Beanies Coffee range and giveaway!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Morning Tea and Blushers,

I've forever been on the hunt for a tasty coffee to have in the morning before or on the way to work.

However, when it comes to coffee I am a wimp- If I have one cup of normal caffeine coffee my day is a write off. I get the shakes and feel all a bit strange in the head! This means I have to stick to decaf- and yes, although all the big coffee shop names have the option to have decaf I can't justify spending £2+ per day.

I kept looking in the coffee section in Tescos but no decaf to be found :( so when I was contacted last week by Beanies I was excited to learn that they not only have a delicious selection of flavoured instant coffees but they also do some in decaf!

Beanies have worked hard to get their coffee packed full of flavour but still be less that 2 calories per cup- much healthier than those syrupy things you get from Starbucks/Costa etc!

I was kindly sent 3 jars to test out and share my thoughts with you before adding to my hot drinks collection!

When I opened each jar .. OHHH the scrummy smells of each one just hit me! I actually have them next to me as I write this and I keep getting wafts of all of the flavours- is it wrong to want to use coffee as a room fragrance?!

I initially thought my fave would be the Amaretto Almond as I LOVE Disaronno. 

As you can see from the pictures its instant coffee- this is perfect for me as I hate the faffing about with a cafetiere. 

You only need one heaped teaspoon full per mug- I chose to use this cute little teacup and saucer. Okay, you've got me....I don't have a pretty coffee mug but we'll come on to that later....

So my thoughts on each of the flavours-

I went for the Amaretto Almond first- this one is really really almondy so won't be up everyones street but I really enjoyed it. The aroma is a lot stronger than the taste but it works really well- It instantly took me back to xmas time and munching on amaretti biscuits! 

Next I tried the Chocolate Orange- smells divine, very much like the popular chocolate orange we all get in our stockings at xmas but for me it was a little too bitter. I drank  all of the coffee's black.. maybe some milk/cream would help take away the bitterness of this one. 

The last one I tried was the Irish cream and to my surprise this one I like best- the taste is, as the name suggests, very similar to Baileys liqueur.  The depth of flavour in this one is yummy and I could still taste it for a good while after finishing the cup.

Each of the jars I received are all available to either buy online at the Beanies shop and also exclusive to Sainsbury's.  Of course they do do normal coffee for those who can handle it!

I'd recommend giving them a go for sure- see if they can tempt you away from spending ridiculous amounts on takeaway coffees!

Ohh and heres me having a little sip!

 Whilst researching a bit about Beanies I stumbled upon their blog. There are lots of really creative recipes  which use the coffee as a flavouring- how lovely! Im into massively into making cheesecakes so think next time I might add some of the granules to the mix and see what happens. Love a good multi purpose product!

Now that I've got some fancy coffee's I need to buy myself a new mug to use for the journey to work. I' watched Essie Button's youtube video this weekend on her favourite tea and she included the Keepcup

I love the design of this cup- other travel mugs I've had in the past just haven't had the bit to stop you burning your hand off whilst holding it!

This one is made of glass though so not sure how long it would last in my clumsy hands!

So I had a look through the range and found this cutesy little one

Have you tried any of the Beanies Range?

Whats your favourite takeaway coffee?

Just to add.... I've decided to do a giveaway! Just use the form below and you could win 2 jars of Beanies (paid for by me!)



*The products pictured in this post were gifted to me by Beanies. The views within this post are 100% honest of course! The prize in the giveaway is bought by me, with my own money, for you!

Birchbox for men review

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Morning all!

Hope you are all having a lovely cosy weekend?

I thought this month I'd share with you the mens version on Birchbox that I  recently bought for the Mr.

The box was released in December but is still for sale- why not treat your lovely fella to some beauty products this month(all very manly of course!)?

I love having a box sent to me each month full of goodies but as of yet I don't think there are that many around for men, so when I saw that Birchbox released this one I just had to buy it.

The box was £25 plus shipping and contains 7 products.  

