Sunday Treats

Evening all, thought I'd share with you a couple of little bits I picked up today from one of my fav shops here in Sheffield- Mookau.

Mookau are an independent gift boutique located on Ecclesall Road. Its my idea of heaven in that place- full of home decor and stationary.. who doesn't love bits and bobs!? 

If you live in Sheffield and haven't been, you must! If you don't live near by then don't worry... they are in the process of getting their online shop up and running. I'll provide links to other places you can purchase the items from too!

After being in the cute little shop for about 30 seconds I picked up the Busy B Couples calendar- so need this for the year ahead! I was pretty good at remembering most peoples birthdays last year (on my side of the family!) but I'd rather be safe and have them all written down.

Each month has 4 sections to the calendar-


And then a handy little pocket for each month- I think this section of mine will be used for letters that need thinking about another time and receipts I think I might need at some point! 

You can pop into Mookau or buy this calendar online from Busy B for £8.99 here

Stickers to help you remember whats happening when!

Love the jewellery packaging at Mookau!

Look at this little bumble bee! I love insect jewellery.. sounds weird I know! I have a tattoo on my forearm of some roses and a fly too!

Insect Jewellery was really popular in the Victorian era and its becoming more and more popular these days too.. I like insect jewellery because all the pieces are very intricately detailed!

Anyho.. so as I have an eye for creepy crawlies I instantly wanted this bracelet! Its by a designer called 'Tilley & Grace' and is part of their Woodland Collection- I bought this for £10.. you can get one from their website for £8.75 (and it looks like its free delivery!)

The final bit I picked up was a cute little wall hanging piece..

Again, staying on the insect theme here! Its made by Sass and Belle- I see this brand pop up everywhere these days- all such lovely pieces!

I've hunted their website but cant find this piece.. however they have got tons of other wall hangings that are just as cute! I like-

Enjoy  £3.45

Love  £3.45

Can you recommend any places to get cute homeware online?


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