#TheCityGirls Launch Goody Bag

Evening lovelies!

So the final post from our launch event is on the contents of our goody bag.. I know I love reading these posts and finding out about new products so I hope you enjoy it!

As mentioned in previous posts myself and Lorna worked SO hard to get together a selection of items that we'd love to receive in a goody bag ourselves.. and no random fillers just to bulk it out!

We've had some amazing feedback about the goody bags already from the bloggers who were lucky enough to get their hands on one and I'm already loving some of the bits I've tried out of my little stash. It took a lot of hard work, crazy amounts of emails and lots of deliveries to get together these pretty amazing bags- not blowing my own trumpet but as a blogger who has attended a few events now I'd say our goody bag is the best I've received at any event!

So first off we decided that although we'd have loved to have our own bags printed it was a cost we didn't want to have this time round so we opted for some tote bags from The Blogger Programme. I was actually really happy with these once they arrived-we knew we'd have a good amount of bits to put in them and they happened to be just the right size and they're really good quality totes.

 We asked The Blogger Programme to put our hashtag #TheCityGirls on the bags (oops so I didn't take a photo of the other side!) and we then added some brown parcel tags to the bags with our stickers on that Moo kindly sent us- just to personalise them a bit more.

Next, the slate hearts- these little beauties were provided by The Works. They were originally just plain slate hearts but my very talented co-host Lorna works at a Design by Laser and she worked her magic to put our City Girls logo on to each heart. We love that we've already seen some of our bloggers displaying these in their homes to remind them of the day.. awww!

Next up,we got in touch with Lee Stafford- they provided us with 3 different products to share out between all the bags- Shine Serum, Double Blow Volumizing Mousse and the  Dehumidifier Spray.  I have the serum to try out so will do a post on this once I've used it a few times.. always on the look out good hair products so hopefully this one will impress!

Batiste sent us a selection of their mini dry shampoos- I got the Strength & Shine version that contains L-Arganine- an amino acid that stimulates hair follicles.

Lipcote sent us a huge box full of their cult lipstick sealer- I haven't ever used this before but I've heard good things from my mum and auntie about this.. they both used it during their partying days and say it works wonders!

Would you believe it.. Poundland sent us loads of affordable beauty bits (manufactured by Creightons) by to pop into our bags. This one is the Squeeky Clean Scrubaholic Face Scrub- I haven't used this yet or looked into what's in it but I'll do a separate post once I have.

The lovely team at Blanx provided us with a box full of these White Shock Whitening Pens- again, I've not got round to using it yet but its ready and waiting in the bathroom cabinet- Im going to do a before and after with this to see whether it works any magic!

Manuka Doctor not only provided us with a beaut face mask for our raffle they also popped in lots of these boxes of samples- within each box are 3 sachets of their best selling purified bee venom and Manuka honey skincare products to try out-

Just to note- I did a bit of reading on the Manuka Doctor website before contacting them just to make sure no bees were harmed in the making of their products- you can watch a video here about how they cleverly collect all the venom from their little bees!

We also managed to get our very un-manicured hands on some Stylfiles- these interestingly shaped nail files are the creation of Tom Pellereau who you may recognise from The Apprentice! I just need my nails to grow now...!

Next up are some more bits from Poundland (again manufactured by Creightons)-

Argan Smooth Shampoo
Argan Smooth Conditioner
Arian Body Hand and Nail Cream

I was naughty and when we got sent these way back in February I was in desperate need of some hand cream so started to use my sample- OH it is good- I find that it keeps my hands really well hydrated and it smells very similar to Playdough.. I think its going to be one of those products that people either love or hate because of the smell!

Again, I've yet to use the shampoo and conditioner as I'm trying out a new shampoo bar from Lush but if these are any good I'll let you know! My only feedback at this point is that the packaging is SO similar for both products I'm slightly worried I might accidentally just condition my hair twice when in the shower without my specs on!

Nair sent us through a huge box of their Argan Oil Salon Divine Body Wax- I'm looking forward to trying this as its their 'Bye-Bye Pain Formula' that doesn't require strips. Only thing stopping me is that we don't have a microwave yet...!

