CandyHero-Candy review and giveaway!

Hello hello! 

Earlier this month I was contacted by CandyHero-  a UK based company who stock both UK and imported sweet treats. When they offered to send me out a box of goodies of course I wasn't going to say no.. after my Bakerdays cake I seem to have a bit of a sweet tooth going on. 

Through their handy website you can narrow down your sweetie search by country,brand,flavour, colour, theme- this helped me pick out some of the pieces to try and as there are a few American sweet shops about these days, it was nice to be able to aim my search at other countries I am less likely to have tried items from.
So.. heres a run down of the bits I got sent and what I thought of them all- make sure you make it to the end of the post as CandyHero have been kind enough to provide me with a goodie bag giveaway for one lucky winner!
Pineapple Lumps (£3.50 for 140G) this was the only item I specifically asked to try- I wanted a surprise so let Candy Hero choose all of the other items.  I went for these ones as I thought they sound really fruity and I'm a fan of pineapple flavoured stuff! 
These did not disappoint! They are quite chewy and very pineappley of course! I really like these and would probably order again- the texture of the chewy centre works well with the chocolate coating.

Okay, so my intro to the site also should have mentioned that not only do Candy Hero stock sweeties from all over the world, they also cater for those who like to sample the savoury snacks too! In my goodie bag they included a pack of GoldFish Baked Snack Crackers  (£1.10  for 64g)

  These fishy shaped treats are from the USA and rather delicious. There is one thing about  these that confuses me though- the shape and branding, cheese flavoured fish?! That aside, they are VERY moreish. I like the saltiness of the snacks and they are ultra cheesy- imagine mini cheddars x 10! 

I mentioned to Candy Hero that although I really dislike cinnamon flavoured sweets the Mr loves them. They popped in some treats for him to try out-

Big Red Cinnamon Chewing Gum (70p for 5 sticks)

 I haven't tried these but the Mr has provided feedback that they are nice and cinnamon spicy, long lasting and the Hot Tamales are noticeable different in the hot,hotter,hottest. 

Now and Later (45p for 6 pieces)Mmmm these are delicious- blue raspberry chews. They are pretty neon blue and full of flavour. I really like these and I'm going to be ordering some more! They also come in a number of different flavours-grape, pineapple,banana, tropical lemonade, tropical punch, cherry and tons more variations!

Hershey's Krackel (£1.20) I'll be honest here, I'm not a huge fan of Hershey's Kisses but Krackel is AMAZING! I love the texture of the choc along with the crunch of the crisped rice. 

Jolly Joes Mike and Ike Chewy Grape Candies  (£1.20 for 51g) these are my fave item from CandyHero! They are chewy with a lovely punch of grape flavour. Not a sweet I'd automatically go for but they are very addictive indeed! Mike and Ike's come in a number of different flavours too on the  CandyHero website. 

Gilco Chocolate Caplico Mini (99p)- This is a treat all the way from Japan. It consists of a wafer cone filled with chocolate mousse all the way through the centre. This little cone smells amazing, so ice-cream like! I've just googled Caplico and there are some rather amazing videos of people decorating them with all sorts of crazy things, heres one to watch! I love this sweet cone treat, again, this is something I am going to put onto my order! They also do this is strawberry but I'm more of a chocolate fan.

Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy (£1.20 for 50 pieces) ooh these are sour. It makes my mouth water and face feel funny just thinking about their sourness! I was a bit scared to try these but once you go for it the extreme sourness only lasts a few seconds and they then are really flavourful little pips! The Mr made the huge mistake of eating about 10 in a row.. it does mention on the box that eating too many can cause irritation. He was complaining of a sore tongue for the rest of the evening!Is it wrong to want to sneakily give these to people without providing a warning of the face clenching sour hit?! Check out the other bits from the Warheads range here.