I'll pop in links for all of the brands plus links to the Birchbox website too!

I really love this box design- its a slider style box- I'd love it if the girly Birchbox came like this- a lot more useful I think!

The 'menu' card has a really interesting design on too- I'm actually going to pop this one in a frame and put it on the wall in our bedroom- I love the really simplistic design of 'manly' stuff.. sums up my fella completely- phone,wallet,keys!

When he opened the box he didn't look at the 'menu' card- thats the bit I love about subby boxes- the element of surprise!

So as I've already mentioned- the box contained 7 items- one was a pair of Richer Poorer socks-  he was way too eager to get them on so I had to snap a photo on my phone!

These Richer Poore socks are available to buy on the Birchbox site in the 'For Him' section and also on the Richer Poorer website

Here are a few of his favs-

*never thought I'd be blogging about mens socks!

SO back to the Birchbox!

The first item is a Mazorin face scrub

Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub- full size sample- £15

The Mr describes this face scrub as being really beady and when applying you can really feel the little grains in the product- perfect for a deep exfoliate!  This is because it contains bamboo and maracuja (part of the passion fruit family) powder that exfoliates the skin and help unclog pores.

Hes loving this product and it works well with some of the other skin care items in the box.

*He'd buy this product again- loves the scent, texture and results.

Closed on Mondays- Deluxe Pomade- 30ml sample size (100ml is £14.50)

He has only used this once so far but the results seem good! We both really like the scent- sandalwood and vetiver (a type of grass native to India- this scent is similar to patchouli with a touch of lemon)

The pomade is a light gel wax pomade designed to keep your locks in place all day.

Pretty simple to use- scoop out a blob and distribute it between your palms and fingers then work the product from root to tip.

 Closed on Mondays recommend that you give your hair a good blow-dry before using- the better styled the blow dry the better the hold! It can be used on slightly damp hair though if you are in a rush.
*He'd possibly buy this again- needs more use out of it to see whether it compares to his current product. 

Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Moisturiser- 50ml sample size (100ml is £26)

A moisturiser infused with natural essential oils for use both day and night. Really lovely scent of bergamot and is suitable for all skin types. It contains seaweed, babassu oil (extracted from the babassu plant native to S. America) and coco butter. 

He has used this all this week and he's enjoying it but has mentioned that a little goes a long way- use less than you usually would because it takes a bit longer for skin to absorb!

*He probably won't be purchasing this item again- the absorption time is an issue for him apparently! He loves the scent though and would like to try out the Daily Foaming Cleanser from the range.

Anthony Logistics High Performance Anti Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum- 4ml sample 
(30ml is £55)

This anti-ageing serum is designed to plump skin whilst relaxing deep lines and wrinkles for our lovely fellas. The alpha hydroxy acids in the product help to correct the appearance of sagging skin and improve skin texture and rejuvenation!

The serum is designed to be used on just cleansed skin- massage in over face and neck and your done.
Damn my man has expensive taste.... this product is by far his fav from the box. He's even shown it to his mates as a must have product for those in their 30's!

I like how it is packaged too- looks all science like in its little pipet!

I hadn't heard of this brand but from looking at their website I see they are the creators of Shaveworks- one of the products I loved in the girly Birchbox last year-

English Laundry Notting Hill Atomiser- sample size (full size 20ml is £24)

Mmmm this cologne is delish.. its really fresh and citrusy but still manly with its undertones of sandalwood and amber. 
It comes in a really handy sized bullet atomiser- perfect to pop in his gym bag.

I'd want him to buy this again for sure!

Noble Isle Hair and Body Wash (Lightening Oak Scent)- 30ml sample (Full size is 250ml for £12 in the Birchbox sale!)

We both LOVE this product! It has been used since this photo was taken and afterwards our bathroom smelt like a winters walk through a forest!

With top notes of bergamot and grapefruit underpinned with cardamom and sandalwood this little beauty leaves you feeling really refreshed and clean! 

