Beauty Protector Leave In Conditioner

Monday, 16 February 2015

Evening Tea and Blushers!

Thought I'd tell you about one of my recent much loved products- Beauty Protector Protect and detangle leave in conditioner!

I received this in one of my Birchbox's at the end of last year- I'll admit it now.. I had it sitting on my dressing table for a while unused...I thought it was just another one of those products you'd put on your hair and not notice any difference.

OHHH how I was wrong!

The Beauty Protector is exclusive to Birchbox and much loved by many of you out there already!

It protects and heals any damage done to your lovely locks by hair-drying and straightening.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been testing it out and on a few occasions I have used an alternative product to see if I can notice a difference- the results wowed me! What I like about this spray is that it doesn't seem to leave any sort of residue on my hair afterwards- unlike the other one i've been using. It leaves my hair feeling really smooth and silky.

I spray this on my hair after towel drying it and OHH my goodness it smells divine- very sweet shop like. 
It makes my hair so easy to brush and seems to help up the drying time too (always a plus in my eyes!)

I 100% recommend you try this little beauty- I've just used the last bit of mine tonight.. MUST BUY MORE!

Let me know what you think!


Want to come to a Sheffield blogger event?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Afternoon Tea and blushers!

I hope you are all having a loved up cosy Saturday- I've been so busy over the past few weekends that this one is just time for relaxing, catching up on emails and binge watching TV series I've missed recently!

You may have seen on my Twitter (@teaandblush) or my Instagram (@hollylucyhp) that I'm currently organising a blogger event in Sheffield with Lorna from Life-by-lde!

Last week Lorna and I spent a good few hours in the Black Swan in Leeds jotting down our ideas about venues,brands and things to do on the day.

I am so excited to be able to reveal some of the plans with you all!

Date- 25th April 2015! 

Location- Sheffield City Centre

Venue-TBC- we have some appointments next weekend to finalise the plans! All I can say at this point is that Lorna and I have thought of it all- we have been searching for places that provide a great backdrop for photos on the day as well as being well lit and spacious!

Idea behind the event- we want to get to know some of you girls out there so thought why not throw an event!

Brands- we have some local brands who want to get involved as well as some larger companies- they will each have a space at the venue in which they can show you their items and maybe you could buy some gifts!

Goodies- of course there will be goodies for everyone- we are spending a lot of our free time contacting brands with the event details. I must add- companies have been SO generous and my spare room is beginning to look like a bloggers paradise!

Numbers- as mentioned above we have been contacting lots of people asking for donations and although we would love to invite everyone numbers have to be limited to 25 of you lovely people!

In return- if you are one of the 25 bloggers to be invited please please keep us updated as to whether you are going to be able to make it on the day or not! 

As we have SO many brands wanting to be part of the event its really important that we give something back to them- creating a buzz about their products and online promotion! So, on the day we will be providing you with a # to add your photos and asking that everyone is bombarding twitter and the brands with lovely pictures and messages!

Once the event is over it would be great to see your blog's filled with posts about the day and also about the products gifted to you! There are a number of items which we think would really be great as standalone reviews- more blog content for you all..yay!!

If you would like to come to our event please either comment below or send me an email (

P.S organising this event with Lorna is one of most rewarding and exciting things I've done in a while!


Valentines thoughts........

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Hands up if you really love Valentines day??? Hmmm I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of  just ONE day when we are encouraged to show our love for our partners.. it should be everyday!

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Pebble Grey. They asked if they could send me a lovely mirror and incorporate it into a blog post.

I thought why not make it into a post about something  I'm working on at the moment myself- how to be happier and love yourself a little bit more!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not here to preach, there are days where I speak to myself horrendously and really put myself down, whether it be my appearance,my career,my surroundings or even the way I am as an individual.

I've slowly but surely been learning ways to put a stop to the kicking I give myself on a daily basis and wanted to share some ideas with you all!

Some of the techniques I've picked up recently through reading some really good books and talking to some pretty inspirational people I work with.

So here are my top tips for being happier and loving yourself a bit more every day-

1. Self-talk

Who talks to themselves???.........I do for sure.. probably every other second of the day. I find myself basically talking to myself like shit alot of the time. For example:

"You look fat in that Holly"
"You aren't as successful as you should be"
"You should be better at that"

Next time you are doing it ask yourself "Would I talk to anyone else like that?" if the answer is no then why are you letting yourself do it to the most important person in your life... you?!

2. Think about the good things
I got caught in the trap of always dwelling on the negative things that happened each day, whether it be at work or at home.  More recently I've been trying to reflect and take more notice of the positives- whether it be that you made someone smile or you even just managed to get through a really tough day without sobbing! Write down the positive achievements of each day and pop them in a jar- after a month have a look through.. it'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy I promise!

3. Stop comparing yourself to others
In today's world we are all constantly reminded through social media and such likes of the things we aren't.
Take a step back now and again and remind yourself how hard you've worked to be who you are! This is a hard one but I've slowly come to realise that especially via social media, blogs and Youtube that people only show you what they want you to see... no-one (well very few) air their dirty laundry in public and just remember we all have bad days,we all cry occasionally and most of us all have the odd row with parents,partners and friends- noone is perfect and you should be happy being you!

