The obsession begins...

Bonjour all!

Wow... how amazing has the weather been this weekend?! 

Last week whilst it was pissing it down with rain I happened to be browsing all your lovely blog's and I came across Claire's amazing outfit on her blog; Indigo Girl (Indigo Girl: The heart has taken control.

She had an beaut pair of sunnies on and the wonderful blogger Claire is she linked to Ebay where I could find a similar pair, this got me investigating Ebay a bit more and I found a seller in the UK; and of course I couldn't help but buy a pair!

I'm loving the roundness of these glasses; in the past I have had a tendency to buy glasses and either sit on them or realise they make me look rather bug like but I think these ones look pretty good....

What do you think.. a bit bug-esque but I'm liking it!

The BEST thing about these glasses is that they were only £3.99! Here's the link Allcalender sunglasses, this ebay shop seems to have a lot of really on trend sunnies and they are all quite reasonably priced with free P+P... can't really go wrong! They arrived within 3 days too!

I've now gone and ordered myself another pair in brown! Lets hope the sun sticks around for a while ehh!

What shades are you wearing? Are you like me and awful at looking after your poor sunnies?

Send me some links of others you think I should add to my collection!



  1. I think they are cute! I'm also bad about my sunnies, so I never pay more than $10. (though I've been lusting over a pair from anthropologie) I picked up a few cheap $5 pairs at the mall this weekend though!

  2. I love them! I have one's just like them from Romwe. They look really good on you!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  3. Oooh love these on you! They suit your new hair cut :) I'm horrible with my sunnies. I lost my favorite pair the day I was leaving for the beach. I was so mad xx

  4. These are so cute :) my friend has a pair similar which I'm always stealing :)

    Check out the giveaway on my blog for your chance to win a M.A.C lipstick or eyeshadow of your choice :)

  5. aww i am so happy i have inspired you!!Thank you for reading my blog and mentioning me it measn alot!! I love my round sunnies, these ones you have found are amazing too!! you also have amazing hair!! xxxx

  6. Wow, these sunglasses are amazing
    and they were such a bargain. ;)

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