Adidas x Rita Ora

Evening lovelies! Thought I'd share with you my OOTD! 

I've fallen in love with some of the new Adidas range and picked up a few pieces last weekend at the Leeds store.

Weird kind of weather this week has allowed me to wear all sorts of coats... today it was pretty sunny but still really cold so I thought I'd get possibly my last wear this year out of my vintage faux fur coat.. I got this from Freshmans in Sheffield a few years back and LOVE it.. like a snuggly teddy bear! 

Adidas X Rita Ora £35 (I can't find a link anywhere for this.. but they have it in store!)

Topshop super high waisted Joni ripped knee jeans £38 

Converse All Star's - found these beauties for a pretty good price (£45)  at 

I love the print on this top so much... reminds me of my tattoo!

I am loving Adidas at the moment... never thought i'd be an Adidas girl to be honest but their collab pieces with Rita Ora are pretty amazing. The pieces seem really wearable for us non sporty type and all look really comfy!

Check out the babes Adidas video for ideas of some of the other bits in the range

My next purchase is for sure going to be this piece, yeah its a sweatshirt and not that summery but who cares eh!-

Cant wait to see the next releases planned this spring/summer!

Do you like Adidas x Rita Ora range?


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  1. Love that top, I cant believe how cheap that bag is too! was expecting it to be so much more expensive, great finds :)
    Jennifer's Journal x


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