The Liquorist Leeds- Lead us to temptation!

Evening all!
This weekend just gone Lorna and I were invited to have lunch at a new restaurant in Leeds, The Liquorist.

The outside of the building is so gorgeous, I love the grey lick of paint they've given it and the perfectly preened plants in window boxes- it really looks like a big victorian house you'd expect to see on the seafront in Brighton.
We were excited to see the inside of the restaurant as the pictures on their website are stunning and when we arrived we weren’t disappointed. The restaurant feels really light and airy with beautiful touches of vintage glam to be seen all over- from picture collages and foody quotes to chandelers and rather fancy looking booths.

I am in love with these chairs... the chinsy door knockers are so cute!
 Once we'd got some snaps from around the restaurant we were shown  to our booth at the front of the restaurant and I was rather wowed by the gorgeous marble table.. so Pintresty!
We then decided to choose some cocktails (well a mocktail for Lorna!)
 Lorna went for the Virgin Apple Mojito and I opted for the delicious sounding Rumberry Mojito- Havana Club rum with Chambord,mint lime juice and sugar topped off with pomegranate juice...OHH Chambord is one of my faves along with anything with pomegranate juice! I (very) quickly got though this cocktail- it doesn't taste at all alcoholic just really fruity and smooth. 

 Once we'd got settled and supped our cocktails we had a look through the menu and got chatting to the general manager about the dishes she recommends. This was really helpful for me as I'm really crap at deciding what to eat when at resturants so any help is always great. I also wanted to see which dishes they were most proud of and wanted us to try out!
So we ended up choosing a starter to share......

3 mini sliders (£7.75) accompanied by a huge gherkin. I bloody love gherkins so munched this first before halving the sliders so we each got to try a bit of each type. 
Blue cheese topped slider- I'm a massive fan of blue cheese so this really was a delight, really cheesy and smooth flavours to accompany the beef.
BBQ sauce topped slider- the smokey flavour of the sauce went so well with the burger and was just sticky enough for me. 
Pulled pork topped slider- as you'll probably know if you follow me on Instagram I love pulled pork so I was so excited to try this one- the pork just fell apart it was so well cooked. 

I loved the starter, this, in my opinion, is one to share.. I don't think I could have managed all three to myself! 

Then it was onto the main course.. I decided to go for the 20oz beef rib (£15.95)- slow cooked and finished off with on the char-grill served with a spicy bbq sauce and crispy floured onions accompanied with a side of twice baked sour cream and cheese potato topped with bacon bits (£3.45).
  I was so impressed with the beef rib- I don't think I've ever had this cut of meat before but it'd have it again any day.. although I might not fit into my Joni's if I have 20oz's of meat too often!
The sauce/juice that was poured over the rib was insane.. very flavourful and OHHH the crispy floured onions were just incredible slathered in the juice. So worth the price too!

As you can imagine I was stuffed after eating a huge hunk of meat so the twice cooked potato didn't really take my fancy unfortunately.. I loved the idea of it but it, for me, it was way to rich.. I imagine though it would be a good snack dish along with a salad.

I did take some pictures of Lorna's main course but I'll let her lure you with tasty food pictures over on her blog.

Once we'd finished our mains we decided to have a food break and try another cocktail.. this time I went for  a Singapore Sling-Bombay Sapphire gin,cherry marina and Benedictine shaken with lemon and pineapple topped of with a bit of soda and a drizzle of grenadine.

A really fruity cocktail filled with ice- kind of like an alcoholic slushy! 

Our sharing desert was then delivered to our table and although we were very full by this point we'd saved room in our pudding tummies to wolf this Keylime pie and vanilla ice cream down pretty quickly....

The combination of the strawberries with the Keylime pie was to die for... I'd recommend trying this one out if you visit The Liquorist in the future.

It was such a treat to be able to try out a three course meal and cocktails and we also got some essential spreadsheeting and brainstorming done for our next #TheCityGirls event done in-between drooling over each others food.

If you want to check out what else they have to offer then visit their website to see the full food and drinks menu and to see more photos of their huge restaurant! I also want to say thank you to all the lovely staff.. you make the restaurant by adding your personality to the service.. I can sometimes be an awful customer in restaurants as I used to be a waitress myself but I couldn't pick fault at anything about the service on the day.. all very friendly and welcoming.

All in all a lovely visit to The Liquorist.. I hope to come along soon to try out some more of the tasty treats you have on offer, I've got my eye on the Peanut Butter and Jelly martini and the Huckleberry and walnut salad!

Have you been to the Liquorist before? What would you recommend?



  1. Everything looks so perfect from the food & drink to the decor. I can't wait to see for myself at #TheCityGirls Event :) xxx


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