Nivea express hydration primer

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Afternoon beauties!

You may remember a while back I spoke about my challenge to find my perfect primer. 

I've tried tons over the past few months; mainly samples from counters in department stores as I didn't want to splash out tons and hate it! Still, after trying about 10 different brands (Benefit, Estee Lauder, Bodyshop,Clinique.. the list could go on and on!)  I started to think that my skin just wasn't liking extra stuff being wacked on it everyday. 

Last saturday afternoon I was watching some mind numbing tv and the Nivea advert popped up about the Express hydration primer, its sold as a primer that provides moisturising loveliness as well as priming your face for make-up. I was completely sucked in by the advert and the next day popped into town on the search for it. I tried Boots and Superdrug and both were selling it for £4.99. I'm a bit of a bargain hunter and thought I'd scout the cheaper shops to see if any deals were on and the first place I went into, Savers, had it for £2.99!  

I love the packaging of this product, its clean and sleek looking, it is in a glass tub and you do  have to just dip your fingers in, hygiene wise it probably isn't so great. I'd much prefer it in a tube.
The texture is amazing, its a gel cream formula and first thing in the morning when applying the primer its very cool feeling and wakes me up! Once applied it instantly sinks into your skin and I noticed the difference straight away, my skin felt smooth and my pores were noticeably reduced. 
With all of the other primers I've tried I noticed that my foundation was still patchy and dry around my problem areas, between my eyebrows and around my nose but the Nivea solves all these issues! 

I thoroughly enjoy using this primer and recommend it to all of you.. what's not to like... it works and its cheap! I'm no longer being sucked in by expensive primer products! Are there any you would recommend? Have you tried this product?

When I run out of this pot I'm going to give the dry/sensitive version a go... I may buy it before i head off to India actually. I'm going to be in air conditioned hotel rooms and offices for the majority of my trip... its going to play havoc with my skin!

Can you recommend any beauty essentials for warmer climates?


I'm off travelling!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are all well and Monday hasn't been too painful for you all?

I have some exciting news! So,for the past few months at my work there has been talk about needing people to visit one of our offices overseas to do some training and coaching. I've never really been able to travel very far, mainly due to being a poor student for so many years, so I jumped at the chance and put my name down. 

A few weeks back talk about the trip became more serious and it was confirmed that I'd been selected to go and train out the subject area I specialise in! So... I'm off to India!  It's true, as you get older time goes quicker, and now I only have 5 and a half weeks left before I fly over 4000 miles for 7 weeks!

Just writing that scares me!

So at the moment I have a mixture of the following emotions-


On top of these is also the feeling of joy about the fact I get everything, yes literally everything, planned for me, all I've had to do is have a few injections and organise my malaria tablets. 

The bit I'm most excited about is the extra week I've booked whilst I'm out there to visit Goa. OHHH yehhhh!

Have any of you been to India before? Tell me about your experiences!

So.. you know what comes next... 'holiday' booked, shopping commences!

So far I've snapped up a few bits in the summer sales (this baffles me..) and a few bits from ASOS Primark range

I'm also lusting over the Laura Mercier travel portfolio

Now this one if £60 from The Urban Retreat but its been sold out now for a while but they do have the petite one in stock for £40 Petite portfolio. To be honest I'm not planning on taking tons of make up with me so the petite would do me fine... now to just find a spare £40..mmm! 

Do you have the petite version? Would it do for the day to day make-up? Can you recommend any other make-up bags?

Ohhh i could ramble on all day about the things I need (want) for this trip, can you think of any holiday essentials that you would recommend for me to take? 

Ahhh the thought of staying in a beaut hotel, getting dinner cooked for me each night and not having to do any of my own washing is amazing!


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