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Evening bloggers!

Do you ever look at your teeth and think ewww?! I do occasionally...don't get me wrong I haven't got horrendous teeth but they could be a little whiter. However, my budget these days doesn't quite stretch to having an proffessional work done to turn them into pearly whites to be proud of. So the next best thing is to try and enhance them with makeup!

I was contacted by Yorkshire Dentistry with a challenge- to use a selection of makeup they kindly sent me and decide which works best to bring out the sparkle in my teggys!

Yorkshire Dentistry offer a range of dental services and teeth whitening is one of their most popular services picked by customers-starting from £245.

1. Fashionista Blush- Rose Shine 
3.Rimmel Apocalips- shade 'Aurora'
4. Rimmel Apocalips- shade 'Shooting Star'
5. Rimmel Apocalips- shade 'Across the universe'

So here I am without any lip product on-

(What I'm wearing- YSL Touche éclat foundation, MAC Studiocare blend pressed powder in medium, Maybelline Falsies mascara. )

Im a really awkward smiler so thats as good as you are going to get!

Thought I'd go from lightest so this shade is Shooting Star- I really like this shade, its like your normal lip colour but better! It doesn't do much in terms of brightening my smile though I don't think!

Next up is Aurora- this one is starting to do the trick I think! 

I've added some of the Fashionista blush next- really like this blush shade- very pink and cute!

Finally is Across the Universe- this one is my fav in terms of brightening.

Blue toned lip colours are the best when it comes to adding some brightness to your smile. I think this one really highlights the whiteness- do you agree?

I am loving this shade!

Then I thought I'd best try the mascara too- I was a tad baffled at first as to how a mascara would help whiten my smile but I can see where they were going with this- add the full effect and move the focus upwards to the eyes!

The Falsies mascara has a huge applicator brush but its really bendy- I'm not keen on this to be honest, I feel the bendiness doesn't allow for precision application. That being said, the mascara once on is pretty lengthening and dark which is a plus point for me.

There are tons of websites that give you tips on making your teeth whiter- rubbing orange peel on your teeth, using salt as an exfoliator (eww!) using baking powder.. I could go on and on!

Top things to avoid that will knacker up your gnashers-

Fizzy drinks
Black tea
(*basically everything that is nice!)

The best thing I would suggest is to book an appointment with your dentist- I avoided it for about 10 years until recently because of the made up fear I had of pain- its all in your head Holly! Your dentist will be able to give your teeth the once over and check your gums too- whats the point in having sparkling white teeth if you have sore, red gums?

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the effects that a small change can make to a smile... now maybe I just need to learn to smile a little more!!


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  1. Ahh it actually does work! I never really thought about using make-up tricks to make my teeth look whiter but the darker shades of the Apocalips really seem to make a difference! :) xx


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