I'm back..come and have a peek around my new place!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Well what an awful blogger I have been over the past month or so! Fear not though... I've been thinking of you all still and taking pictures of anything I think you may all want to read about!

I also have quite a bit of news that I will tell you all about this week

Contradicting my previous post about lone living I've now moved in with my fella! I loved the living alone and I'd recommend it to any of you still but it wasn't going to be forever... I'd had the luxury for a year and a half and the idea of packing my weekend bag every other day to go to his house was getting tiring so it came just at the right time. Thankfully we have only moved around the corner into another converted factory building and OH we love it! Its hard to explain the layout of our new place... but its something like this---

 It's in essence a studio flat but my goodness I've never seen a 'studio' so big! This video sums up studio living for me COMPLETELY-

We raced to Ikea only 3 days after we moved in and got some lovely bits... my blogging desk and bits and bobs shelf as I like to call it! (the bit in blue on the plan above is the desk)

It's looking a bit cluttered at the moment but I'm waiting to go to an auction in a few weeks and buy some units for our bedroom, I'll be able to put all my makeup stuff on there instead of on the shelves!

This is our beaut lounge.. such huge windows!

This has been my project over the past few days.......

It originally looked like this before i got the Annie Sloan paint on it.....

Have any of you used Annie Sloan paint before? If not, let me know and I'll do a post on it! My mum has a blog too and she's done some posts about painting furniture, check it out

This little table is probably my favourite part of the lounge at the moment. My Crosley record player has pride of place along with the creepy but cool skull we purchased from Wilkinsons last weekend for £9.

My fella is a skateboarder and we both thought that this old board of his looks pretty good hung on the wall in the hallway (his artist friend drew Mr's face on it for an exhibtion!)

This key hook was one of my first purchases on Etsy a year or so ago and I adore it! The shop is called FreudenDesLebens. I think I paid about £25 for this piece but its so useful.. it saves me the panic of searching for my keys each morning. 

How cute is this house warming pressie we were given by my lovely friend Sally! It's personalised for me and the fella! Visit her shop at Cinnamon buns designs

This is one of the fella's pictures. Its by Justin Jones, a friend of his. Check out some of his other pieces at Story-clothing

This below picture shows one of the most useful things I own! A few years ago my brother made me this little set of shelves... in my old place it was in the bathroom holding all of my bathroom nicnaks but in the new place its in the kitchen storing all my tea's and some herbs! He hasn't made anymore of these recently but if you would like one too let me know! Mine is rather full so you cant see the backdrop but there are pretty roses behind all the contents! 

My brother has two Etsy shops you should check out; the first is vintage homeware,retro cameras and some beautiful photos he has taken  Lewsloot , the second is his new venture.. paper cutting!! Yeah he's my brother and I may be bias but take a look at his intricate paper cutting pieces at CuttingQuotes you'll be impressed!

Love this retro phone we have on the window ledge. Courtesy of mum and dad! Sitting next to the phone are my lovely but crass poodles. I LOVE these strange little beauties!  The Mr however isn't so keen!

This is part of my clutter on my blogging desk. The 'must have' ikea plant pot. I decided not to use my plant pot as a makeup brush holder but actually as a plant pot!

I adore Russian dolls! These were given to me by mum and dad. They also have an Etsy shop PrattsPatch. Have you gathered that we get alot of our stuff for free?! Its brilliant having creative (and very generous!) family and friends! 

Just behind the Russian dolls are my Real Technique makeup brushes, I chose to store them in a Wedgewood vase given to me by my great grandma. I would have never used it as a vase so thought it looked pretty with brushes in. 

This serviette holder is also from my mummys shop!

How funky does this little Budda look!? The Mr has caught the Annie Sloan painting bug. He chose shade 25. Florence. Behind the Budda is a decoupage dish I did a few months back... Would you like to see how I made this??

I hope you have enjoyed having a sneak peek around our new place. We've been in here for about a month so we are sort of unpacked but still some bits to add! We both love living here, yes its been a change for both of us but we are adjusting to living with each other... compromise is the key word!

What do you think to the new place then? Tell me all your exciting news...I've missed reading blogs the last few weeks!

That reminds me.... I have more exciting news that I will blog about tomorrow!


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