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So over the Easter bank holiday I went home to see my parents.. they live in N.Wales for the moment... we aren't from Wales originally but they moved there for more of a quiet life and beaut countryside so it means whenever we get any spare time we've got somewhere lovely to go and visit!

My mum and dad both work full time but in their spare time they love to go to auctions to find vintage treasures and paraphernalia- their house is basically like a vintage cutesy shop! The vintage following over in N.Wales isn't as big as it is here in England meaning they get lots of goodies for very cheap prices.. this also means their house is packed to the rafters with stuff!! You need a vintage tea set,quaint bookends,trinket boxes..they've got it!

I recently purchased a new camera, the Canon D700, and wanted to test out its capabilities of shooting in low light/indoors so thought why not take some pictures of their home and all the vintage goodies they have!

First of all are our 'vintage' kitties- they are brothers and both the ripe old cat age of 11!

My parents house is packed full of books... Mum is a huge book lover and so much so that she's been made to buy a kindle! I love their full wall of books.. it really adds to the character of their landing, adding colour and a great opportunity to browse for new bedtime reads when heading up to sleep!

I LOVE their bath! The claw feet add to the vintage feel of the bathroom!

Can you tell my mum loves her fancy Gin?! The bottles are too pretty to just throw away so they use them for decoration around the house!

This is the hallway from the bathroom to their bedroom.. isn't their picture wall great? They get all their pictures from auctions.. huge boxes of framed pictures go for under a tenner most of the time and my dad his a slight addiction and can't help but put his hand up to bid!

For those who don't like 'clutter' then my parents house won't be your cup of tea but we love it! A lot of the time mum seeks out lovely pieces from the mixed boxes of 'junk' that they get at auctions and take photos for their Etsy shop.. however.. whilst its waiting to be sold they display it around the house!

Hahah! Look at these greatly embarrassing photos of my and my brother.. Mum why did you let me wear those milk bottle glasses!?

This is a picture of my mums mirror that she uses for doing her makeup in the mornings.. I really like the dark mahogany wood of the mirror and box underneath.

Love this little arrangement of nicnaks!

Aswell as being lovers of vintage pieces they are also into Decoupage.. dad picked up this tin chest from an auction and mum worked her magic on it by using some pages from old books and then some atlas napkins..

So this shot is downstairs in one of the many little nooks that they have some shelves in.  I love the little house shaped match holder they have.. they've got a wood burner in their lounge so always handy to have matches close by.  This piece is from Hope & Peck

As you've probably guessed from the number of wooden boxes in the background of most photos they have LOTS dotted around the place.. my dad likes to collect them- I've got 6 in my house so the tradition is carrying on! My mum tries to add her own touches to the ones she's allowed to decorate so she decoupages music sheets on to some then just pops interesting pieces into them to add character. My dad also loves to collect art deco/vintage looking ladies.. some are a bit risqué like this one but still tasteful.. then just chuck in some draught pieces with it.. as you do! 

Finally is this gorgeous doggy pillow! This really old leather armchair is one of my fav bits of furniture they have.. its one of those chairs you can put your legs up in and grab a cuppa and have a nice cosy read in!

I hope you've enjoyed the mini photo tour of their very different but lovely house.. I know it won't be  to some peoples taste but it has a real feel of homeliness and we love it! I've learnt from my parents over the years that new isn't always best.. going proper vintage means you have a home filled with items that have stories behind them- even if you don't know their story you can make it up yourself. I much prefer this style of home deco to just a fully decked 'out of an ikea box' house. My moto is mix old with new!

What do you think to their mix of stuff? Would you like to own more vintage stuff?

My parents do have an Etsy store you can visit here to find some vintage trinkets!

My mum also has her own blog you can visit here- she blogs about cooking, gardening and life in general!


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