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Friday, 4 October 2013

Hello hello.

So if you follow me on instagram you will know that I am now in India. Its strange actually typing that... I've been here 2 weeks today and I stil can't believe it. 

So, do i like India? Yes I LOVE it! The sounds amaze me and its a feast for your eyes everywhere you go. Even our drive to work is mesmerising. Thats the thing about this country... nothing seems to stay the same for long so theres always something new to look at even if you take the same route every day. 

So my day here normally means getting up at about 9am, making myself look presentable and then heading down for breakfast. They do all sorts of weird and wonderful things first thing in the morning; stuff that blows your head off spicy.  I tend to stick to what I know, fruit,cereal and occasionally the cheeky poached egg on toast and the occasional cup of tea!


  Then its off to the gym; on a full stomach yes.. I know. On a good day I'll spend 40 minutes in there. I find it exhausting to work out here... its so clammy and warm so to cool off I spend the next hour or so either sitting by the pool or cautiously lowering myself in the non heated water! 
Lunch starts at 12 at the hotel but after 2 weeks of the same lunch we've started to venture out for more exciting things.  On tuesday this week I met up with a fellow blogger called Beth; I randomly did a google search for 'Pune bloggers' and her blog appeared so we made arrangments for a lunch date! Shes also from the UK but here for a much longer time with her gorgeous family; it was great to get some more ideas of things to visit and places to shop. 

Talking of shopping... its so varied out here... some amazing fabric shops, some beautiful homeware shops and then there are some familiar shops like Zara and Mac. Mac works out at about 25% cheaper than in the UK.. so it was around £9 for a lipstick, I got Brick-O-La and I'm loving it. Planning on buying a few more before i go home too!


Its ace living in a hotel too... I was going to do a room tour post but my room is currently being cleaned... ill wait until it looks presentable and get snapping. 

Coming to India has been an eye opener completely... to see such poverty on a daily basis is hard to take in but sadly I've quickly got used to it; everywhere you go there are people begging. I'm planning on doing some volunteering work whilst over here just to give a bit back... I don't know how anyone can come to this country and not want to help, even if its just one person. 

 If you all would like to see more of my trip please leave a comment below. Have you been to Pune before?I love suggestions of things to see and do!

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