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So tonight's post is going to be on my bedside table essentials- as much as I'd love a Pintrest-esque completely clutter free bedroom it isn't realistic.. there are so many products I love to use once in bed its easier to keep them within reach!

I have really dry and sore hands a lot of the time and they seem to get worse just after I've cleansed and washed my face before bedtime so I keep this near by. The urgency I have to moisturise my hands is weird.. once I've popped some of this on my hands thank me massively. I received this in a Birchbox last year and hadn't really started using it until recently but I quite like it.Its really fresh with a subtle scent and seems to do the job well. I don't tend to have a fave hand cream at the moment though, this one stays at my bedside, the Argan hand and nail cream I received in my #TheCityGirls goody bag stays just by my computer and then the Soap and Glory Hand Food is the one I keep in my handbag. Can you recommend a good hand cream?

This, for me, is an essential- I spend all day at work on a computer then get home and frequently spend hours on one too so I tend to get really dry sore eyes. I do wear contact lenses occasionally but as the years have gone on my eyes have become a lot more sensitive so I tend to stick to my specs when possible. Even when wearing specs I can feel by about 10pm by eyes getting dry so I spritz this over my closed eyes to give a boost of moisture. I was dubious at first as its quite expensive and I did question whether something you spray over your eyes whilst closed would help but I'm on my third bottle now and really notice the difference! This can also be used when wearing contact lenses too.

This little beauty has been a luxury at bedtime for a few weeks- as the sample size was only diddy I decided to alternate this with the Makuka Doctor Illusionist Rapid face mask (I blogged about that here). I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Kiss the Moon oil.. it's loaded with jasmine, chamomile, ylang ylang and sandalwood and is throughly relaxing. If you do try this just make sure you pin your hair back as it plays havoc with my fringe!

Love love love this mist! I sometimes use it if I decide to not use a face mask or oil just to give my skin some moisture back after a long day. Its really relaxing just to spray on your face and lay back for a minute whilst it cools you down. It smells amazing- really subtle and reminds me of cocoa butter. The spray is enriched with Vitamin E which helps combat signs of ageing and also helps to soothe dry skin. 

This has been a much loved product of mine for a while now.. I love the idea of having a relaxing scent to spray on your pillow before nodding off. I have in the past tried the This Works Pillow Mist which I do really rate but at a hefty £16 per bottle it seems a bit too extravagant for my budget so this is a nice cheaper alternative. I'd be interested to know the difference in ingredients as they both smell very similar but a huge difference in price. The Avon spray contains camomile and lavender- both very relaxing scents and I can't be certain but I'm sure this helps me fall asleep quicker. Only downside to this is that it looks like Avon no longer sell it but you can still buy it on Amazon. 

So once i've pampered myself with these products I then like to get stuck into a good book- I tend to have a few on the go at once just to make things confusing. I like to mix up reading 'real' books and reading on my kindle so here are a few that are on my bedside table at the moment-

Want you dead by Peter James- I've only just started this book but I'm gripped already. Basically, without giving too much away, its the story of a 29 year old woman called Red who found love through a lonely hearts ad only to then find out the 'perfect' man she met through the ad was actually rather possessive and stalker-like. After a rocky year long relationship with Bryce she found the strength to leave him but she didn't realise that although he was out of her life he still obsesses over her and watches her every move. I'd recommend this one if you like books that keep you guessing right from the first chapter!

A tap on the window by Linwood Barclay-  On a rainy night a private investigator spots a young female hitchhiker..he toys with the idea of leaving her to find her own way home but something makes him stop to talk to her.. once they get chatting they realise that she is a friend of his son.. his son who passed away after taking Ecstasy. He tries to come up with a number of reasons for leaving her at the roadside diner her but his longing to know where his son bought the drugs from leads him to offering her a lift home.. on their journey to the nearest town they stop at a gas station and she goes in to use the bathroom... this is where the mystery begins...again I'm not going to give away anything more about this book incase you want to read it! This one is taking me a bit more time to get into but I'm sticking with it to see where it goes.

The Beautiful And The Damned by Siddhartha Deb- this book is a set of stories about different people who live in India- each story talks about the environment they live in and the difference in class divides throughout the country. I am yet to read this one but the reason I chose this is because I visited India a few years back for 8 weeks and the huge thing that struck me from the minute I landed was the massive class divide-by day I worked with people who were getting paid the equivalent of £2k per year but then when visiting nightclubs and bars in the evening I met people who could quite happily spend thousands of rupees on a bottle of rum/spend hours and lots of money shopping in glitzy shopping malls. I'm hoping that this book will help me understand how the huge differences in wealth and culture came about and I like the fact that people who have read the book have said it isn't just a list of stats, its the stories of the real people of India. 

Read this if you want to take great photographs by Henry Carroll- I was given this book by a friend  for christmas. She knows how much pain I go through when trying to get good snaps to use on my blog and thought it might be a nice book to refer to. I sometimes flick through this book when I just want to admire great inspiring photography - I'm far from a good photographer and there are some interesting helpful tips about lighting, composition,exposure and positioning. I like that this book isn't overly technical its more like reading someones blog post- very relaxed and helpful. 

Do No Harm, Stories of Life, Death and Human Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh- this is a bit of an odd read for me.. not something I'd usually go for but I spotted it in Waterstones and thought it sounded really interesting. Do No Harm is written by a real life Neurosurgeon and documents his life through training in London then travelling abroad to help out other surgeons with very scary sounding procedures. I have really been enjoying this book but I must say it hasn't helped the hypochondriac in me as the detail it goes into is rather scary but very real life. 

The Girl In 6E by Alessandra Torre- I found this book after hunting for a new read once I'd finished 'The Girl On The Train'- this one came up as a suggested read so I thought I'd give it a go. Basically it's about a young girl, mid twenties,who works on websites selling private sex shows.She hasn't touched another person in three years, she hasn't even left her apartment and worries that if she does she may kill someone... she regularly gets parcels delivered to her apartment and even the rather attractive delivery driver can't lure out of her safe place... but then one afternoon whilst taking a break from her $6.99 per minute clients she sees a news story about a missing girl.. she then becomes intensity worried that she could have done something to stop this young girl from being kidnapped. I won't say anymore as its a really good read and one I'd recommend you to try out!

I hope you've enjoyed having a peek into my night time routine and that I've tempted you to try some of the bits/books out!


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