Want to come to a Sheffield blogger event?

Afternoon Tea and blushers!

I hope you are all having a loved up cosy Saturday- I've been so busy over the past few weekends that this one is just time for relaxing, catching up on emails and binge watching TV series I've missed recently!

You may have seen on my Twitter (@teaandblush) or my Instagram (@hollylucyhp) that I'm currently organising a blogger event in Sheffield with Lorna from Life-by-lde!

Last week Lorna and I spent a good few hours in the Black Swan in Leeds jotting down our ideas about venues,brands and things to do on the day.

I am so excited to be able to reveal some of the plans with you all!

Date- 25th April 2015! 

Location- Sheffield City Centre

Venue-TBC- we have some appointments next weekend to finalise the plans! All I can say at this point is that Lorna and I have thought of it all- we have been searching for places that provide a great backdrop for photos on the day as well as being well lit and spacious!

Idea behind the event- we want to get to know some of you girls out there so thought why not throw an event!

Brands- we have some local brands who want to get involved as well as some larger companies- they will each have a space at the venue in which they can show you their items and maybe you could buy some gifts!

Goodies- of course there will be goodies for everyone- we are spending a lot of our free time contacting brands with the event details. I must add- companies have been SO generous and my spare room is beginning to look like a bloggers paradise!

Numbers- as mentioned above we have been contacting lots of people asking for donations and although we would love to invite everyone numbers have to be limited to 25 of you lovely people!

In return- if you are one of the 25 bloggers to be invited please please keep us updated as to whether you are going to be able to make it on the day or not! 

As we have SO many brands wanting to be part of the event its really important that we give something back to them- creating a buzz about their products and online promotion! So, on the day we will be providing you with a # to add your photos and asking that everyone is bombarding twitter and the brands with lovely pictures and messages!

Once the event is over it would be great to see your blog's filled with posts about the day and also about the products gifted to you! There are a number of items which we think would really be great as standalone reviews- more blog content for you all..yay!!

If you would like to come to our event please either comment below or send me an email (

P.S organising this event with Lorna is one of most rewarding and exciting things I've done in a while!



  1. I'm a beauty blogger I live in Barnsley but from Sheffield , would love to get to know more bloggers, my blog is and you can contact me via Twitter @dupesagirlsbf

  2. My planners were an absolute delight to work with. My fiancée and I were really worried at the beginning phase of planning our wedding but every experience we had with the event planner guys was great.


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