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As me and the Mr are in the midst of planning our European getaway  I started to think about the obvious shopping trips we might partake in. Although we don't know where we are heading to yet (booking last minute to save us some ££ to spend whilst away) I have started to think about the potential new brands/shops out there to discover on our travels. After a bit of googling of the countries we are considering I've stumbled across some really nice websites that I wanted to share with you all. Some are higher end, so the cheaper the holiday the better, and some are more highstreet-esque places that I'm sure a lot of you Europeans will be familiar with!

This browsing has got me thinking that I shouldn't be so lazy when it comes to fashion.. I should look further afield.. although they aren't UK based it doesn't mean I can't order from their sites and the bonus is that I probably won't see many other people in little Sheffield wearing the same item as me!

So, with all that in mind I've searched out 3 sites that I think have some beaut pieces and thought I'd pull together some pictures so you can be inspired too. I'm featuring-

WE Fashion- Amsterdam
Gilmar- Italy
L'Exception- France

Jumpsuits I'd actually wear.....

Dames Jumpsuit €20.00- Love the sleeve length on this one- I like it teamed up with the black heeled chelsea boots.
Salome Jumpsuit €118,00- Love the peachy tone of this one and also that it has pockets. I would probably roll the cuffs up a bit on the legs and team it with some chunky sandals.
Palazzo jumpsuit €217.20- I love the simplicity of this piece and the on-trend wide cut of the leg. I imagine this would be a great piece for those evenings on holiday when you pop out for something to eat and want to get a bit dressed up. This teamed with a statement necklace.. ohhh I want it!

 Dresses I love...

Valencienne Flared Dress  €533.50 This dress is pretty amazing. I love the lace detail and the length of it.. ohhh I'd make sure I had plenty of fancy nights out just so I could wear this!
Wrap Around Neck Dress  €217.50- I love a good wrap around dress..I find them really flattering on me. Love the pattern of this one and the bold colours. I'd probably team it with some casual Converse just to dress it down a little.
Pleated Shirt Dress €290.50- I adore the pattern on this one. I quite like the fact they've used a pale model to show this piece off.. so much more realistic for me as I rarely get my pins out in the sun!

Shorts I'd feel comfy in.....
Apollo Shorts €68- Love the quilting on these shorts and something I'd wear with converse and a plain tee.
IceBerg Optical Shorts €54.60- Ohh these babies MUST be mine! I love the pop of colour they would add to an outfit.. ohhh there is even a matching purse to go with them!
Dames Sweatshorts €22.99- I like these casual shorts a lot.. they look comfy and easy to match to a patterned tee.

Sweatshirts I NEED....
Darling Sweatshirt €107- How cute is this?! I really like the sleeve length on this piece. I like it with the skirt they've teamed it with in this picture.  They also do this in grey here
Mesh Sweatshirt €34.99- Again, really like this sleeve length and the mottled grey colour.
Soeur Grey Super Sweatshirt €48- stating the obvious on this sweatshirt eh?! Love it teamed up with jeans.

Ohh I really could go on and on browsing through these sites and choosing bits for my imaginary summer holiday wardrobe.. but rather than me showing you the bits I love you should probably check the sites out for yourself.  I love We Fashion for cheap staple pieces, Gilmar for on-trend statement pieces and L'Exception for quirky fashion items.

Have you found any European fashion brands that you can recommend to me?
Whats your fave piece from this little collection?

*All views are my own- however this is a sponsored post

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