Benefit's They're Real Beyond Blue range

Evening lovelies,

You might have seen on #TheCityGirls hashtag recently everyone who attended our Leeds event raving about the new Benefit They're Real Mascara's and eyeliners. I was so busy on the day I didn't get to give the products a go so Benefit kindly sent me some goodies to try out!

A beaut pink parcel arrived and inside was the They're Real Lash Hugging Gel Eyeliner Pen in the shade 'Beyond Blue' and They're Real Mascara again in the shade 'Beyond Blue'

Firstly, the packaging.. Benefit always get it so on point.. I like all the stats that they put on the boxes, for example, on the mascara box it says that 94% of they testing panel saw dramatic length and volume once they'd tried They're Real! and 100% saw long wearing results. 

 At the moment I use Benefit Roller Lash and just a No7 black eyeliner so I was slightly dubious at first as to whether I could pull off a brighter eye. Of course I was going to give these beauties a try to see whether it would suit me and if it would be something I could wear regularly. 

 When I first pulled out the wand of the mascara my initial thought was "OHH thats way to bright for me!" but trust me, once you've applied it it isn't quite as scarily bright.  I really rate this wand applicator, its really easy to get to those smaller lashes in the corner of my eyes and coats each lash from base to tip.  I love the colour pop this mascara gives, although its probably not something I'm going to be wearing everyday to the office, its more a festival/going out look for sure. The mascara itself stay put for a good 12 hours the first time I wore it and thankfully didn't seem to be as hard to remove as the black version of this I've used in the past. 

I asked a few of my friends what they thought of it and the opinions were divided between "Ohh its so cute!" to "It reminds me of being a teenager in the 90's- that look should be left well and truly alone!" 
Personally, I love it, I think its a product that should be teamed up with the Push Up liner,a light blush and maybe a nude lip- I think if I added a bright lip it might look a bit OTT. 

 Middle swatch is the They're Real! Beyond Blue Mascara, either side is the They're Real! Push Up Liner. 

The gel eyeliner next- The colour of this product.. Ohhhh its amazing! This is actually something I can wear on a day to day basis, it when applied it looks really subtle and compliments my eye colour

At first I was a tad concerned that I wouldnt be be able to get the hang of the different type of applicator. Its Accuflex tip is meant to make applying the product easier and assists with you getting closer to the lash line. All you do is twist the base of the pen and a little lump of liner begins to appear in the end. I'll be honest, I'm still massively getting the hang of this, I'm by no means perfect at it and I could possibly do with popping to my local Benefit counter for a lesson! But, overall, I love this eyeliner. 

I've really got to work on my application skills of the eyeliner but wanted to show the effect of both the products up close.

Have you tried either of these products?

I'm now lusting over the Beyond Brown mascara as its one i'd be able to wear daily.



  1. I love that eyeliner, it makes cat eyes so much easyer!


  2. I'm dying to get my hands on both of these. They're on my wish list! x


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