Paper Cutting Queen!

Afternoon lovelies...

Hope your having a lovely cosy Sunday? I've spent my day tidying up,getting ready for the week ahead and also went on a quick bike ride around the park!

So.. today I wanted to talk about paper cutting- a skill which unfortunately, even after many attempts, I don't have.. but my friend Leanne does!

You may have seen some of her work already on my post about our City Girls raffle!

I know Leanne from way back in 2007ish when I lived in London for a few years- I was working in a bar and she always used to come in for a sneaky blue alco-pop (still drinking these to this day too!)at the weekends with her friends.

After leaving London and moving up North we remained friends on social media and although we didn't actually speak that often I loved keeping an eye on her Instagram feed to see how she was getting on with life!

Over the past year I have watched her journey through pregnancy,being blessed with THE most gorgeous baby girl I think I've ever seen and on top of all of that starting up her own paper cutting business! Its been lovely to see her journey through all of it via pictures on Instagram and I love the fact that even though she has a newborn she hasn't lost her passion for being creative- this is something I hope I can manage to continue when I decide to have a bubba!

When planning our raffle prizes for our City Girls event I decided that not only did we want to get larger companies that you guys have all heard of before, we wanted to also involve some of our friends and family who have websites, shops and start up businesses and Leanne was on my list of people to contact straight away.

She very kindly agreed to provide us with a raffle prize and also a paper cut of our City Girls logo (designed by Lorna)!

How amazing is this!? I am very impressed by the intricacy of the design- those tiny windows must have taken a lot of patience and a very steady hand! 

I am rather envious of her skills- I do try to use my PaperPanda kit that I got for my birthday but I'm not very patient with myself and end up packing it away after 5 minutes- I will get there one day though.. hopefully.  

I love being able to watch the process Leanne goes though when planning her next project- she hand draws all of her images too which is a skill in itself!

Once she has the template ready to go she then gets cutting away- I'm not sure how long each design takes her to cut but I can imagine its not a quick process! From following her on social media I understand that she is now very busy with wedding pieces, christening cards and many other beauties!

Her prints are really reasonably priced too- if you imagine the time it takes to create these pieces its well worth it. Leanne can also design and cut bespoke pieces for her customers so check her out on over on her Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter and Facebook too!

Much love to you Leanne.. you have the skills of a master cutter and patience of a saint and look how its all paying off!


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  1. Aww schucks! Thank you so much Holly, this is the nicest post ever! You've seriously made my year! :) xxx


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