Pugglie earrings

Love pugs and little animals? Like to buy handmade items?... well heres a treat for you!

 A few weeks back I received a little surprise package from my ma including these cutesie little earrings! They are so adorable and the best thing is.. they are made here in the UK by person (yes person.. not machine!) called Bex.

Bex is an illustrator from London who says most people would describe her as a little eccentric but with a heart in the right place! 

The creative lady also mentions on her Etsy shop that she loves to bring out human emotions and characteristics within her illustrations. Each one has a little story behind it and once its popped into one of the handmade envelopes Bex's uses the little animal is on its new epic journey to our houses!

I haven't been an earring person lately but I think I'm going to give these a go soon. I like the idea that they are pretty individual and I won't see everyone else wearing them!

The pugglie earrings cost £5 (plus postage) 

Here are some of Bex's other pieces that I'm lusting over-

Guinea pig stud earrings £5
Tropical parrot necklace £12.50

Pink flamingo brooch £9

Pug dog necklace £12.50
Aren't they adorable?

Each piece of jewellery for sale on her Etsy site has a really sweet description and tells you a bit more about how she makes them!

What animal jewellery would you wear? I adore sausage dogs and peacocks at the moment but haven't seen many about as jewellery.. Bex ;) 

Check out Bex's Etsy store here-

And her blog-




  1. Some lovely photos and such a true representation of Bex and her lovely things!

  2. LOVE the pug earrings... Might have to treat myself to some... Haha x


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