Fairytale fashion: Dolce & Gabbana winter 2014/2015 collection

Im totally lusting; just opened up my copy of this months Elle magazine and saw the advert for the new Dolce & Gabbana collection:

I've been clicking through the campaign photos for the collection and ohhh my there are some lovely pieces! Not so sure about that purple dress in the picture above though!

Now I've not watched Game of Thrones but the Mr does it so I'm familiar with it... some pieces from this collection remind me of that style mixed with the extravagance of the costumes from Disney's Maleficent.  There is something dark and Little Red Riding hood about it too!
A lot of the time when I see shots from catwalks I generally think that us normal people would struggle to pull of the items in everyday life, however, this time I could totally imagine wearing most of the items- if I had the money of course!

The majority of pieces wouldn't need much accessorising, they are really bold statement pieces already, some encrusted with jewels already. Most would team up with some of the items we've probably all already got, like jeans or even leggings!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces-
I love the deep reds,purples and greens on the jacket and bag combined with the medieval keys.

This dress would suit any shape or size. I like the dark grey leggings they've paired it with too. 

Plain and simple yet something I'd probably wear a lot!

Look at those gloves! 
This is probably my fav piece of the collection- i love the snuggly looking hood and the pattern of keys and locks.  I'd wear with this black skinny jeans and a deep red lipstick.
Love this print! Statement piece for sure!

Not normally into foxes as to me they have been really overdone but these 2 beauties.. look at them! Their eyes draw you in! I'd wear this with some jeans and chelsea boots. 
The shoes are to die for too!

I would love to dress myself in the majority of this winters collection.. the pieces are so wearable whilst obviously looking so luxurious and special. I hope that this collection influences some of the more affordable high street shops this winter.. I want to look like an enchanted forest lady laden with jewelled shoes and furry hoods!

What do you think of the collection?

Have you seen anything in the shops like these pieces?

Check more of the items out at Dolce and Gabbana 

You can also watch the show here-

I love the music and the atmospheric lights... shame about the lack of personality from the models though.. yes I know its about the clothes but the show had a feel of theatre about it so for me the models should too!



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