Birchbox April 2014

So i buckled... I decided this month to subscribe to a beauty box- Birchbox!
I've seen so many of you guys talking about the various boxes you get each month and thought its about time i get involved!

I ordered the box and within a few days it was waiting for me on my return from work one afternoon.

The theme of this months box was "Good enough to eat". Taking inspiration from local food markets and kitchens!

The helpful leaflets inside the box explained a bit more about the theme-

"Aprils samples feature delicious scents and foodie elements"

Really cute little fabric drawstring bag- could be handy for a travel wash bag!

The information leaflet is FULL of stuff... info on all the products and even a yummy sounding recipe  for salted caramel cupcakes (full recipe is available at Birchbox Blog)

Inside my box was......

Thebalm cosmetics -   "How 'bout them apples?" Cheek and lip cream

Lord & Berry-Kohl eye liner

Colour Club- Gala gems nail polish

Yes to cucumbers- facial wipes

Campos De Ibiza- Almendra body milk

Propercorn- Sweet coconut and Vanilla

Thoughts so far.....

 "How 'bout them apples?" cheek and lip tint.  (£26 full palette- 0.57g sample)

 Really cute packaging, although the bizzare half naked cowboys aren't really needed are they?! Aside from that, the packaging reminds me of the Benefit range and I love the fact that the little book has a magnet in so when you pop it in your handbag the product isn't spread all over your phone, purse,lunch etc etc!
The first thing I did when i opened the product was sniff it... as did my mother! I assumed because the leaflet in the Birchbox spoke of "delicious scents and foodie elements" they might have chosen something with at least a bit of smell... this has no scent at all!

Aside from the lack of scent... i adore this. The colour pigmentation is amazing and you really only need a tiny amount so it will last a while. 

Lord & Berry Couture Kohl eye pencil - (full size £10- 0.6g sample)

I'll be honest... I was slightly disappointed with this product.. not because of the quality just because eyeliner to me is rather boring... We've all got tens of them rattling round in our makeup bags haven't we!? That being said... I've done a swatch on the back of my hand it seems easily smudge-able and long lasting.
I haven't used this on my peepers yet but if its groundbreaking I'll report back!

Colour Club Gala's Gem nail polish-(£15 for set of 4 - 7ml sample)

I got this in shade 'Breakfast at'. Its a really cute pearly green shade apparently inspired by the English countryside! 

The colour is great for this time of year and I was quick to apply this once I'd opened my box.  It was easy to apply with a good size brush however the longevity of the polish was pretty awful. The leaflet  does recommend that you apply a base coat, 2 layers of polish and then a top coat. I skipped all and just applied 2 layers of the colour and within a few hours I had three nails that needed redoing! Yes I didn't follow the instructions fully but my ideal nail polish isn't one that I have to faff about with coat after coat! 
Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

Yes to cucumber Facial Wipes (£4.99 per pack)

Up until about 5 minutes ago I hadn't used these. I sort of wish I hadn't to be honest. My face is stinging! I love the idea of a 95% natural product but theres something in those little towelettes that my face doesn't agree with. 
The cucumber smell is nice and refreshing but my skin feels very tight and not very clean. A shame as I had been looking on the Yes to.. website earlier this month for some new products. Thats not saying I won't try the other ranges.. I have my eye on the Yes to Carrot range as its for dry skin. 

Campos De Ibiza Almendra almond body milk (£16.55  full size- 38ml sample)

This one is growing on me... at first I when i opened it I wasn't keen. It reminded me of something I got once in a Next xmas selection box. Not great huh? But... I've stuck with it for a few days and it seems to do what it says on the tube. Gives me moisture. 

I still can't decide on the scent... slightly reminds me of something for the older generation.... for me I don't think the scent is age appropriate. 

The packaging is plain and simple... and theres not a lot more to say about it! 

Propercorn sweet coconut and vanilla popcorn (90p full size- 8g sample)

I'm a massive fan of popcorn anyway so this made me smile as soon as i opened the box! I find with most popcorn flavours that the scent is always better than the taste.. this also applied for this one but the taste was okay still don't get me wrong! 

I shared it with my mum and fella and they both enjoyed it! The vanilla for me is the most noticeable in this mixture. Pretty yummy!

Its reminded me of some of the other popcorn flavours/brands I love.. blog post coming in the future!


Overall I have enjoyed my first beauty subscription box experience.. we've also subscribed to a foody box this month so I'll fill you in on that soon!

The theme loosely fitted to the products I received so for that reason I'm giving April 2014 Birchbox a 3 out of 5. 

What could have made it better for me? More fruity scented items to fit in with the "Good enough to eat" theme!

Have you subscribed too?


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