4.Forgive yourself for the past mistakes you've made
Most of us, including me have made terrible choices throughout our lives but dwelling on those past choices wont change the future! Just accept things and try to learn from your mistakes...It might even help to write some of your mistakes down then make a note of how you've learnt from that experience.

5. Read something 
Sometimes the daily grind can wear you down and make you feel uninspired- I find the best way to cheer myself up is to read something that either helps take my mind of my worries or encourages my mind to go off on tangents of creativeness/the unknown! I find that having a kindle helps with this- it means I can have numerous different types of books that I can read to fit my mood.

Books I've been reading recently-

The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins
Do no harm; stories of life,death and brain surgery- Henry Marsh
Sort your brain out- Jack Lewis & Adrian Webster
Into the darkest corner- Elizabeth Haynes
Dark places- Gillian Flynn

6. Use positive affirmations

You are what you think! Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to 'rewire' our brains!

 Affirmative reminders are positive,present tense phrases that you say to yourself to 'trick' your mind into thinking they are true- stick with me on this one!

So for example- my affirmative reminder is " I am a successful blogger, I inspire people through my writing and it makes me feel great"
Affirmative reminders must have a sense of something already being true and make you feel all warm and nice- even if they aren't true at that present time they bring on the feeling how it would feel if it were true and help you work towards your goals! Think of it like this-

Words that trigger >pictures that bring on>emotions

They key to using positive affirmations is to repeat them to yourself regularly- I repeat mine (one of them being the one I mentioned above plus a whole load more!) when I'm getting ready in the morning and then as I'm settling down for bed.

7. Try not to worry about things that haven't happened

I'm sure many of you can relate to this one! I've been known by my partner and family as 'the worrier' for years... if its worrying about money,worrying about a presentation at work,worrying about what people think of me.. I could go on and on.

Sometimes these thoughts of mine can spiral out of control and take over from any 'normal' thoughts of the day. Although I don't have this one completely nailed yet I've taken a few small steps to help put a stop to the worry-

-Think about what's the worst that could happen? Take a step back and rationalise your thoughts- or as my mother says frequently "Holly, you've got a roof over your head, you've got food to eat and water to drink, pull yourself together!"
-Talk about your worries with someone- it can help to alleviate them.Sometimes we get stuck in cycles of unnecessary thought patterns and just talking through them with someone feels like a HUGE relief. 
-Remember that you are capable of anything you put your mind to- its only you who puts up barriers to stop yourself from achieving what you want!

There are tons of books/videos/articles out there that give more tips on this kind of stuff... I just wanted to share my fav tips that help me on a day to day basis!

Thoroughly enjoyed writing this post- must remember to sometimes steer off the path of product reviews and occasionally share my rambles with you all!

Have you got any tips for refocusing and giving yourself a pat on the back now and again?


Make (up) your smile brighter!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Evening bloggers!

Do you ever look at your teeth and think ewww?! I do occasionally...don't get me wrong I haven't got horrendous teeth but they could be a little whiter. However, my budget these days doesn't quite stretch to having an proffessional work done to turn them into pearly whites to be proud of. So the next best thing is to try and enhance them with makeup!

I was contacted by Yorkshire Dentistry with a challenge- to use a selection of makeup they kindly sent me and decide which works best to bring out the sparkle in my teggys!

Yorkshire Dentistry offer a range of dental services and teeth whitening is one of their most popular services picked by customers-starting from £245.

1. Fashionista Blush- Rose Shine 
3.Rimmel Apocalips- shade 'Aurora'
4. Rimmel Apocalips- shade 'Shooting Star'
5. Rimmel Apocalips- shade 'Across the universe'

So here I am without any lip product on-

(What I'm wearing- YSL Touche éclat foundation, MAC Studiocare blend pressed powder in medium, Maybelline Falsies mascara. )

Im a really awkward smiler so thats as good as you are going to get!

Thought I'd go from lightest so this shade is Shooting Star- I really like this shade, its like your normal lip colour but better! It doesn't do much in terms of brightening my smile though I don't think!

Next up is Aurora- this one is starting to do the trick I think! 

I've added some of the Fashionista blush next- really like this blush shade- very pink and cute!

Finally is Across the Universe- this one is my fav in terms of brightening.

Blue toned lip colours are the best when it comes to adding some brightness to your smile. I think this one really highlights the whiteness- do you agree?

I am loving this shade!

Then I thought I'd best try the mascara too- I was a tad baffled at first as to how a mascara would help whiten my smile but I can see where they were going with this- add the full effect and move the focus upwards to the eyes!

The Falsies mascara has a huge applicator brush but its really bendy- I'm not keen on this to be honest, I feel the bendiness doesn't allow for precision application. That being said, the mascara once on is pretty lengthening and dark which is a plus point for me.

