Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Evening all!

A couple of weeks ago I decided that my wardrobe needed a hit of colour.. now that the weather is getting better (occasionally though!) I have been trying to introduce some pieces that I can wear on a day to day basis. I realised that my 'going out' dresses are taking over my wardrobe but I very rarely go out partying these days (getting OLD!)....So out with the useless and in with the casual but nicely put together outfits!

One of my finds was from Dorothy Perkins- I very rarely pop in to DP but when I do I always manage to find a little hidden gem!

Did I say hit of colour... I meant white!

#TheCityGirls Launch event

Monday, 27 April 2015

Oh my goodness I am so happy to be able to share this post with you all!

On the 25th April myself and Lorna hosted our first  #TheCityGirls blogger event- as you know from previous posts we'd been planning this event for a good few months and OH it exceeded all of our expectations.. I can confidently say that I am so proud of myself and Lorna for every little detail we incorporated into the day.

We held our first event in Sheffield at Bloo88- we chose this venue as we loved the look of their private function room and it looks SO good in the photos!

We were joined by 30 beauty,fashion and lifestyle bloggers along with some really great brands.

As I type this up I'm uploading a video to Youtube but I wanted to share a few photos (taken by myself, Lorna and some of the bloggers) from the day too!

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Friday, 17 April 2015

If any of you follow me on Instagram you'll already know that I am, for sure, obsessed with the product I am going to be talking about this morning- Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream!

I first used this product 3 years ago when it was given to me for christmas and since then its been my go-to skin food!

As usual with Benefit the packaging is so on point... whenever I have to replenish my supply it always feels like a bit of a treat!

I began by mainly using this as a night cream- once i'd used my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to get rid of my falling mascara and sleepy eyeliner I'd then slather myself in the stuff.

Over time I really found that it was helping to combat my troublesome dry patches (mainly between my brows and around my nose!) so I now use it in the morning before putting on my foundation. 

OHH and the smell.. imagine just something really clean and creamy.. if i could bathe in a tub of this I could.. even the Mr comments on how great it smells!

Although it doesn't have SPF properties to it thats fine as my foundation does i'm  all protected. (NOTE- I managed to burn my poor little face in Wales of all places over the bank holiday as I forgot to put on my foundation that morning after popping some of this on..owww!)

Look at that texture! Its SO thick that all I do is dip my finger in gently and dap my forehead, cheeks and chin and thats enough to go round- another plus is that there is no sign of greasiness after applying it whatsoever. 

I completely agree with Benefit's selling points on this one- it provides immediate and long term hydration for a refreshed complexion. Even after a long day in an air conditioned office my skin still feels hydrated and soft.

 I've visited the Benefit counter quite a bit recently and they are so great when it comes to samples- go ask for a sample of this and I bet you'll love it too!

The Total Moisture is £29.50 but so worth the money- a pot of this usually lasts me about 6 months.. thats how little you need to use!

Have you tried anything in the Benefit skincare range that you think I should add to my skincare routine?


Introducing #TheCityGirls

Monday, 13 April 2015

So, if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you'll probably already know that myself and Lorna have been working on organising a blogger event- Lorna has, this week, written a blog post on how we came to the decision of starting it all so check that out over on her blog!

I thought I'd do a bit of a 'what we would like to see from the events' type post!

So initially we had set out to just throw one event- an opportunity for us both to meet more local bloggers and to get some brands who we love involved.. but whilst putting plans together,speaking to different brands/PR people and exploring opportunities we realised that not only do we have WAY too much to fit into one day but how exciting it would be to make it an ongoing thing!

Vintage trinkets

Evening all!

So over the Easter bank holiday I went home to see my parents.. they live in N.Wales for the moment... we aren't from Wales originally but they moved there for more of a quiet life and beaut countryside so it means whenever we get any spare time we've got somewhere lovely to go and visit!

My mum and dad both work full time but in their spare time they love to go to auctions to find vintage treasures and paraphernalia- their house is basically like a vintage cutesy shop! The vintage following over in N.Wales isn't as big as it is here in England meaning they get lots of goodies for very cheap prices.. this also means their house is packed to the rafters with stuff!! You need a vintage tea set,quaint bookends,trinket boxes..they've got it!

