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As you may have seen in my goody bag blog post a few weeks back we were provided with some sample packs from Manuka Doctor. Along with the sample packs Manuka Doctor sent me a full size product to try out and share my thoughts on it with you all!

They sent me a 40ml pot of the ApiRefine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask from the Apirefine range and it promises a lot. Here are the bits mentioned on the packaging-

-Rapid lift skin plumping mask that brightens and smooths skins appearance
-Visibly enhances radiance
-Leaves skin feeling firmer and appears more toned and youthful
-Helps to reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles

Manuka Doctor's skin care range combines the potency of Purified Bee Venom with the healing benefits of Manuka Honey (here's a link to a page about the benefits of Manuka Honey). 

Their skin care range is designed to combat an array of issues from blemishes to signs of ageing. All their products are 100% bee friendly and although there are lots of other brands out in the beauty world using bee venom within products, Manuka Doctor is unlike any other- they use a purified form of the bee venom. They remove any unwanted particles after the venom from the hive which means higher purity and potency of their formulation.

Of course my main question was "How does this affect the bees that you collect it from?!"
The way they extract the venom is pretty clever actually- heres a video about how they do it. Manuka Doctor bloody love bees so they ensure the process that they use doesn't affect the well being of the little buzzy things. Bee venom products have been described as 'natures answer to botox' so I was really keen to get on and give it a go! 

Manuka Doctor have a few different ranges of skincare products depending on what skin type you are and what type of product you are looking for-

Apiclear-balance for troubled skin (cleansers,foaming face washes, tea tree combined products)
Apirefine-high definition performance skincare (CC creams, lip enhancers and serums)
Apinourish-protect and moisturise (body moisturisers,exfoliators and eye creams)

Just to let you know-I have normal/dry skin and not a wrinkle in sight (yet!)

 How to use the cream-

I use this cream every other night as I alternate it with my Kiss the Moon face oil.

Once  I've removed all my makeup and settled down in bed I've been slathering myself in the cream- I'll be honest.. when I first started using this I didn't realise it was a mask- ok ok i'd had a long day and didn't read the packaging and just applied it like a normal moisturiser but its actually meant to be applied,left for 10 minutes and then any excess wiped off.

The cream is really rich and thick. It  feels really moisturising as soon as you apply it-  I like to apply it just as I'm getting into bed, get a few pages of my book read and then use a muslin cloth to wipe of the excess. 

 I've been using this for about 3 weeks now so I feel I can give a good review of how its worked for me.

Although I don't yet have any wrinkles so I can't really comment on the performance of reducing them I am loving this cream for a number of reasons-

-As soon as I've applied the cream it leaves me feeling refreshed and pampered- the scent is really light and fresh.

-My skin feels a lot more hydrated in the mornings and my foundation sits better on my face where i had previously had issues with dry patches.

-Unlike other masks I've used, this one is easy to apply and no mess at all.

-I've not had any breakouts since using this cream which is always a plus!

- I  completely agree that it helps reduce the appearance of my pores around my nose and cheeks. 

I'd recommend this product to those who are looking for an easy to use mask to add to their nighttime routine- I love having such a luxurious feeling (and smelling!) cream to slather on and feed my skin some moisture after cleansing- I'm using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish at the moment and although its great at keeping my skin clear of blemishes I do feel it can be quite drying so having this mask has really helped get some moisture back into my skin.

Here are some of the other Manuka Doctor products I'd love to try in the future 

I've never really tried a firming moisturiser and this one sounds amazing!

This could come in handy for times when I do get the odd breakout as it contains Manuka Honey that has anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

This could be a good replacement for my current cleanser. I always like to try out new cleansers as I feel my skin can get too used to a product after a while!

Have a browse of the Manuka Doctor shop here

You can also pick up some of the range in Holland and Barretts

Have you tried any of their products before? 


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  1. Glad you covered the bit on how they get the venom as I did wonder about that and it did worry me. I feel much better now I know. Nice review and think I will take a look at the products again now, especially with my older skin!


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