Knock Knock sent us these cute little sticky notes- can't go wrong with stationary when it comes to bloggers eh!

Mookau- a lovely little gift shop in Sheffield provided us with these 'Yummy' snack boxes! They do have a website but haven't yet launched their online shop yet but its getting there I've been told. My friends and family know that if in doubt of what to buy me for a birthday/xmas/treat just pop into Mookau as I LOVE everything in there... from stationary to mugs and candles!

Stoats sent us a very generous parcel full of their porridge oats bars to try in Apple and Cinnamon and Raspberry and Honey.  I'll admit.. I'm not a huge fan of the Raspberry and Honey one but love the other flavour. I've just spied on their website too that they do Blueberry and Honey... must try!

Yorkshire tea- we couldn't host an event in Yorkshire without far my most favourite tea and I'm not even a born and bred Yorkshire girl!

JellyBellys- we were very kindly sent about 500 of these mini bags! We put a handful in per goody bags and also had bowls of them dotted around the venue on the day! We've still got about 200 bags left so watch out Leeds bloggers.. :)

Next up is a lovely sample from Kiss the Moon- this little bottle is a 100% natural facial oil containing Ylang Ylang,Sandalwood, Camomile and Jasmine. My mum from Prattspatch blog has already started using her oil- see what she thinks here

Nathalie Bond provided us with a selection of these lovely lip balms- my personal fave is the peppermint and spearmint one! I got in touch with Nathalie as she's based in Sheffield and thought it would be nice to have some local items in the goody bag. I love her beauty bits and regularly buy the soaps from markets/gift shops in Sheffield.

Johanna Basford sent us 30 copies of her new book-  Enchanted Forest. OHH this is a beauty.. I love the designs and intricacy of each page. I'm going to do a separate post on this once I've coloured a few more of the pages in.

The Works provided us each with a pack of colouring pencils too- see, aren't we organised!

We were also sent some leaflets to put into the bags by Hudson and Wood, Silver Tree Jewellery, Falseeyelashes and Bloo88

Benefit were at our event and they gave us all some samples to take home and try- a mini Porefessional and the 'They're Real' remover.  I've added the Porefessional to my sample collection but I'm not a fan of the 'They're Real!' mascara so have passed this onto a friend who is. All is not lost though... I got a sample of Rollerlash in my Elle magazine a while back and I'm so impressed with it its on my list of bits to buy next month. I naughtily spent £50 over the bank holiday on 2 Benefit products... more to come on those later in the week!

Superdrug sent us out 2 products from their Vitamin E range-

I can't wait to try these two- we didn't get enough samples to give one of each to every blogger but as organisers of the event we thought it was only fair that we sample both (hehe!). 

Lush joined us for a few hours at the event all the bloggers had the opportunity to make the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. It was a really lovely experience and at certain points I was very tempted to try and nibble on a bit...until the lavender went in!After making the cleanser the lovely Lush ladies gave us each a mini goody bag containing- 

Ultimate Shine Shampoo bar- ohhhh I have been converted Lush! I used this for the first time last night and was so impressed. Today my hair smells amazing and I like the fact there is no packaging to worry about recycling. 

Bath bomb- I haven't used this one yet and can't quite figure out which bomb it is... any ideas?!

Sesame Suntan lotion- if you like peanut butter you'll love the smell SPF 10 suntan lotion!

And the last few bits....

Squeaky Clean Pore Pow Wow Face mask from Poundland- wow indeed- this little pink pot of scummy stuff smells like strawberries and cream.

The lovely ladies at Emma Hardie sent over some mini samples of their Amazing Hand And Nail Cream- this is another item that I'm adding to my ever growing samples draw to try out once I've run out of my Argan cream (mentioned earlier). 

Red Cherry Lashes from Falseeyelashes- I'm a big fan of eyelashes... only when necessary though so I'll be trying these ones out next time I go out into town for some drinks. 

Last but not least.. we all received a special promo code for 20% off at SecondThread .

Phew.... I hope I've not missed anything out!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the brands/PR agencies who helped us to get together all of the products, we are still so overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone.

I've already started contacting brands about our next event so another amazing goody bag coming soon to a #TheCityGirls event near you!

Are there any products you'd like to see in our next goody bag?


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