Plopp (35p each)- This strange named treat is from Sweden. Aside from its rather unappealing name this little bar of soft caramel filled chocolate is rather nice. Kind of like a Galaxy bar but sweeter! I really rate this one, very smooth and sweet!

Bit O Honey- (20p per chew) This yummy little American sweet contains almond and honey- very much able to taste the honey in this one! I like it!

 Gummi Mini Burger (30p each) These so remind me of the Pick and Mix you used to be able to get in Woolworths as a kid. I gave this one to the Mr to try out- he reported back saying that it was yummy, full of fruity flavour and better than the well known gummy sweets with that annoying theme tune on the advert!

Reeses Sticks (£1.20 per pack) I love Reese's pieces so was intrigued to try these kitkat style wafers. I  love peanut butter so these were very satisfying. A nice crunch to them and a good slathering of peanut butter. I bet these would be good crumbled over vanilla ice-cream as an extra naughty treat!

Tootsie Roll (40p for 14g) I've just munched on this to be able to comment on its flavour and I'm undecided- its by no means an offensive taste but its just so different from anything else I've tried! I really like the texture, toffee like, chewy and sticky. Whilst reading through some bits online about Tootsie Roll's I learnt that these guys have been around for years,1896 to be precise. Check out more info on them here.

Bubble Yum Original  (£1.10) I'm yet to try these as I'm not a huge fan of bubblegum but I'm up for giving it a go! I've seen loads of reviews of this online saying how its a classic USA bubblegum and one that people adore as it doesn't contain aspartame. Also.. what's with the weird punk duck on these?!

LoveHearts (20p)- an absolute classic! I cannot get enough of these powdery little things.
SweeTarts (20p) These little candies are sweet and tart hence the name! Really really tart! Nice though and a lot more flavour to them unlike the UK sweets that look very similar!

Last but by no means least we have a selection of Laffy Taffy- banana,watermelon,sour apple,grape,strawberry and cherry. I love Laffy Taffy, the flavours of each are so intense!  My fave has to be the watermelon one.

All in all I've really enjoyed sampling some pieces from CandyHero- their website is easy to use, the selection they have is huge and the prices for each piece are really reasonable. I like that you can discover items from a variety of counties, I think in the future I'd like to try more of the items from Japan!

CandyHero have a stores in York, Bradford and Leeds if you fancy visiting them to pick out some goodies by hand. 

If you'd like to try some bits from their website you can get 10% off your first order (no minimum spend required!) by using this code H3ROTM9H.

So, onto the competition to win some of your own sweet treats!
You could win all of these goodies-
Plus a selection of Laffy Taffy's!

All you need to do is follow the instructions on this form-

Closing 28th August 
Only open to UK residents 
Only one entry per person
Winner will be picked randomly



  1. Wow. What a great post. I love trying new things especially sweeties! At cinnamon buns designs we especially love the hot cinnamon types. Enjoy xx

  2. My favourite sweet is strawberry jelly lips x

  3. It varies according to my mood but I love anything grape in American sweets and I can always be tempted by floral gums!

  4. Anything with sherbert! I love those sherbert pencil things but I usually throw away the liquorice

  5. Reeces pieces...yummy. shouldnt work but they do...

  6. I love any caramel flavoured chocolate.

  7. Salted Caramel Dark chocolate ♥♥ Yummy ♥♥

  8. Love aniseed twists

    Trevor Linvell

  9. i love all sweets but all time fave is milk bottles

  10. Wow these sweets look amaizing :-) My favorite sweets are Tangfastic Haribo :-)

  11. chocolate covered brazil nuts

  12. Jelly Babies-the more the better

  13. What a fantastic selection of sweets! I'm really impressed, and really want to go and put in an order now!

    My favourite sweets are the little blackberries and raspberries you used to be able to buy in pick n mix, that were little gummies covered in crunchy sugar "pips".

  14. I'm a sucker for flumps and fruit salads :D
    But I love trying new sweets. I'll definitely be taking a longer look at the site 💖

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