Skin saviour!

Happy sunday everyone!

Hope you are all well? My week has consisted of watching the olympics pretty much every day after work and keeping cosy!

 So.. just after christmas whilst on a shopping trip with my pal we popped into Boots only to stumble upon the Liz Earle counter. I'd looked at the website a few times and been tempted but never got round to ordering anything.

The cold weather this winter has ruined my face so I thought it was about time that I spend a bit more money looking after my quickly ageing skin! I'd seen a few people blogging about this product and thought I'd give it a go.

I've been using the Cleanse and Polish Hot cloth cleanser for just over a month now and I must say… its BRILLIANT! 
Now… I'm one of those lazy buggers who has to admit I sometimes go to bed with the leftovers of the days makeup on… so to have spent a bit more on this (about £15 from Boots) it means I've been making for of an effort to spend 5 extra minutes before my head hits the pillow.

There is a feeling of luxury when using this product for sure. It comes with a lovely pouch to fit the 2 muslin cloths and the bottle in. 

Its pretty easy to use to-

1.fill the sink with warm water
2. few small pumps of the cleanser onto your hands.
3. rub it on your face (whilst dry)
4. Wet the cloth in the warm water, squeeze it out so its damp but not sopping wet
5.use the cloth to wipe off the cleanser from your face… i like to do it in circles and i do my eyes last to avoid spreading mascara all over the place!
6. Rinse the cloth out and put it under some cooler water and quickly wipe your face again.

You'll be left with a smooth pampered feeling face! I love it find I feel so much more relaxed once and ready for bed once I've done this!

All thats left to do once you've finished is lay your muslin cloth out to dry/hang it over the side of the sink.
Its so worth the price and such a big bottle I imagine this is going to last me at least 4 months more!

To help with my poor dry skin once I've used this I then use some sweet almond oil. It was recommended to me when I had a day at the spa last month. I thought it would make my skin greasy but no way… it makes it feel delicious and smooth and lovely!

Heres some of the reasons its great for your skin-

This is where I got my carrier oil from-

Have you used any of the other Liz Earle products?

What else would you recommend for my dry skin?



  1. Love your latest blog items! Nice to have you back. I have been using Coconut Oil, organic and unrefined, I use it as a moisturiser and in cooking and love it. What mascara would you recommend? I have to have one for sensitive eyes.

  2. Great post! I'm definitely going to try this out!

  3. My Mum bought me this for my birthday and I've been using it sparingly because I know how expensive it is but it's great isn't it?! :)

    Lil x

  4. i got this for christmas, then went into liz Earle with some christmas money and came out with a handful of these freebees!!


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