First thoughts-Birchbox July 2014

Evening all!

My Birchbox arrived at the weekend and as it was lovely and sunny I thought I'd head to the park on my bike to get some pictures for you all to see the content of my box.

Is it just me... each month I try to refrain from looking at #birchboxuk but by about the 5th of the month I've given in and seen everyone else's reveal pictures?! 

I'm also a bit naughty again once I've ruined the surprise for myself... I know that around the 9th of the month I can log into my account at Birchbox to see my box contents. When I did it this month I was nicely surprised.. the combo of products doesn't seem like everyone else's on Instagram!

This months theme is Sun, Sea and Sand.

Heres what I got in my box-

1. Vita Coco natural coconut water lemonade (full size sample 330ml £2.29)

I've seen this celebrity endorsed product around a lot recently- such likes of Rhianna and Madonna. To celebrate 10 years of Vita Coco they've released this new twist on coconut water- made with the original unflavoured coconut water but with added lemon puree and a touch of natural fruit sugar. I'm yet to try this but I'll be taking it to work tomorrow to sample and I'll instagram my thoughts! (@hollylucyhp) 
I like the packaging- the convenience of having a screw top is great for people like me who never finish a drink in one go!

You can buy these on offer at the moment from Tesco- buy 4 for the price of 3!

2.Gilchrist & Soames Mineral Bath Gel (Sea Kelp Extract 40ml sample- full size 236ml £11.25)-

 always a fan of bits out of the Birchbox that will be handy for travel! This bath gel is one to pop in the tub whilst your running a lovely bath for yourself after a long day at work. The scent is slightly citrusey and clean smelling.. nothing too fruity or sparkly but rather a grown up product I'd say!

Again, I'm yet to use this as I rarely have baths these days.. they make me feel hot and uncomfortable but I will test it out soon.. Promise! I've done a bit of research on the brand- found that they vow not to test on animals, their products don't contain parabens or any other nasty stuff and sea kelp helps to keep your skin lovely and moisturised without the drying effect some bath products can have. 

You can purchase this item and lots of others from the range either in the Birchbox shop or visit the Gilchrist & Soames site

3. Compagnie De Provence-Creme Pour Les Mains Extra Pur Mediterranee (30ml sample- full size  300ml 14,50€)

Just what I needed! Now my Laura Mercier sample from last months box has run out (sad face) I was in need of some moisturiser to pop in my handbag. I instantly enjoyed this product- its really light and smooth when you apply and leaves my hands feeling moisturised without being greasy. The scent is fresh and described on on the website as ' a fresh fragrance with sea breezy and sunny notes'. 100% agree with this! This is a product I would repurchase- maybe to use as a day to day hand creme rather than using the Laura Mercier every day (rather expensive!)

There are some yummy sounding flavours in the range too- 

Cherry blossom (10,50€)

Fig of provence  (14,50€)

4. Balance Me Wonder eye cream- (7ml sample- full size 15ml £20)

I've never been a massive fan of eye creams if Im honest; i think its because its hard for me to see whether its actually doing anything! But, I'm always open to try new products so I've given this a go the last couple of days... but not noticed any difference/felt any difference apart from a slight tingling sensation just after applying.  The scent is refreshing- I can mainly smell the witch hazel and rose hip.  Its meant to brighten and eye area and keep wrinkles at bay!
I'll continue to stick with it and let you know if its a product i'd go back to once the sample is used up!

5. LAQA & CO sheer lip lube pencil- Bee's knees  (2g sample- full size 3.7g £14)

Well Birchbox.. you've gone and done it... I L.O.V.E this product- think i've mentioned in past posts that I'm a sucker for scented lip products and this one smells gorge- very minty! The coral colour is beautiful too- really great for day time wear as its not too bright. I love the packaging plus the fact it comes in a handy pencil form so that I can reapply easily whilst on the go.  I'd for sure purchase this product once I've used this one up- I'm glad i got this colour over the purple shade I've seen other subscribers get- this one is way more wearable in my opinion.

6. Benefit- The PORE-fessional- (7.5ml sample- full size 22ml £24.50)

This is my third sample of this product over the past few months and I'm adding it to the pile! I haven't quite been sucked in by this one but plan over the next week is to use this and then report back.

My first impressions have been that it makes my skin feel quite dry and powdery but the coverage has been great and when swatching I can see that it instantly reduces the size of my pores! I like the little instruction manual in with this product- gives you pointers on where and how to apply with. What are your thoughts on this product?

Overall I've really liked this months box- a big improvement on last months for sure, I'm glad I didn't get any nail varnish this time- my makeup storage is overflowing with polish at the moment due to being sent so many in recent boxes!

 I like the variety- Ive got something for my face, lips, eyes, hands, bath time and even something to drink!

Would you like to receive a monthly delivery of loveliness? Why not sign up now using the below link; it gives both you and me money off!


Let me know your thoughts on my July box!


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  1. Once again an interesting assessment of your assorted products, thanks Holly.


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