We both aren't into using the same product for hair and body though but this is a lovely shower gel.

Would really recommend this product for those who like a more natural smelling shower gel- I've recently become really sensitive to the bog standard shower gels we pick up- they smell so chemically and fake so its really nice to find a gel that smells so natural and earthy!

Final thoughts....

I hope you've enjoyed having a peek into the mens box- I really think Birchbox should bring out a monthly box for men rather than one off's- us girls are lucky to have so much choice when it comes to subscription boxes. 

If Birchbox were to bring out a box I think making it £15 would be reasonable!

Do you know of any other mens 'beauty' boxes?

Would your Mr subscribe to a box each month?


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Evening all!

Just thought I'd share with you one of my new lippys.. I know a lot of you may have seen this already as its SO popular but I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the gorgeous packaging!

It arrived in the post in a fancy deep purple box with rose gold detailing- luxury looking indeed. 

Just look at the beautifulness! 

I got the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Glastonberry.. its a deep purple berry shade.

The pigmentation on this lipstick is pretty amazing... although its a matte it still is very moisturising- I used to use the Mac Matte range but found that not even a day after my lips would be cracked and sore! 

This for me is going to be my go to shade- I love deep shades in the winter months and I love a matte effect so this is my new love! 

This lipstick is £23- yes, yes this is a rather whopping amount for a lippy but its SO worth the money!

Here are a few more of Charlotte Tilbury's range I'm lusting over-

2.Beach Stick Ibiza (lip to cheek colour stick) £30
3.Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Vintage Vamp £38
4. The Retoucher concealer pen (I'd go for shade 3 medium) £25

My top 2 out of these products have to be the beach stick and the eye shadow palette. 

The CT website gives you a full tutorial on how to use the beach stick and the results are so pretty- just a sun kissed natural glow! The eyeshadow palette is one that instantly caught my eye as I can imagine a really dramatic night time look using a bit of each but the shades look like they would all be lovely used seperatlely for a more subtle day time look.

Have you used any of these products? Can you recommend any of the CT range for me to try next?


Sunday Treats

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Evening all, thought I'd share with you a couple of little bits I picked up today from one of my fav shops here in Sheffield- Mookau.

Mookau are an independent gift boutique located on Ecclesall Road. Its my idea of heaven in that place- full of home decor and stationary.. who doesn't love bits and bobs!? 

If you live in Sheffield and haven't been, you must! If you don't live near by then don't worry... they are in the process of getting their online shop up and running. I'll provide links to other places you can purchase the items from too!

After being in the cute little shop for about 30 seconds I picked up the Busy B Couples calendar- so need this for the year ahead! I was pretty good at remembering most peoples birthdays last year (on my side of the family!) but I'd rather be safe and have them all written down.

Each month has 4 sections to the calendar-


And then a handy little pocket for each month- I think this section of mine will be used for letters that need thinking about another time and receipts I think I might need at some point! 

You can pop into Mookau or buy this calendar online from Busy B for £8.99 here

Stickers to help you remember whats happening when!

Love the jewellery packaging at Mookau!

Look at this little bumble bee! I love insect jewellery.. sounds weird I know! I have a tattoo on my forearm of some roses and a fly too!

Insect Jewellery was really popular in the Victorian era and its becoming more and more popular these days too.. I like insect jewellery because all the pieces are very intricately detailed!

Anyho.. so as I have an eye for creepy crawlies I instantly wanted this bracelet! Its by a designer called 'Tilley & Grace' and is part of their Woodland Collection- I bought this for £10.. you can get one from their website for £8.75 (and it looks like its free delivery!)

The final bit I picked up was a cute little wall hanging piece..

Again, staying on the insect theme here! Its made by Sass and Belle- I see this brand pop up everywhere these days- all such lovely pieces!

I've hunted their website but cant find this piece.. however they have got tons of other wall hangings that are just as cute! I like-

Enjoy  £3.45

Love  £3.45

Can you recommend any places to get cute homeware online?

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