Lone living

This is a post I've been looking forward to writing ever since I started my blog. Its something very personal to me and I hope that my writing will inspire you to take the leap and choose lone living at some point in your life!

Throughout my years at university I lived in halls of residence and shared houses with friends. Whilst at the time the living arrangements were perfect I look back now and shudder. How did I cope?! 

I've lost count of how many friends I've lived with and subsequently lost. Unfortunately its true.. you never know someone until you live with them. 

A year and a half ago I decided enough was enough... I could no longer put up with other people. I didn't want to be the third wheel in someone's relationship/friendships, I didn't want to hear the night time antics of housemate's and their partners and I didn't want to feel like I had to constantly tidy up to please someone else. 
At first the idea of living on my own scared the hell out of me. This was at a time when I was rather dependent on the people around me to entertain me and keep my mind occupied but I knew I had change something in my life so i took the plunge.

I thankfully knew someone who was moving out of a place in the perfect area. Right in the centre of town in a beautiful old factory building.  I spoke to the landlord and within a week I'd signed a contract and planned a date to move in. 

Then came my next problem, telling the person who I lived with that I was leaving. A long story didn't go down too well but I hadn't signed a contract at that persons place and it was never meant to be forever.

I realised that I can't continue making decisions to please other people...i got to look out for me!

The day I moved in....ohhh i was scared. I hired a man and a van and shipped all of my stuff into my swish new place and within days I began to love it. 

I've been thinking of the best and worst things about living alone, heres what i've come up with!


  1. You can lounge about in your PJ's all day and no one will pass comment!
  2. Who the fuck is going to tell you off for not doing the dishes?!
  3. You can eat EVERY meal on the sofa
  4. You can watch Eastenders and no one can say otherwise
  5. You'll never be forced to watch someone play playstation.
  6. You can eat as many crisps  at 1am as you want without anyone tutting at your disgusting eating habits
  7. Get drunk on your own (occasionally okay!) whilst watching shit on tv or youtube
  8. You can eat food out of whatever you want.  Even straight from the fridge!
  9. Reorganise the furniture weekly and then move it back without asking anyone
  10. I can swear out loud whenever I want
  11. You hardly ever need to wash your glass.. just reuse it..... thats okay right?!
  12. Evening/afternoon/morning naps go undisturbed
  13. If you wake up in a mood you don't notice as there's no one to take it out on
  14. Your toilet paper/shampoo/toothpaste/everything bathroom related lasts forever
  15. If you go out and splurge in shops or on the internet no one ever need know!


  1. Spiders... I need not elaborate.
  2. There's no one to sign for your parcels when you've splurged too much on ebay.
  3. You have to take the bins out every time.
  4. You never have those surprises when you get home; dinner on the table, tidy house.
  5. If you are skint there's no one to go "oh don't worry i'll buy us dinner"
  6. If you are anything like me I can sometimes stay up until 2am faffing about on the internet, I need someone to tell me to stop and sleep!
  7. If you hear a noise at night, its surely someone trying to kill you.
  8. The bills are huge
  9. You sometimes get used to mess.
  10. No one to make you a cuppa when your upset.
  11. If you miss your alarm in the morning your late for work.
  12. Getting ready for a night out on your own is rubbish plus you can't borrow an outfit off anyone!
  13. If you lose your key's that's it. 
  14. Living alone encourages hoarding... I cant throw anything away... just incase..
  15. You end up talking to the TV...

As you can see, there are so may pro's and con's for living alone for me personally. 

So.... this is just the beginning of posts about my home....that's if you guys want to see more?
I was thinking of doing a tour of my home... either in video or pictures. I've had to learn how to store things well due to not having tons of space, maybe I'll share those ideas?

This is really something I want you to direct... What else do you want to know about lone living? Would you be interested if i did a post about how it's helped me develop personally?

Hope you enjoy this read!



  1. Great post Holly and have to agree with most of both your pro's and cons! I would like to see your storage solutions, not that I am short of space but the more space you have the more lax I am in making an effort to confine my stuff.

  2. Hahaha you end up talking to the tv, this one is so true! Is that your apartment on the picture? Because if it is, it's really pretty! Small, but looks really comfortable. I would love a place like that.

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  3. I really enjoyed this post! I love the idea of living by myself, but it must be so scary to start with! I'm moving from my parents house soon to start a new job and have considered living by myself. The things you've mentioned have made me feel better about the idea!

    Hannah x

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  5. followed :-) i totally agree with your cons. i don't think i could cope with spiders, i'd move out!

  6. Followed :)

    I really enjoyed reading this post! I know exactly where you are coming from about living with other people, it can be stressful especially at uni!


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