I recently purchased a new camera, the Canon D700, and wanted to test out its capabilities of shooting in low light/indoors so thought why not take some pictures of their home and all the vintage goodies they have!

First of all are our 'vintage' kitties- they are brothers and both the ripe old cat age of 11!

My parents house is packed full of books... Mum is a huge book lover and so much so that she's been made to buy a kindle! I love their full wall of books.. it really adds to the character of their landing, adding colour and a great opportunity to browse for new bedtime reads when heading up to sleep!

Artisan Du Chocolat Easter treat!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Evening lovelies!

Hope you all had a beaut bank holiday... wasn't the weather amazing?! 

I had a lovely weekend visiting my parents and doing lots of cooking,crafting and photo taking.. and of course eating easter eggs- have a look at this amazing Artisan Du Chocolat Easter egg the parents got me!

Artisan Du Chocolat describe this pretty thing as-

"Fine milk dulce de leche chocolate hollow easter egg decorated with 100's and 1000's and sitting on a layer of assorted couture ganaches, salted caramels, pralines and mini truffle eggs"

Oh my goodness I was excited to undo the ribbon and see what treats were hidden inside!

How divine do they look?!

I can honestly say that every chocolate (except the turkish delight.... nope..never will I like those foul things!) I have tried from this selection is to die for... smooth,rich and just what I'd expect from  luxury easter egg.

I do have a favourite- the sea salted caramels.. these scrumptious little beauties were originally invented by Artisan Du Chocolat for Gordon Ramsays Claridges restaurant!

OHH imagine biting into a lightly dusted chocolate shell to be met with a generous ooze of salty caramel sweetness. 

So, now 2 days after Easter there are only 5 chocolates left in the hidden tray underneath and just to ensure I give a honest review I've just chomped on the end of the egg :)  My living room floor is now glistening with 100's and 1000's and I'm feeling a bit chocolated out but blinkin' heck its a good egg. I love the texture the 100's and 1000's give it.. nothing plain and simple about this one for sure!

This egg isn't on their website now as Easter is over and done with for another year but I believe the egg was around £25. 

Artisan Du Chocolat aren't just for Easter of course.. they have a vast collection of divine looking treats.. heres a few I'd like to try out-

The Great Gatsby Collection  (£125) containing assorted liquid salted caramels, revelry chocolates, coated fruit and nuts, salted caramel sauce, chocolate biscuits, bars, drinking chocolate flakes and precious pearls.

Dark chocolate salted caramel honeycomb (£7.50 for 150g)

Magic wands (£22.50 for 225g)

The description of these makes my mouth water!

"These wands filled with ganaches (lemon,cinnamon,raspberry,pear,strawberry,vanilla, pineapple and banana) engage your taste buds with their ambrosial tastes. But when two separate wants are consumed together, they engage your mind and trick it into perceiving a new and entirely different flavour.  A unique signature creation that brings the fun and sense of wonder to the world of fine chocolates."

Have you tried any of Artisan Du Chocolat's products? What's your go to luxury choccy?


Adidas x Rita Ora

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Evening lovelies! Thought I'd share with you my OOTD! 

I've fallen in love with some of the new Adidas range and picked up a few pieces last weekend at the Leeds store.

Weird kind of weather this week has allowed me to wear all sorts of coats... today it was pretty sunny but still really cold so I thought I'd get possibly my last wear this year out of my vintage faux fur coat.. I got this from Freshmans in Sheffield a few years back and LOVE it.. like a snuggly teddy bear! 

Adidas X Rita Ora £35 (I can't find a link anywhere for this.. but they have it in store!)

Topshop super high waisted Joni ripped knee jeans £38 

Converse All Star's - found these beauties for a pretty good price (£45)  at 

I love the print on this top so much... reminds me of my tattoo!

I am loving Adidas at the moment... never thought i'd be an Adidas girl to be honest but their collab pieces with Rita Ora are pretty amazing. The pieces seem really wearable for us non sporty type and all look really comfy!

Check out the babes Adidas video for ideas of some of the other bits in the range

My next purchase is for sure going to be this piece, yeah its a sweatshirt and not that summery but who cares eh!-

Cant wait to see the next releases planned this spring/summer!

Do you like Adidas x Rita Ora range?


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