There are tons of websites that give you tips on making your teeth whiter- rubbing orange peel on your teeth, using salt as an exfoliator (eww!) using baking powder.. I could go on and on!

Top things to avoid that will knacker up your gnashers-

Fizzy drinks
Black tea
(*basically everything that is nice!)

The best thing I would suggest is to book an appointment with your dentist- I avoided it for about 10 years until recently because of the made up fear I had of pain- its all in your head Holly! Your dentist will be able to give your teeth the once over and check your gums too- whats the point in having sparkling white teeth if you have sore, red gums?

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the effects that a small change can make to a smile... now maybe I just need to learn to smile a little more!!


River Island Duster Jacket

Happy Monday everyone!

Thought I'd share a few pictures of a recent purchase from River Island... I am SO into RI at the moment-  a lot of their current season seem really wearable; at the moment Im loving really simple pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different looks!

I picked up this Khaki green duster jacket and teamed it with a simple black RI vest, black leggings, a few gold accessories and a grey RI cardi (seen in previous post).

I've been away this weekend and love the fact that as well as keeping me reasonably warm it isn't too bulky to travel with- I ended up wearing it all day last Friday in the office so for me it doubles up as a cardi too. 

The duster jacket is also available in black but one of my goals this year is to move away from the all black combo's!

I love the length of the jacket and it holds its shape really well.

It has a slightly knitted effect that gives it a bit more texture and makes it look less of a formal jacket.

Love this watch too- ASOS

Here are some of the other bits I've been lusting over in RI this month-

Are you into the khaki trend at the moment?

Whats in my make-up bag?

Monday, 2 February 2015

Evening you lovely lot!

I recently was given a new makeup bag as a gift so thought I'd do a bit of a round up of the makeup bits I use on a daily basis/carry around with me!

Isn't this make-up bag so cute?! Its by a designer called Charlotte Macey- this was purchased from the Country Living fair but you can see all of Charlotte's products on her website.

These are the products I use on a daily basis- Its taken me a while to find my perfect combo but I think i'm getting close!

My go-to foundation is the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat in BR30- this is my third bottle and I don't think I'll ever stray away from this... I use approx 2 pumps of this per day so it tends to last me a good 4 months. Although its pretty pricey its totally worth it- the coverage is dewy but can be used with powder over the top dependant on what you are looking for. The shade match for me is perfect and no signs of any awkward jaw line marks! I did recently test out the YSL Fusion Ink foundation but for me it clung to all my dry patches!

My go-to concealer  is Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment this concealer has replaced the Collection cover up for me! It has a yellow pigment mix that wipes away those dark circles and keeps my eye area looking fresh and bright!

My go-to brow product is the Illamasqua Eye brow cake in Thunder. I fell in love with this when i attended the Illamasqua blogger event in 2014 and use it every day! If you are looking for a new brow product this is THE one to get.. Its a really pigmented powder that you can either use wet or dry to add depth and colour to your brows without making them look like slugs on your face! I am going to get another one of these soon in the 'Glaze' shade- a little bit darker than Thunder!

My go-to blush is Sincere by Mac- a staple blush for me now- a lovely muted beige/coral shade that for me works really well with my skin tone- I've moved away from the deep pinks in the past few years- this works well as a blusher and contouring product in one!

My go-to eyeliners are Maybelline Master Kajal and Kevyn Aucoin Primatif .

 Maybelline I use for a smokey eye effect and when I want a bolder look as the nib on this one is quite chunky. My only gripe with this one is that it doesn't stay put when I apply it to my waterline.

The Kevyn Aucoin Primatif is amazingly good in the waterline- stays put for at least 7 hours!

My go-to lip products are-

EOS lipbalm in Pomegranate and Raspberry Sorbet- tastes delish, easy to pop in my handbag and always gets people talking when I start putting it on- some people are confused by the shape!

Dandelion ultra plush lip gloss- a soft pearly pink lipgloss that isn't sticky- woooo! (my pet hate is stickiness!)

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer*(in Shooting Star)- love this peachy nude shade- its a nice shade to pop on for work- not too much but still looks like you've paid attention to your pout!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick (in Glastonberry) Love love this! I keep this in my makeup bag so that if I have any unexpected dinner plans after work I can pop this on for a bit of a nighttime look.

LipGlam multi use balm* - only received this over the weekend but I'm loving this already- its, as the name suggests, a lip balm but it has a number of other uses which for me makes it a great staple for my daytime makeup bag. You can use it on your lips, dry skin, cuticles,split ends, eyebrows and even as a mascara primer!

My go-to extras are-

Benefit High beam- we all know and love this product! Again I don't wear this in the daytime but I keep it in my makeup bag incase I pop out for drinks after work and want highlight up a little!

Invisibobble traceless hair ring- if you haven't tried these out you should! You can buy a pack of 3 from Boots for £3.75. You know that annoying kink you get in your hair after putting it in a pony tail? Well these weird little bobbles mean you'll be kink free!

Do you have any multi purpose products you would recommend?


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