this time.. I'm going all out, i'm going to be posting some pics of me wearing these on Instagram for sure!

These earrings are Rs. 7,500 so approx £73.

So on to the questions I put to Prerna. Sometimes when I see these types of things on other blogs I skip the questions but Prerna has put so much thought into her responses I think its so worth the read!

Tell me about yourself, including how you got to where you are now in jewellery design.
Prerto is an amalgamation of my education over the years, and an extension of my personality. 
I have always loved accessories - be it jewellery, handbags or shoes. Accessories truly tell your personality. Women get emotionally attached to jewellery - its a great way to own your look. 
So after high school, I studied Computer Science, Economics and Fashion. I think somewhere along the way, the idea of PRERTO just surfaced, and things just fell into place.
Since I lack a formal education in jewellery designing - I have a very hands-on approach which is why someone of the pieces can feel like sculptures at times! I lay out materials until I come up with something extremely cool, and then work off the design and create a collection using it as a template. My personal style is a mix between classy- sophisticated and edgy - therefore the PRERTO designs are really eclectic and can be worn by a varied group of people. We aim to create pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits/different styles.
Pic from
 As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?
A lot of places. Vintage, all things Indian, my travels, different cultures and street styles, old pictures and movies.. 

What kind of person wears your pieces?
Since my personal dressing style is a fusion of sophisticated yet edgy - PRERTO aesthetic strives to infuse a fix of both. PRERTO jewellery can be worn by a range of personalities. The idea is that each person can interpret the jewellery how they like - and wear it in their unique way. Two people can never have the same style - similarly, the way two people carry off the same accessory is very different. I try to ensure that there's no kind of outfit, from each collection, that our jewellery can't go with. I love bold and effortless, mixing and matching, so that's definitely the underlying theme of the collections. 

If you had to choose 2 pieces to wear to a glitzy evening event what would they be? Also, tell me about your outfit!
Honestly my dressing totally depends on my mood on that day. So If I was going more classic, and I had to select two pieces from our collection to wear for a glitzy evening - I would probably choose our chandelier earrings or our gold fish earrings, and a statement ring such as the sea anchor ring. I would pair this with my strapless blush pink gown from Alexander McQueen. (Clearly, I have been dreaming of this look for a while - and just looking for a perfect occasion to execute it!) And incase I was feeling slightly more edgy I would possibly go with our seven seas necklace, a statement in itself, and no other accessory - perhaps a simple Crystal Princess Ring, with a black low back dress! 

Which piece is your all time favourite from your collection- what made it stand out to you?
I have a few favourites this season - and definitely two that stand out are our Centaur earrings and our Lamina Pendant. I love them for their simplicity and wearability. They are truly effortless glam! The last few months have been extremely on the go for me - so these two add so much character to even the most basic of outfits. If I had to only carry two accessories anywhere, these would be it. And maybe the seven seas necklace for a style statement! 

 Which Instagram photo of your pieces (from your buyers) is your fave?
I don’t have a specific favourite Instagram picture that our buyer has posted! I love all! I love that some girls love sharing pictures of the box, while others send these beautiful selfies and pictures of them in our products! Many times I think to myself - I would have never thought of wearing the product with this outfit, its so inspiring! 
However - some definitely do make my day. Once, one customer posted in her caption that receiving the jewellery brightened the horrible week that she was having, and it was the best thing that’s happened to her all week. Knowing that we - in our small way, made someone else’s day, really makes me happy! So it was definitely among my favourite moments more than pictures! 

Whats next for Prerto? 

I think that fashion jewellery should be expressive and and play to your moods and lifestyle - it has to be eclectic and that's what I aim to achieve with every collection. Our jewellery is made for all kinds of women - its dependent more on how you wear our jewellery. Therefore, reaching other countries and markets is definitely something that I am putting my efforts into. Also - we are focusing on being known as the go to accessory brand in India, and hopefully soon the same in many other countries.

Its so nice that Prerna put so much thought into all of her answers to my questions, I love that she thought about the outfits she'd team some of the pieces with. Its so lovely to see that a company have taken the time to think about styling and how a piece of jewellery can make a customer feel and that they share so many of their customers photos on their Instagram and Twitter.

Check out Prerto's pieces on their website and let me know what you think of the pieces I was gifted!



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