Lustings for colourful shoes

Who wears their fave pair of shoes until they have holes in? ME!
Who finds one type of shoe and only sticks to that style? ME!
Who only thinks they can wear black shoes on a day to day basis? ME!

I'm so awful when it comes to footwear, for the past 2/3 years my go-to shoes have been black chelsea boots. They are comfy, easy to match with any outfit and safe. I always look at other peoples blogs/youtube vids/instagram photos and lust over their shoes.. then have a browse online but never manage to click the 'buy' button.

Doing my 'Fashion from further afield' post last week got me thinking that the time has come to invest in shoesies, something that adds a bit of colour to my day to day outfits and most importantly are comfy! 

I thought I'd keep things a bit familiar and include some of the shoes i'd probably choose if I was playing it safe- then find some colourful alternatives that I would like to think I'd go for. 

College Style Moccasins €125- I bet these are so comfy and obviously these are my safe option! I like the gold detailing on them.
Metallic Silver Moccasins €125- I think I'd feel rather odd in these at first as they are so opposite from what I'd usually wear but I love seeing other girls rockin the metallic look so why shouldn't i?!

1.Byrant Boots €138- heeled leather chelsea boots in tan- not my usual colour but I think with my light denim.
2. Dorothy Perkins Black Leather Chelsea Boots £45- My usual go-to boot!
3.Hand distressed Leather Chelsea Boots €260- Still the same style but with a pop of colour, I like the contrast between the sole and the boot.

Sandals for my holiday

1.Suede thong sandel with jewels and gold finish €165- Love the jewels on these.. as you may know by now i'm not a sparkle kind of girl but I love the vintage feel to these sandals.
2. Elastic Footbed sandals £30- Obviously these are my safe go to sandals as they would easily be matched with my outfits but they don't fill my colourful needs for a holiday sandal!

Flat pumps
1-Rose Gold Leather Pumps €130 Love these pumps- they add colour without being too bright.
2-Black Suedette loafers £20 These are what I'd normally go for the in comparison to the other pairs they look so boring don't they?!
3. Soft Patent Leather Pumps €165- I like the shape of these pumps and that they have a mini heel on them to add a bit of structure.

I've had a good browse through  the Fabi Boutique website  to find these alternatives- again, like my previous fashion post, I am trying to get out of the habit of just purchasing items from UK stores.Can you recommend any overseas websites to me?

Check out Fabi's range of shoes by visiting their website here.

*All opinions are my own but this is a sponsored post


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